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Idol Top 8 Ladies Perform: Crystal Bowersox ... Are you My Only Hope? (Recap)

Well, the top 8 American Idol ladies sung their little hearts out last night (or did they?), and I, yet again, am left feeling underwhelmed. Once again, Crystal Bowersox was the redeeming factor of the night, and once again Katie Stevens failed to come out as someone who is confident in herself ("I chose this song because Randy said this and Ellen said that.") Oy vey. Do I need to buy a plane ticket to LA already and mentor these young lassies? Or, should I just save my pennies and stock up on some nice vinos? (I'm leaning toward the latter.)

Regardless, as I always have something to say, I give you my thoughts on last night.

Let me start out by putting a cap in the ass on my thoughts regarding Katie Stevens. I know the word "karaoke" is overused just like "artistry" and "pitchy" on this show, but Randy really was correct when he chose this word to describe Stevens' 8th rate performance of Kelly Clarkson's .... gee, what song of hers did she sing again? All I really remember was that she sang it F-L-A-T! I also remember Ellen's whack-a-doo critique: "You had the right song choice. But the words didn't suit you." Um, Ellen say what? Simon said: "You kinda sucked [long pause] the energy out." Wouldn't it have been great to have just left it at "You kinda sucked."?

But Katie begged us to vote for her, all cutesy, holding up her finger, miming "Vote 1." Okay, Katie. Just because I'm feeling a little loopy, let's say we did listen to your pleas, and robotically dialed 1. Let's say we did this the rest of the way through. You won. Congratulations. Now what? Bottom Line, sweetie. You ain't ready, honey child. And unless an Adam Lambert fairy (no pun intended) visits you at night and sprinkles some star dust on your sleepy little head, I don't see you being ready any time soon. Aaand, moving on. Let's discuss someone who does know thyself, albeit, a bit funny.

Siobhan "the unlikely character" Magnus Connects. Even though Simon didn't think so, I have to say Siobhan was a small highlight of the night. Singing "House of the Rising Sun," Siobhan had the right formula. Personal meaning of the song (her Carlos Santana-esque dad used to sing it to her, aw) + Fearless Nature (I don't know if she is just clueless and doesn't care or is simply genius, but what does it matter?) + acoustic start = an Idol Moment. My one critique of Siobhan's performance didn't have anything to do with her ... but something with that other judge. After Kara sung her praises, Simon dissed her. After Simon dissed her, Kara did an about-face, interjecting "I don't know what kind of artist she is." Well, I don't know what kind of judge you are, Kara! What are YOU trying to say? How 'bout them apples?! (I got your back, Siobhan.)

Didi Benami and Lacey Brown give nice vocals ... that put me to sleep. I'm sorry, but I gotta disagree with Simon (and Kara) again here. They thought Didi had a moment with Fleetwood Mac's "Rhiannon"? I'm still waiting for it to take off. And is it just me, or did it seem like a total replica of her "The Way I Am" performance two weeks ago?

Katelyn Epperly. W.T.F. Oh, Katelyn. You really could be a contender. So why in God's name did you choose, out of all the songs in the world, Carol King's "I Feel the Earth Move"? Did someone trick you and say this would be hot and blow it out the box? I have no words. Just three letters. W.T.F.

Okay, let's just get to it already.

Crystal Bowersox. I liked her outfit. I liked the big ring. I liked the electric guitar. I liked the way she riffed over the last verse, infusing it with something soulful and unique to Chapman's original. So seriously. Give Me One Reason, Crystal Should Not Be The Only One Allowed to Stay Here?

(*Lilly Scott and Paige Miles also sang.)

So what did you think? Are you still looking for a remedy to cure your Idol ills? Did Ken Warwick send out a memo to the ladies instructing, "Pick a depressing song. Put our audience to sleep.  That way, they won't focus on this season's lack of star power?" Why did Crystal sit on her guitar? Too confident or still sick? Can you think of a good reason why Katelyn chose that poor, poor song? Finally, do you think if Kara had a thought bubble at the beginning of the show when Ellen was sitting on Simon's lap, it would have read: "I'm trying to laugh and make it look like I'm not uncomfortable, but are you making fun of me, Ellen? You better get off him, Ellen. That's my shtick. Seriously, Ellen. You're making me jealous now. Aren't you a lesbian?" Do weigh in below. I'm off to pray for a miracle. Maybe Tim Urban will bring down the house tonight.


  1. Oh Katie Stevens. Begging us to vote for her, all cutesy ...,

    And I think it’s even worse than this, actually. Not only is she not ready, she has absolutely no idea that she’s not ready and no idea what she needs to do to become ready. That won’t be pretty if it goes much farther.

  2. Mary 1023/10/2010

    Yes – I get this sense too – a bit of “un-self-awaredness” (not a word) coming across.

