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American Idol Top 12 (recap): Siobhan Magnus Gets it Rolling on Stones Night!

Here's something I thought I would never hear be uttered from Seacrest's lips: "Tim Urban fans. You're about to get your fix." FIX of WHAT?! And, I'm sorry, ... there are Tim Urban fans?! Um, okay. By the way, if you are in that 5 percentile, don't worry about voting for him. Because HE had fun, and that was all he was really worried about. (And that will be all the time I waste tonight on the crazy eyed Eric Stoltz look-a-like.)

As you can tell, I'm feeling nice and friendly tonight. So let me just go ahead and say, how about that Siobhan Magnus performance?! Dare I ask, is my Idol season 9 finally underway?! Because even though I had to wait over an hour tonight for the show to actually get moving (we'll ignore weeks here), while Siobhan was painting it black, she also managed to color Elizabeth happy!

Loved the combat boots. Loved the dress. Loved the combat boots with the dress. Loved that she is who she is. Loved that she made me for the first time, actually listen and really understand the words of the Rolling Stones classic. And yeah, that screamy note toward the end, I winced a bit. But that very last note was beautiful. "Best interpretation," Kara said. "Flashbacks of Adam Lambert!" And may I add, I loved the glassblower even more with those goofy glasses on, all the while, flashing an elegant smile. Way to go Siobhan. Way to go. By the way, did I mention how much I dug that outfit!?!

And speaking of the dynamo ladies tonight ... Crystal Bowersox does give me what I want! The tiny soft, unexpected inflections. The cute little part where she spoke about Mr. Jimmy ... the way she simply RAWKED it! So why the hell did the judges kinda ridicule her? Simon: "You can't think you have this in the bag." Rock solid Bowersox: "That hasn't once crossed my mind. But thank YOU for saying that." Well played, Crystal. Well played. (And did anyone else right away know that the peacock feather was there in memoriam of Lilly? ... I did.)

The other second half grouping who kept tonight's show afloat included Lee Dewyze, whose version of "Beast of Burden" I would like to do
wnload right now. I don't have a great deal more to say about it except I think the judges could have been a little nicer on him: "People won't remember it." Um, excuse me. I will! So suck it, Ellen. (Even if you are having your best night as far as sound bytes go.) Hey guys, I gotta support my Lee.

Hell, I even kinda enjoyed Paige-still don't know her last name's Honky Tonk Woman. And Aaron Kelly? Okay, guys. I'm not going to quite go there. The boy does good karaoke. That's all I gots to say about that little noodle. And oh yeah, he may have got himself a new greased up do, but he's still got the same ol' air humpin dance moves.

The rest? I think they can be summed up in a few sentences or less:

Michael Lynch: He is trying. But he doesn't have the talent for super stardom.

Didi Benami: Kinda scared me a bit. You know, the facials and all. A mixed bag of sorts - had some really good moments but had a lot of flat verses, sprinkled with some, "oops I forgot my lyrics" Brooke White moments.

Casey James: Got back to the soul, but I'm with Simon. It wasn't incredible. Randy: So he should use the stage more? Simon: Just be. a. star. (Amen Brother Cowell. Amen.) Oh yeah, I was only able to have these thoughts after I got over his mom being a dead-ringer for Peg Bundy.
I think this was the time I drifted off to re-watch my Adam Lambert's "Satisfaction" clip. Oh, look at that action. The crowd jamming. Paula dancing.

Oh, what's that? The maroon headed billy goat's up? Oh, I like "Ruby Tuesday!" Oh, she's sitting on the corner of the stage again? Churning her mic back and forth from her mouth? Stilli'mgonnamissyou? Guess that was her way of making it her own?

Sorry, got a little off track there.

Katie Stevens, a.k.a, the girl who answers the question, "Who is the lead singer of the Rolling Stones" with a question mark. Anyhoo, she chose a song I suggested a few weeks back, "Wild Horses." And she finally got some praise for, well, picking the right song. However, I did not choose this song for Stevens. I picked it for the girl she unjustifiably beat out last week, Ms. Lilly Scott. How freaking poetic. Now let's consider how much more Lilly could have done with it .... I'll wait.

