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It's a Crystal / Lee Finale ... And I'm Alright.

(Bye little, Casey.  Hey, we'll always have "Jealous Guy")
I'm alright
Nobody worry 'bout me
The end is now in sight
Will it be Crystal or that damn sexy Lee?

Yes, folks.  Don't worry about me.  I am still alive.  I just haven't been posting as regularly because I've been waiting to be moved again.  And if those hometown visits last night didn't get you a little misty eyed, well then may I suggest you check your pulse. 

In what was probably the most predicted elimination, we said goodbye to that Cool Texan, Casey James, leaving us with the two most deserving contestants of season 9:  Crystal "Mamasox" Bowersox and Lee "You Can Mix My Paint Any Ol' Time" DeWyze.  And while I have always thought Mamasox would wind up with the win, I find myself pulling for Lee.  But (unlike last season), I can honestly say that I'm alright with either.  (And I think most people would agree.)

Lee's hometown visit ... well, let's just …

American Idol Season 9: Frank Sinatra Songbook Makes Me Blue ... That's Life! (Recap)

Well folks, I thought I'd write a post tonight about our American Idol Season 9 contestants tackling the songbook of Ol' Blue Eyes, himself.  No, I'm not talking about Harry Connick, Jr., although the Louisianin(?) should be noted as he did go above and beyond the mentoring call of duty - giving Michael Orland the boot and stepping in as composer and even tickling the ivories for the musical accompaniment to our remaining five contestants.  I'm talking about Mr. Frank Sinatra, whose songbook we saw covered during our beloved Season 8.  And, while I knew nothing would compare to Adam Lambert's "Feeling Good" or even Danny Gokey's "Come Rain or Come Shine" (click here for one of my most popular recaps ever), Lee did manage to gain more steam toward his Idol crown while the rest left me lukewarm.  Ah well.  That's Life. Nonetheless, I give you my run-down of tonight's performances:

First up!  Haley Joel Osment!  Who was looking very dapp…