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American Idol Top 9 Perform: Casey James, BagPipes and Didgeridoos Make For One Good Night! (Recap)

Well hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog, folks, do we finally have a competition on our hands?  Maybe I am just a little excited about my tax refund or am perhaps silly over this ga-or-geous weather we are having, but dare I say, that in last night's Idol, I saw shades of Idol season 8!?!  Yes, from the humorous moments (one word: bagpipe) to some mad awesome vocals (two words: Casey James), I finally recognized a competitive momentum taking place, which left no alternative but to bring me to a rolling boil of excitement!

I will break it down with the highlights of the night:

These Intro Packages Are Workin' For Me!:  Question for you, Mr. Idol Producer:  Why couldn't we have used these endearing little intro packages wherein Idols comment on other Idols, showing us the viewer some real personality, earlier?  I mean, how much did I love learning that Lee Dewyze and Andrew Garcia have been in a bro-mance since Hollywood Week?!  It brought me back to the big bro/lil sis days of Adam and Allison!  And Crystal's little quip, "So glad they can be together ... and make little Danny Gokey babies" was simply hilarious!  Oh yeah, and how about Andrew on Tim?:  "When he does the little flick of the hair and he smiles at the same time, there's something about that moment, when you're like -I  love you, Tim."  Classic.  And the only thing I'll say about Aaron Kelly in this post is that the best thing about him last night, was finding out that he is everyone's little Yoda.  (Boring tonight was I?  Um, yeah, Aaron.  You were.  Sorry, pal.)

Best Performance of the Night!:  Hands down.  Casey James' "Jealous Guy" was one of THE best performances of the season so far.  I must admit, when I found out the theme was going to be songs from the John Lennon/Paul McCartney book, I immediately had the whole "been there, done that" attitude.  But Casey choosing one of my faves (I think because I have always liked Elliot Smith's version of this song) was very smart indeed.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe this song has been done on the Idol stage before?  Furthermore, it allowed Casey to finally show a real vulnerability, proving to be so heartfelt that when he opened up on the lyric "I was shivering inside," he was not the only one with shivers.  Even Peg Bundy was teary eyed in that audience.  (Oh, that was his mom?  Oops.  But speaking of celebrity similarities, is it just me, or does Casey have some hints of Eddie Vedder in him ... look for it.  P.S., in case you missed this wicked awesome performance, check out the Featured Video tab above!)

Next:  Didgeridoo?  Why yes, thank you.

Off-the-Wall Props Turn it Around:  Who knew there were people who played the didgeridoo as freelance work?  And who knew Idol contestants could include a bagpipe player request on their dossier?  Now I may be pelted with rocks for saying this, but when Crystal looked off to the side and down a few times during her "Come Together" performance, seeming to lose her words in the process, I found myself a bit distracted.  For anyone else, her "fun groove" would have been one of their best - but for her, and despite the judges' praise - I didn't think it was.  Although when she belted it out at the end, I thought, the girl is solid - and you can't deny that.  And THEN, the way she was so loving toward Ernie, the didgeridoo player, ("Come on over here, Ernie," resting her head on him, arm in arm, high-fiving him ... Oh, she is Mama Sox indeed.)

And speaking of a performance seeming to go south, only to lift me up again with a ridiculous prop, how about that Lee Dewyze?  As Lee started out a bit sloppy in his "Hey Jude" number with, as Randy would say, a little pitch problems, I thought to myself, maybe ol' worry wart Lee should tense back up like he usually does.  But when he commanded "Come on sing it with me!," I got so into it, I looked away for a second while jamming, only to look back at the TV and see a bulky bagpipe dude suddenly descending my Adam steps (yes, he still owns them), creeping up on my Lee!  Watch out Lee!!  Now, this idea might have been better on paper, but when Lee proudly claimed, "Yes, this was my idea.  Hundred percent," with a goofy, relaxed grin, well hell - I was laughing so hard, I couldn't deny my enjoyment of it all, even bringing me to text "Vote" to 5709.  I think this is actually just what the doctor ordered for Lee - a little bit of ridiculosity (and if that's not a word, well dammit it should be).

 Now as this post is getting a little longer than I would like, I will break down my final thoughts on the rest in a few sentences or more:

Katie Stevens:  Was even enjoyable, losing her robotic ways, closing her eyes, even fluttering them a bit if you will, as she really got into her "Let It Be" performance!

Andrew Garcia:  Why do I keep rooting for this guy?  His "Can't Buy Me Love" may not buy him votes as I found it to be pretty cheesy ... but keep up that bro-mance with Lee, Andrew!  Lovin' it!

Siobhan Magnus:  "I'm here for my baby sisters.  And you can't take that away from me."  Oh Siobhan, even though your "Across the Universe" was sleepy ... you won me over with that little line.  But where were your Sioban-bies in the audience last night?

Mike Lynch:  Like a good warm-up act for me.  Has been nice to watch.  Even entertaining.  But does anyone actually expect (or want) him to win this whole thing?  I do like his ha-iiiii thing he does though.  (Randy says he has a license to do whatever he wants?  Ha-iiii??)

Tim Urban:  I used his "All my Lovin'" performance to get up and eat some potato chips.  When I heard it continuing on and on from my kitchen, I dabbled in a little bit of bunny cake.  Ouch, you say?  Well how about Randy judging him on whether or not it was a "good Tim performance?"  (Way to set a low bar!)  And I'm sorry, but was I living in an alternate universe there for a moment? Simon went on for about five minutes of Tim praise! Guess Tim's good answer last results show really rubbed off on ol' Grumpy Gus Cowell. Be careful judges ... you might propel Urbie-boy into the Idol throne if you keep that nonsense up.

And finally, the burning questions:  Who do you think will be our bottom three tonight?  (My bet is Aaron, Tim and Andrew.  Although I'm getting a gut feeling about Big Mike ...); what was up with Ryan saying to Katie:  You have grown ... physically.  (WTF?)  Was he suggesting a weight gain, perhaps? What was the better sign in the audience:  "Simon, button up (your shirt too)" or "We straight up love Andrew Garcia"?; which was the more random Earl?:  the didgeridoo Earl or the  Earl from the audience who crashed Siobhan's moment?  Finally, are you feeling the excitement possibly looming in the air like me?  Do weigh in below. 


  1. cdh7774/07/2010

    i hope aaron does not get voted off but i totally agree, last night was great!
    April 07, 2010
    09:22 AM PST

  2. Txmom20104/07/2010

    Well I do agree with you last night was great. They all did pretty good with a few that fell short in my opinion. The BEST was my Casey James, He is so talented and I want him to make it to the very end. We did have a competition finally. My favs of the night were Casey,Crystal,Katie and Lee. Cant wait to see who goes home tonight. I'm hoping for Tim
    April 07, 2010
    09:26 AM PST


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