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American Idol Inspirational Song Night: Crystal Bowersox Cries. I Finally Feel Something. (Recap)

Considering I kept busy on my computer all the while Idol played out tonight on my TV screen, only giving the occasional glance up to notice that Lee Dewyze got his hairs cut, Kara got her hairs styled in a flattering manner that I can't quite put my finger on as to why they were so flattering and Simon's buzz cut looked especially unflattering ... I guess you could say it was all one big unnoticeable snooze fest until Crystal "Mamasox" Bowersox took the stage. So really, all I care about commenting on is her for now.

Wicked Mic Stands and Wet Eyes: Now I don't know if Crystal got overly wrapped up in the spirit of today's date, but someone should have told her pot paraphernalia is not allowed on the Idol stage. Oh, I keed. I keed. Crystal's extraordinary mic stand was made from an old lamp with which she always used to perform in her pre-Idol days. Could that sentimentality be what brought on her sudden outburst of tears at the end of her emotional "People Get Ready" performance tonight? Or were those waterworks perhaps an afterthought to her feelings of being so overwhelmed with the show, that she actually considered leaving it earlier in the week? (Noooo! Thank God for Seacrest who talked her off the ledge by telling her the best thing he ever did was buy his mom a house. And then followed it with, "You could buy your mom a house." Aw!)

Regardless of where her tears were rooted, Crystal did "school" the fledgling American Idol Class of Season 9, wherein a guy named Turban is a transient heartthrob, a girl named Siobhan is the awkward social outcast, and well -- all the rest will just become once-recognizable names and faces in your faded high school yearbook in which you look back and go, oh yeah, Casey James. Remember that time he sang "Jealous Guy" at the end of that one talent show? That was really cool. Whatever happened to him?

So what did you think of tonight? My DVR unfortunately cut off too early (again!) But I hear there was a sweet moment between Mamasox and Seacrest. How did you like Siobhan's "I just traveled through a rain forest" look? What about Ms. Alicia Keys as mentor? And finally, who do you think will be voted off tomorrow night???


  1. What I loved about last night was it was only an hour but I managed to compile a shopping list, fold my laundry, brush my teeth, catch up on Better Homes and Gardens, read War and Peace.........okay I jest, but you KNOW what I mean.

    Then there was Crystal. No one is allowed to disturb me with chatter or barking or test message alerts, when Mamasox performs. I must admit that in view of all the lacklusterness (i know that's not a word but...) that preceded her, I was nervous that she would follow suit. But NO! I, for just a fleeting moment, forgot that Crystal has talent, and sensitivity, and personality, and originality, and apparently a big ol' soft heart, and she did not let me down. Who did not melt at her tears at the end of her heartfelt performance. Her dad was in the audience. She didn't care that there were stars and celebrities out there all watching HER. Her dad was in the audience.

    Yes, she even has a cute cry face and she asked to borrow Ryan's hanky from his breast pocket. "It might be taped in" he said.

    "Hollywood" she said. She always seem to know what to say.

    OMG I've only talked about Crystal. There were 6 other performers last night.

    Yeah. That's all I got to say!

  2. Oh.......prediction for tonight.

    Big Mike

  3. Anonymous4/21/2010

    I'm sure some at home noticed the difference between Crystal Bowersox original performance with the mistake at the end, and the summary part which is done at the end showing a brief clip of all the performances. In her clip it clearly showed her at the end of the song but somehow there was no mistake - she was given an opportunity by the judges (because they favor her) to have that part replaced by her singing the part a second time because that would make people question what they had actually seen the first time and to judge her more favorably. Crystal Bowersox could OBVIOUSLY not hold it together and in show business that's really BAD, not a good thing for sure! Crystal Bowersox broke down in front of more than 10 million people on last nights show and went from looking confident to looking like a big looser & a huge reject in less than half a second and her insecurity in the brief few seconds that followed was not befitting of a true super-star or an accomplished anything. However, because the show is ACTUALLY NOT DONE LIVE she was given the opportunity to look better than she really was because they edited a segment from her warm-up performance into the closing wrap-up where it shows all the clips of the performances back to back. In her clip they used the backup (warm-up done earlier the same day) version from the ending of her song and they showed her singing the last note which in the real performance that everybody was watching on TV last night clearly saw, she never really hit that note at all and broke down after realizing she'd LOST HER COOL - a true super-star never does that because they have that ability to stay within themselves and that's because a true SUPER STAR is someone whom is SECURE with themselves even especially showing themselves under extreme pressure like the kind these performers are facing. For that reason, I'm calling this a fraud and a cheap scam by the editors of the show to push who they want into the final 2 or 3. She's one of the better performers, granted, but far from the real thing and last night proved her to be an insecure person - that's not who I would pay my money to see sing a song for me. Enough is enough of the all these cry baby's who just need to go suck their weenie little thumbs and then listen to some more Guns & Roses until they all just stop it with all those stupid crocodile tears my dears!

  4. Eggroll 52154/21/2010

    Well.. I'm beginning to think that Crystal is quite the little actress, maybe she's realizing now that she actually hasn't won the competition as it appeared she had been thinking with her cocky attitude at the beginning of this idol go-around. Yes, she has a nice voice, but my thoughts are that Siobhan has it all over her and the judges were pretty cruel to Siobhan last night, I thought she sang beautifully, and maybe Crystal is getting a little worried as well she should be. If she wanted to leave then maybe they should have let her, another attention getter, drama queen. I wish that Casey would shave that hair from his face below his lip, and Turban would stop smiling all the time, it's getting really annoying, Big Mike should stick with his weight lifting, nice guy, but his voice leaves something to be desired, I love the baby Aaron, I'd actually like to see this kid take it all, he's got a strong voice for a minor and he's just so sweet, Lee reminds me of an old boyfriend so I have to close my eyes when he's singing and attempt to be partial, but don't care much for his singing either. Bottom line is that I'm going with Aaron or Siobhan to win it all. Well, that's it in a nutshell!
    April 21, 2010
    11:34 AM PST
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  5. anonymous, i appreciate your comment. however, i have to point out that yes, i noticed this discrepancy. however, as michael slezak, an american idol columnist for, has pointed out from season to season, this is something that has always been done ... not using the actual footage in the post-show wrap-up. you are right, they do show their warm up footage instead. it is something they have been doing for seasons now. however, the casual view probably did not finally notice this until last night w/ the obvious discrepancy regarding Crystal.

  6. * casual viewer

    i'm not saying i don't have my own Idol conspiracy theories. i also have to say that i really do think crystal's tears were genuine.

  7. day-um eggroll! hey, everyone is entitled to their opinion ;-)

  8. jsm19404/26/2010

    Crystal and Casey diffently are the more talented. They know who they are and have actually performed on stage and was paid. The rest are beginners---Casey and Crystal should be first and second. Siobhan needs to go to New York as I see her really do well on Broadway as she said her self she does not know what genre' she belongs in. I could not even try to listen to a album from her and I think she would be very bored standing in a studio making an albumn. She likes a little more risk and the dressing different each song she just show Broadway musicals all over herself. She could do really well and I do not understand the Judges for not picking up on that. Boy she could make the money. The rest are firt time beginners that may sing in chruch or may have been in choir but they just are not American Idol material.
    April 24, 2010
    02:00 PM PST


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