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American Idol: Top 10 Guys Take The Stage ... I Still Await Something To Happen (Recap)

Last night, our, I mean "the" (would you want to claim them?) "top" 10 guys took to the American Idol stage, "performed" and man, was it another doozy. A semi-improved doozy. But a doozy nonetheless. (It's kind of fun saying doozy.) Anyhoo, this morning, my friend, Pat, asked me what Andrew Garcia sang last night. I couldn't recall. Um, wasn't he someone I was super excited about this season? Now ask me what Adam Lambert sang at any point in time last season. Even what hairstyle he sported or whether he wore nail polish ... I could tell ya. Somewhere, somehow, at some point in time ... something has gone woefully askew. (There's a word Ellen. I love ya, but you gotta give me something more than "great" and "pushed.")

Really though. Where's the passion? Where's the fun? Where's the STAR power?

I don't even know if I can blame it on the contestants; the judges hand-picked these sad sacks after all. Not to mention, the dawg, E and Simon now seemed to have sucked out all the fun, sending so many mixed messages, leaving people like Todrick Hall asking point-blank, "What should I sing?" (Side note: Could you see Adam asking this question? I'm just sayin.') I mean, did you see how Lee Dewyze stood after facing the firing squad?! He was frozen and looked lifeless! Well, everything except his ever moving watery eyes (does that guy have a permanent case of pink eye or what?). And yes, I realize I left Kara out of the aforementioned list of judges because believe it or not, she is one of the few highlights for me this season. (Telling Casey that he took two steps back with his busy performance of Gavin Degraw's "I Don't Wanna Be." Bravo, Kara. Bravo.)
What is going on here? Kara giving solid critiques? Andrew Garcia drowning fast? Underdogs like Dewyze swooping in and taking my top Garcia spot in a week's time? But, I suppose that is what is making this season great interesting. Because right now, what is becoming evident to me this season (besides its overall depressing nature), is that this really does seem to be anyone's game (well, maybe not Jermaine Sellers' - my pick for elimination). (And oh yeah, the boy who will put you to sleep at the drop of a note, John Park .. what have you done Shania?) (And let us not forget, good ol' Haeley Vaughn. Bets on what color her headband flower is tonight! I'm feeling purple!)
In a season that is taking me on a bit of a roller coaster ride (spiraling mostly in the downward direction), I give you what I do know at the present moment:

  1. I want to put Alex Lambert on a plate and eat him with a side of butter. Simon probably gave the best advice of the night telling the frail fella, "you should only be nervous if you're useless," which indeed he is not. While I think Alex has a while to go before we see a "killer instinct" in him, I really hope and look forward to him shedding his self-doubt, turning into a beautiful butterfly (even if it is a butterfly with a mullet).
  2. Casey "I own this guitar" James is making me nervous due to a small hint of superiority I smelled last night.
  3. I need to buy Ellen a Thesaurus.
  4. Ellen follows in the footsteps of whoever speaks before her. (Must be a first-year judging prerequisite.)
  5. It took me some muster to even write this post because I don't even know if season 9 deserves my love. So what say you? Are you still with me? Do you think one of the girls will give us a jolt of much needed adrenaline or have we all flatlined? In the meantime, I give you the video below. Let it serve as a few blood pumps to your weakened Idol heart. Lord knows I need it.


  1. I felt a smidgen of hope too after last night. It was a little more "real" a little more "up"..........of course, there was no where to go but up, right? The judges, especially Brit Boy were a little less critical, or should I say rude, and a little more constructive with his critiques last night. He had me when he said he'd go to church with Jermaine. I know he was lying through his perfect teeth was "nice" anyway.

    (Jermaine has that whacky Sanjaya type personna and I think he'll stay to sing another weak. <-----yes i know. i meant that.)

    Ellen at least looked a little less tense. She did use "push" again...and again.....but she actually had some input when Jermy (or WAS it Todrick?) asked them what to sing. I think that shocked Randy. The Dawg told America that he too made up his own language. Why does that not surprise ANYONE?

    Kara didn't annoy me. That's always good. Being honest with Casey did want me to give her a ^5..... NOT A GIRL POWER ONE.......a WTG acting less cougar-y kind.

    Big Mike put on his best performance last night, but claiming "It's a Man's World" won't get him the feminist vote. ;¬)

    Mullet Boy did surprise me. He needs to practice some relaxation techniques before he performs next time.

    Andrew, whahappened man? Maybe you should try out for "So You Think You Can Dance"!

    I like "Pinky Lee". Oddly, I was distracted during his performance and just listened. Sounds like that was a good idea on my part. Your pink eye remark made me LOL!

    Cocky Casey went too far this week. After disrobing for try-outs, I didn't think that was possible to do. What do you think is in his secret box? I say mirrors.

    John can't sing? I'm sorry I am always so distracted by that gorgeous head of black silky hair, I never noticed his voice.

    OH PLEASE GIRLS........rock the house tonight. Give E and I something to talk about.

    Now I shall watch the Adam video ONE more time! ♡

  2. i get todrick and jermy confused too! i wasn't quite sure if i was right when i mentioned todrick asking what song he should sing .. still don't, but who cares! let's watch more adam satisfaction! i've watched it three times so far and there were even more performances on there ... sometimes, my own blog surprises me.

    ANYHOO, love your run down. i'm sensing you're not a big casey fan. i feel like a fair weather one myself. no one i can sing my teeth into. or at least when i do get a nibble, they disappoint. "Pinky Lee!" so far my fave!!! he's got a rawness about him. kinda sexy too, no? maybe it was just the song he sang.

    well, i'm drinking some yellow tail. preparing myself for the sucky women. did you hear .. mama sox might not perform tonight! maybe even be disqualified! crossing my fingers ....

    (btw, how ya feeling the new page design? still working out some kinks. like this ginormous comment font!)

  3. Trying this again (speaknig of kinks). ;¬)


    Then I said I;d wait until your recap to comment on the girls. I also said I like the large white font, but I have old eyes.

    I'll be back.....or else this one won't post either.

  4. Anonymous3/04/2010

    Hey, I really like your new webpage.
    I missed Idol tonight so it was great to jump on the website and see the results.......


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