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American Idol Top 10 Results: Did Didi Stay or Did She Go? My DVR Only Has Reuben, Usher and ... Puffy?

Well hell. I'm reliving Adam's "Mad World" all over again. (Click here if you need reminding.) We had three dudes come out of the woodwork tonight, "sing," and I didn't even get to see Didi Benami, current Idol contestant, finish her "fight for her life" segment, nor did I get to see whether or not she was "saved!" And, yes, I care because I think she had a legitimate chance at being rescued from the Megan Joy land of obscurity. I doubt that she pulled a Matt G. (again, click the link if you want to relive a classic Matt G. ditty), but she definitely had a better chance than Billy Goat. Considering how the judges were smiling and gabbing throughout, however, I'm guessing she was sent packing (with I'm sure what was an abundance of tears). But still! I would have at least liked to have seen it play out!

Instead, I got to witness Dude One, Dude Two, and Dude Three creep out from who knows where and relive their glory years. And since the Three Dudes were the feature tonight (again, nevermind those pesky contestants), I give you my thoughts on the trio in real time:

Next:  Reuben Studdard ... WTF?

Dude One: Rubey Tuesday?! Where have you been holed up? Guess they only release you for the occasional Idol results show, huh? Bummer. Your music was elevator snooz-a-licious, but you're lookin' good - like you shed a few.

Dude Two: Oh, it's our fabulous mentor from last night! Oh, this should be good. Oh, wait. Is our fabulous mentor using a va-va-va vocoder? Ew! Gotta say, not loving Usher's performance. The winded voice, the generic song - not like his days of yore. Come on Ush, you don't need that vocoder. I really think it is the culprit for your wounded sounding vocals. But, as always, your dance moves make up for it ... somewhat.

Dude Three: Puffy?! Is that you? Does everyone have an album coming out or something? And furthermore, is everyone using a vocoder? Yeah, your performance was perhaps a little too raunchy for the Idol stage, but I'll give it to ya. It was entertaining. (I secretly wish that I had turned my lights down for the disco ball part. ... Did you?)

But wait a minute. I forgot. I still don't know if Didi went home tonight! This is the RESULTS show, right?

Come on producers. Maybe we can shave one crusted performer from the line-up in order to let America know if they can look forward to cry baby Benami a little bit longer. Do it, or I'll sick a pale-pink-ponied Big Mike on your ass. And as Seacrest can tell you, it won't be pretty.

By the way, in addition to the aforementioned Three Dudes' albums, tonight's episode was brought to you by "Clash of the Titans." Oh, and also Ford, Coke and let us not forget, Justin Bieber(!). But I digress.


  1. Alas, all that judges table chit chat was probably over their weekend plans. I'm sure they had no intention to do the save on Didipressing. I for one, am happy not to hear or see the Deedster, sing or bawl again. That sounds harsh, and I'm sure she's a sweet person and all, but .....move along DidiDarling.

    Kudos to "Pete Brady" for a good answer to the permanent smile. He'll be smiling thru his swan song next week.

    Next week's three stools will once again hold the two charter members, Tim and Katie, but the question will be who will sit down and yet be safe in the end.

    Oh wait, they have to perform again first. Uh huh.

    You aren't buying Ruben's album?

    If they insist on "entertaining" us on slasher night, why can't they bring back some of the former Idol contestants or winners. I think I'd rather sit through those if I have to be "entertained".

    Oh I know......Ruben.

    I don't know. I'm just trying to save the show I guess. Someone has to.

    Oh, and in closing........I wouldn't want to be within a mile of Big Mike. He's going to hurt someone! Seriously, stop! Have you heard of "personal space", MadMike??

    See you next week, E!

  2. c, thanks for your comments in the previous post by the way ... i guess you could say i'm mixing it up around here out of pure boredom! i mean really?! we are down to single digits and we still have teflon tim, robot stevens, and big mike!? i could go on, but i don't feel like naming almost the whole roster.

    ANYHOO, yes, i did actually like tim's response as to why he is always smiling. i guess that's about as good an answer he could give. and did you notice when he was announced as "safe," his friends in the audience looked shocked? if that doesn't speak volumes ...

    ugh, next week is john lennon/paul mc songbook. haven't we been here done that ... numerous times?! lord, i beg for something FRESH! this season is so stale, it's making me feel diseased with crumbs of suck!

    peace out. til' next tuesday for more torment.

  3. Yes I believe we have gone the lennon/mc cartney route, once or twice or three times......

    Come on! You're killin' us here!


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