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American Idol Top 8 Guys Perform: Mike Lynch and Andrew Garcia Will Keep Me Trudging On

(You rubbed me the right way, Andrew. Hang in there lil' camper.)

As I sit here today, I feel somewhat of an emptiness inside. I don't feel much need for hooting and hollering about the top 8 guys' performances last night on Idol -- despite the fact that many of the guys displayed marked improvement. But marked improvement from what, I ask? A stale bologne sandwich? Yes, I am in a state of flux. I'm pretty sure I have been let down week after week since Hollywood Week, but I'm also pretty sure Randy has already given a contestant a standing "O" this season(!?). And I'm sorry, was it my imagination, or did Kara DioGuardi actually cry last night?

Why didn't I feel the same? Alas, I will have to chalk these non-sensical waterworks up to stray dust bunnies from Simon's shirt (Lord knows she was nudged up close enough to it). (It's getting old Kara! Real old. And judging by the looks on Ellen's face, I'm pretty sure she concurs.) Even though Big Mike Lynch did have the best performance of the night, for me, it still lacked that magic I'm so desperately craving.

Sure, he picked the perfect song, Maxwell's "This Woman's Work." Sure, he gave a great vocal. And sure, I don't even have to say it, but we all know the personal connection he had to its lyrical meaning. Was it the somewhat cheesy ka-pow choreography he tends to do? I don't know. But I'm pretty sure come this time next year, I won't be posting Lynch's performance on my blog, telling the season 10 contestants, "This is how you do it Week 2, bitches."

Hell, the only other guy I really care to comment on is Andrew Garcia. Because I feel the judges' harsh criticisms were unwarranted. There I said it. Andrew's spin on X-Tina's "Genie in a Bottle" was the only performance I and my Idol companion last night, Stephanie, wanted to rewind. We both were turning it up, singing along, and dancing. Sure, we were each two vinos in, but isn't that what performing is all about? Getting the crowd into it? Having fun? As Stephanie so astutely pointed out, Andrew apparently can do no right. And I will admit, homeboy does have a serious lack of vocal range (and, I would have liked him to amp the chorus up the first time around rather than waiting til the end), but you gotta admit, he is more entertaining to watch than oh, I don't know, fuzzy mullet boy?

But as I feel like I have hit rock bottom of Idol season 9, without having even arrived at the big Kodak stage, I also wonder, a world without Idol? What would we do? Well, I'm sure there's a lot we could do ... but do we want that? I guess what I'm saying is that my heavy Idol heart isn't quite idle yet, and I will continue to trudge through the muck that is Aaron Kelly, Todrick Hall, and yes, even Katie Stevens, because I know not what else to do. Do you?


  1. Mary1023/11/2010

    I am in a state of flux ... cry last night?

    Lol – yeah, I’ve shouted WTF more times than I can remember at the judges this year, in terms of hearing them gush over a performance (or vocals) that I thought were mediocre at best. I really think much of it has to do with the judges needing to drum up SOME kind of enthusiasm for some otherwise lackluster talent. If they attacked everyone, it wouldn’t win over any viewers, and it would make the judges look bad for putting all of these people through.

  2. Anonymous3/11/2010

    OK here goes....
    I think this year is head over heals better than last year. There are 4 girls I think have unique sounding voices and a couple of the guys I like as well.
    Of course, I was never a Adam Lambert fan!

  3. i think mary has a point. the judges want us to think that they see glory and promise in at least a few contestants, each week, so that they can try and save the show. i believe the judges ALL want to cry this season, on boys' night, but only kara was weak enough to break. She was just waiting for a performance she could cut loose on and not look like a fool................with her pants on the ground.

    you covered the rest E, so i will save my energy for tonight. which boys will go? do i really care?

    not really.


  4. OK, it's just 9:11pm and I just watched Idol. I've even beat you, dear Elizabeth. I was sorry to see Lily Scott go as well as little mullet man. I am still singing "I fall to pieces" and someboy is remiss if they don't get that song on was.

  5. OK, make that "and somebody is remiss if they don't get that song on wax."
    I want to hear that song again!

  6. Con-founded3/12/2010

    Hurry someone get the smelling salts! Me thinks our little E is in shock somewhere and can't write an entry about last night!

  7. little e, where are u?

  8. oh anonymous ... i see with your comment why you might want to be anonymous. ;-)

    to each their own ... miss e is in a bit of an idol funk. for the love, finalists, pull me out of it!

    con - i have been revived. please see post above.

    enjoy your weekend my lovely ones. i will try and carry on.


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