    Katie’s a weird one. With all the heavy early pimping, I easily had her pegged as a judge’s darling, and, with some pretty impressive Hollywood Week performances, she seemed like a strong early favorite. But wow – pretty much all of the last three performances have been pretty bad. Just very dated performances and song choices – no sense of musical identity, and no real connection to any song.

    No way I can see her lasting much longer than this week, if that. She’s kinda become the Lil Rounds of the season – as an early favorite who fell fast because of a lack of musical identity.

  3. ccarlton3/10/2010

    I basically agree with all your thoughts about the ladies last night, I was once again less than impressed with the effort of most of them, and at this point in the show they should already have stepped up their game. To me, there are only two ladies in this competition that are any good, and heads above the rest. Crystal and Siobhan are the only two girls who have consistently brought their "A" game every week. As for the other girls, I don't know if they are just not as good, or just fail to pick songs that show of their vocals better. I really think that all the other girls still have it in them to give Crystal and Siobhan a run for their money, but they need to figure it out real quick. I was very disappointed with Paige Miles last night, she chose a great song, but the moment she started singing it, I said to my husband that it sounds like a hotel performance, and low and behold Simon said the same thing. She really took a huge step back last night. Lilly's performance was a little weird for me last night, I know what she was trying to do, but I didn't think she took an old song and made it new, I thought it was kind of corny, she's kind of cutting edge for me, and the whole playing the mandolin and singing an old song just didn't fit for me. I hope she stays around though, because I think she has the right idea about how to be unique artist, she just needs to work on the vocals. I have the same problem with all the other girls. They have the vocals, to me they just choose songs that are too simple, that don't show their vocals, I am so frustrated to see these girls that I know have strong voices take the safe route week after week. Thank goodness for Crystal and Siobhan. I'll be curious to see what the guys do tonight.
    March 10, 2010
    08:53 AM PST

  4. Well I won't rake Katie over the coals, since everyone else took care of that! She will go and I think Paige will be close on her heels. about yawners?! I have to say that even though Lacey's song was a s-l-o-w one also, I thought her stage presence and voice, were noteworthy!

    Love Siobhan, but come on......that dress with THAT song!? Only complaint there.

    Lilly didn't impress me with that Patsy number. I love the mandolin but it just didn't work. She needs to be grabbing that mic and workin' the crowd.

    I was *almost* drooling on my recliner, when they announced Chrystal would be playing electric guitar and doing a Tracy Chapman tune. OMG.....I actually sat up quicker than my dog does for a piece of chicken. She did not disappoint. I love her naturalness, and quiet respectful manner, besides the fact she ROCKS! I was however worried, when she sat down immediately after. She must not have felt well to do that, huh?

    It reminds me when I first saw Janis Joplin perform on TV. I thought "now THIS is what I'm talkin' about." (yes i actually created that expression)

    Truly, if it wasn't for Chrystal, I don't think I'd still be watching.

    Judges: Randy was Randy, Ellen has loosened up and came up with some funny comments, Kara should wear a sweater if she has to sit that close to Simon for warmth. Simon makes me think that he doesn't like Karaoke but seems okay with Karacuddling.

  5. dutchessgirl3/10/2010

    My top 3 girls in this order are #1Lilly Scott, #2 Siobhan and #3 Crystal Bowersox, Even though Crystal is good she is not the best, and just because Simon Cowell likes her she got special treatment when she was ill, no other contestant did.
    March 10, 2010
    11:52 AM PST

  6. Has there been another incident when a contestant was hospitalized on the day they were supposed to perform? I can't really remember one.

  7. no, i can not either. except when they all had scratchy throats or something. well, actually, wasn't there a girl last year ... i seem to recall paula sympathizing with one. maybe ...

    liked the judges breakdown part, con. i thought kara would back off the sime after ellen made a mockery of it, but nope! she was right there up on it. give it a rest, kara!

    lilly is maybe a little to hipster for her own good ... i'm getting a little tired of her thing. like you said, con, she needs to amp it up or something.

    and yeah, lacey's voice was pretty (i will venture to say i prefer it to siobhan's.) but bore me. bore me. it's like if we sing her praises, i feel like we are settling. i demand more.

    ccarlton, i found myself having the same comments as randy. (i'm kinda embarrassed to admit that, but it's true.) and i agree, siobhan and crystal seem to be the only ones hungry ... bringing their "a" game. i mean, katelyn seemed as if she could have given two s**ts less!

    i'm not going to comment any further on k. steves. i think we have beat her to a pulp.

    is too late to switch up the contestants and bring back some hollywood rejects? (may i submit, angela martin?) okay, i'm done now.

  8. idolfan373613/10/2010

    I agree with some of this and I disagree with some. You made several really good points. Good post.
    March 10, 2010
    01:06 PM PST


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