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American Idol Inspirational Song Night: Crystal Bowersox Cries. I Finally Feel Something. (Recap)

Considering I kept busy on my computer all the while Idol played out tonight on my TV screen, only giving the occasional glance up to notice that Lee Dewyze got his hairs cut, Kara got her hairs styled in a flattering manner that I can't quite put my finger on as to why they were so flattering and Simon's buzz cut looked especially unflattering ... I guess you could say it was all one big unnoticeable snooze fest until Crystal "Mamasox" Bowersox took the stage. So really, all I care about commenting on is her for now.

Wicked Mic Stands and Wet Eyes: Now I don't know if Crystal got overly wrapped up in the spirit of today's date, but someone should have told her pot paraphernalia is not allowed on the Idol stage. Oh, I keed. I keed. Crystal's extraordinary mic stand was made from an old lamp with which she always used to perform in her pre-Idol days. Could that sentimentality be what brought on her sudden outburst of tears at the end of her emotional "…

Look-A-Like Monday

Left:  Kathy Lee Gifford Right:  Ramona Singer from The Real Housewives of New York

American Idol Results: Adam Lambert PERFORMS!!! Oh yeah, and There Was a Double Elimination.

Okay, guys, here we go with the Idol results.  Am I the only one who is sick of these results show intro package fake-outs?  You know, wherein they try and make us believe like there were Holyfield vocal TKOs last night?  (Cut to a judge exclamatory:  "Yo, those vocals were hot!!"  Then cut to Andrew Garcia holding a mic that looks as if it just turned gold right before our very eyes.)  Um, am I living in some crazy Harry Potter land?  Because I'm pretty sure this does not accurately reflect what went down on performance night at all.  But then again, I guess if they show what really went down, it would not pump me, the viewer, up.  Unlike those high voltage group sings ... those aren't watered down or lip sunk at all.  Oh what's that?!  Ms. Sleepy Weird-Eyed Gal Herself, Brooke White, and some dude I've never heard of are set to sing tonight?!!!  Well somebody better hold me back! 

Okay okay.  Who peed in my Fruity Pepples, right?  I am excited to see Adam …

American Idol Elvis Night: I'm Caught in a Season 9 Trap ... I Wanna Walk Out. (Recap)

(Yes, Elvis definitely left the building last night.  Particularly when Aaron donned his blue suede shoes.)
Hey, can anyone tell me - what the heck was Seacrest on last night?!  Did he find Paula's stash?  I mean, from inappropriate tongue references to Mr. Adam Lambert (in front of his mother, mind you) to random slow dancing with former season 8 contestants (yes, that was Michael Sarver) to untimely jokes about his former co-host (um, didn't Brian Dunkleman leave like after season 1(!)?) ... the giddy little host definitely made me feel slightly uncomfortable on at least four occasions last night.  But then again, so did many of our season 9 contestants.  Because with the exception of Bowersox and Lee Dewyze, I think the Idols (and Seacrest and judges) may have caused Elvis to roll over in his grave more than once last night.

Seriously, will our next American Idol be TURBAN?!?!  Guess "Teflon Tim" didn't quite stick.  Really, Ryan?  TURBAN?!  Two major annoyance…


perhaps her less attractive sister???

Michael Lynche is SAVED!!!! ... But Do We Care?

Hey everyone, great news!  Big Mike got the sole judges' save on American Idol last night and will still be here next week to sing us another ballad!!!  I'm brimming with excitement .... (and sarcasm for you savvy ones).  Yes, I gotta say, I could give two S**ts less that Proud Poppa Mike still remains in this "I'm still trying to decide whether I like it or not" season 9 competition.  Actually, scratch that.  I DO care, because by using this save, the judges have mistakenly wasted this worthy little gem that was once in their back pocket to override the ridiculosities (yes, I'm still trying to make this a word) of tweens who text faster than I can say Ha-iiii. 

Hey Kara and Co.:  Please note Siobhan Magnus, Lee Dewyze, Crystal Bowersox and Casey James are still here and if Tim Urban NOT being in last night's bottom three is any indication that it is very possible that one of the aforementioned Winner-Worthy contestants could experience a premature evacua…

American Idol Top 9 Perform: Casey James, BagPipes and Didgeridoos Make For One Good Night! (Recap)

Well hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog, folks, do we finally have a competition on our hands?  Maybe I am just a little excited about my tax refund or am perhaps silly over this ga-or-geous weather we are having, but dare I say, that in last night's Idol, I saw shades of Idol season 8!?!  Yes, from the humorous moments (one word: bagpipe) to some mad awesome vocals (two words: Casey James), I finally recognized a competitive momentum taking place, which left no alternative but to bring me to a rolling boil of excitement!

I will break it down with the highlights of the night:

These Intro Packages Are Workin' For Me!:  Question for you, Mr. Idol Producer:  Why couldn't we have used these endearing little intro packages wherein Idols comment on other Idols, showing us the viewer some real personality, earlier?  I mean, how much did I love learning that Lee Dewyze and Andrew Garcia have been in a bro-mance since Hollywood Week?!  It brought me back to the big bro/lil sis days o…

Look-A-Like of the Week!

Something about these two ... maybe it's more the personality, but I have always thought American Idol Season 9 darling, Katie Stevens (left) reminds me a bit of pop star, Jo Jo ... no?

DVR ALERT!: Adam Lambert Goes UnPlugged!

Hey Glamberts ... instead of re-watching old YouTube clips of American Idol's glory days (a.k.a,. season 8), you can get a fresh Adam Lambert fix this Thursday!  Tune in to VH1 April 8, at 11:00 p.m. for a very special UnPlugged!!!  It promises to be good!!  I'll be tuned in, will you?

My Reality Bit is Going Twitter!

For those of you who Twitter, My Reality Bit has decided to join you! Simply click on the Twitter icon to your right to receive tweets when a new post is added! My Reality Bit will also follow American Idol contestants (past and present) along with that darn Seacrest and any other reality peeps deemed worthy ... so it's one big Twitter package rolled into one. Tweet Tweet! (Or as Megan Joy would say, "Caw Caw." Doesn't sound as nice, does it?)

Look-A-Like of the Week!

Well it wasn't hard to find these two in matching outfits! 

Left:Kenny from Real World / Road Rules challenges (um, Fresh Meat, The Island, The Duel, The Inferno III, The Gauntlet 3, the list goes on, and on)
Right:  Ballroom Hottie, Maksim Chmerkovskiy

I give both these boys a "10"!

American Idol Top 10 Results: Did Didi Stay or Did She Go? My DVR Only Has Reuben, Usher and ... Puffy?

Well hell. I'm reliving Adam's "Mad World" all over again. (Click here if you need reminding.) We had three dudes come out of the woodwork tonight, "sing," and I didn't even get to see Didi Benami, current Idol contestant, finish her "fight for her life" segment, nor did I get to see whether or not she was "saved!" And, yes, I care because I think she had a legitimate chance at being rescued from the Megan Joy land of obscurity. I doubt that she pulled a Matt G. (again, click the link if you want to relive a classic Matt G. ditty), but she definitely had a better chance than Billy Goat. Considering how the judges were smiling and gabbing throughout, however, I'm guessing she was sent packing (with I'm sure what was an abundance of tears). But still! I would have at least liked to have seen it play out!

Instead, I got to witness Dude One, Dude Two, and Dude Three creep out from who knows where and relive their glory years. And…