Andrew Garcia: Andrew. Listen to me. I think the judges have given you an identity crisis. Stick to your guns. Get back to you. Don't question it. Rock it.
And now, the burning questions: So how did you feel about tonight? Were you only feeling the second half like me? What was your favorite Ellen funny tonight? I think mine was to Lacey: "You like to sit on the edge of things. Don't go to the Grand Canyon." Or maybe the "but not me" one to Casey. Simon had a good one tonight regarding Andrew to Kara: "Do you want him to come out with a tank?" Does Michael Lynch raid his wife's scarf closet? Do you think when Lacey was told she was over thinking it, that now she's thinking too much about over thinking it? Finally, who do you think will say bye bye tomorrow?


  1. You got it right E! I agree with your synopsis almost totally. Well actually....probably totally, yes.

    The best for last, is first for me (((Chrystal))) and when she spoke a few words in the middle of the song, I sighed and mumbled "shades of Janis". Oh yeah, she rocks both on stage and in her responses to the judges' comments. She knows when to sing and when to shut up! Smart woman.

    Siobhan! Love her so much. The boots rocked that dress, but I was not crazy about the curls. If she only had that mohawk again......oh man. ;¬) I loved loved loved when her dad said there was never not someone in the house drawing or doing something involving music.

    Lee is my favorite guy, but he needs to reach out and show some confidence and personality when he's done singing. Reminds me of David Cook when he's behind the mic though.

    Talentwise (that might not be a word but oh well) Mike is next but I'd never buy an album and he is just too silly and schmaltzy for me. Probably a really nice guy but not someone I see as relevant in today's music scene.

    However, if I was face to face with Big Mike, I'd suck up like crazy! ==8¬|

    I prayed that Andrew would rise to the occasion, and although he was good last night, I've lost that lovin' feeling.

    Casey always appears stiff to me. know like his neck hurts. I think he'll be heading back to Peg sometime soon. (loved that one E)

    Tim.....sorry buddy......but please sing "It's a Sunshine Day" before you go! it wrong that all I noticed was his new do?

    This is the very first time I have noticed Paige, so. Good for you Paige, I didn't sleep through that tune.

    Didi.......omg stop smiling and talking in that little girl voice woman. 'Nuff said.

    "Maroon Head Lacy" was disappointing last night. I still love the tone of her voice but that song was kind of all over the place, dawg.

    Who's left.....oh yeah.....Pretty Kitty Katie. Oh please go. You will get through life fine with that cute little face and voice but you are not America's Idol, Sweetie.

    Loved Ellen's "most women..." line best! LOL that's what she is there for , some humor in all that negativity but I've noticed she is getting better in her critiques. She's a little easy on them but then shouldn't they have someone at that table to give them a little warm encouragement?

    Simon actually made me LOL with his tank remark. LOL again.

    Kara loves the mic huh? AND PLEASE STOP THE HEAD SWAYING!

    Randy: look dawg, ya now I love you, right? (when he says that it's usually bad)

    So all in all, I was a little more encouraged last night. There are still more ho-hums up there than wows, but tonight we weed it out a bit. Of course, I can't forget last week and Lilly. WTF? I mean really, why can't I get over that?


  2. idolfan373613/17/2010

    I think you are pretty much spot on with this blog. Even Paige Miles had a good night. She has made several bad song decisions but last night she surprised me. Crystal was really good as usual. My favorite Ellen funny by far was the one to Casey James not appealing to women like her, blond, lol. That was great.
    March 17, 2010
    09:06 AM PST

  3. Hey idolfan. Thanks for your comment. Even though Paige had a good night, I'm still not getting the likability factor from her, are you? Maybe something about the way she kinda rolls her eyes. She's just kinda there. And yes, that Ellen funny was classic. I think it's good bye ruby lacey or peter brady, i mean tim urban tonight.
    March 17, 2010

    and con, the mohawk would have been a nice touch. guess we'll just have to leave that up to andrew's wife. and speaking of cute dad's, how about crystal's. too stinkin' cute!

    i'm gonna have to finally give in and agree w/ you about ellen now that she is actually coming through with the funnies.

    and didi .. the little girl voice. enough! i thought last night that she seemed to be taking a page from lacey's book.

    my prediction: tim urban goes home tonight.
    10:17 AM PST


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