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American Idol Season 9: Frank Sinatra Songbook Makes Me Blue ... That's Life! (Recap)

Well folks, I thought I'd write a post tonight about our American Idol Season 9 contestants tackling the songbook of Ol' Blue Eyes, himself.  No, I'm not talking about Harry Connick, Jr., although the Louisianin(?) should be noted as he did go above and beyond the mentoring call of duty - giving Michael Orland the boot and stepping in as composer and even tickling the ivories for the musical accompaniment to our remaining five contestants.  I'm talking about Mr. Frank Sinatra, whose songbook we saw covered during our beloved Season 8.  And, while I knew nothing would compare to Adam Lambert's "Feeling Good" or even Danny Gokey's "Come Rain or Come Shine" (click here for one of my most popular recaps ever), Lee did manage to gain more steam toward his Idol crown while the rest left me lukewarm.  Ah well.  That's Life. Nonetheless, I give you my run-down of tonight's performances:

First up!  Haley Joel Osment!  Who was looking very dapper tonight, I might add. He sang "In Other Words," wherein he riffed a little too much, but then again, what can we expect from a high school student?  (Gasp!)  Simon said if Frank was a lion, Aaron was a mouse. Agreed.  In other words, I'm sooo over this little country noodle.

Next up:  Casey James.  But I can't remember what he sang, and it's only been 20 minutes since he sang it!  What I do remember, however, is that Casey was sans guitar.  Oh Em Gee!  I thought he warned us that we would ALWAYS see him with his ax.  Kara compared his vocal bravado to a lamb, but I always thought it akin to that of Eddie Vedder.  I will agree with Ellen, who astutely noted that Mr. James did not move around in an easy way, with Simon adding that he looked "uncomfortable and embarrassed."  Um, yeah.  So was I.  And I don't think it's because ol' Goldie Locks strayed from his Ashley Olsen hairstyle and sported a bun tonight.  I'm just sayin'.

After the Jump:  Mamasox?  Is that you sassing?!?

Crystal Bowersox: "Summer Wind" -- Although Mamasox was certainly out of her genre tonight, her voice was still beautiful, much like her long lacy black gown and refreshing updo ... although I would have liked to have seen that dead mouse which seems to have been dangling from her left ear for the past few weeks now be removed.  (p.s. Crystal, I'm a fan, but you really need to stop interrupting the judges and interjecting how everything you do is right or the fact that you don't need to "sing big."  Starting to verge on obnoxiousness.  Never is wise to school the judges, mmm k?)

Big Mike apparently "throws down the gauntlet" with "The Way You Look Tonight."  But I'm sorry, guys.  Although this guy continues to sing on key, I just don't get jazzed over him.  I still don't think I would be amped to buy his album and jam out to it in my car.  I think it's his phrasing of his "e's."  Sue me.

Closing the Show:  Lee Dewyze, or rather, the spawn of our mentor himself.  (Noted by Harry, who called him a new and improved version of himself.)  Lee's "That's Life" was the best performance of the night, although I'm not jumping rainbows or anything.  I liked his little playfulness, giving us a cute little smirk mid-way through, but he still needs to be more confident and believable as our winner.  (Maybe after he follows Kara's orders and writes "I can win" 100 times on the Idol blackboard.)

Well once again, folks, I'm left feeling underwhelmed.  Agree?  Or do you think I'm being too hard on these little chaps.  How 'bout our silly mentor?  Who knew he was such a comedian!?  Finally, just what in the hell was Sir(!) Anthony Hopkins doing in the audience?!  Oh yeah, who do you think will be booted, flying them to the moon tomorrow?


  1. gabbygirl555/05/2010

    I must say I loved Lee last night. From the beginning he has been my choice as far as someone who I would purchase their music. Love him, Love him and love him. I love Crystal also. But I personally probably would not buy any of her music. Listen to yes and watch also. But Lee he just has something:) And I'm not a teenager who likes him because he is cute. I love all kinds of music and I'm 55 yrs old! and loving every minute of it!
    May 05, 2010
    07:00 AM PST
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