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American Idol: Top 10 Girls Perform (Recap) Crystal Bowersox is the LIGHT!

Well, the Top 10 ladies sang last night, and the Idol stage that was once was lost has now been found. What once was dark, has now been brightened because lo and behold everyone, Crystal Bowersox "IS The Light!" Well, at least according to Randy, and well, me. With a few others twinkling in the backdrop last night, season 9 is finally gaining a little (and I stress little) much needed momentum, and although it has been extremely slow in the making, at least we are headed in the right direction.

Crystal. Our Savior. Our Light. Our ... Truth? (Really, Randy?) Going first, Crystal set the bar extremely high with her flawless, soulful ("mama, I'm comin' home!") rendition of Creedence Clearwater's "As Long as I Can See the Light." It, like Crystal, was rock solid. And good for you, Simon, for pointing out that she didn't play the sympathy card. No, Mamsox, who had just been hospitalized for diabetes complications is one "tough cookie." Not to mention, she didn't even bother correcting the Kara-ism ("You Oughtta Know"), which, again, attests to her calm, grounded nature.

Haeley has to follow THAT? Good luck, girl. All the cute flower headbands in the world ain't gonna save you now. (And I was wrong. It wasn't purple. In fact, it looked as if a giant red poinsettia had sprouted from her head.) If there is any justice in the world, we will see Haeley go tonight, but I ain't bankin' on her returning to her headband making day job any time soon. And I'm sorry, but Kara telling her that she needs a year to hone her voice "muscle" was bogus. Why'd ya put her through then this year over Angela "go get em tiger" Martin?!

And speaking of ones who should go home, Lacey Brown (a victim of the shoulder pad movement), bounced around like shiny happy people, singing again like a goat. (Unlike Headband Vaughn, I do think Billy Goat Brown will be sent packing tonight to return to her day job of refurbishing antiques.)

And my gut is also telling me it's the end of the road for Katie Stevens. Kinda surprising because I really thought she would go far. But Katie's problem is she doesn't know herself. When Simon tells you to do some research, Katie, I think that perhaps involves a little more soul searching -- thinking about who you are as a person -- not actual book research. Something tells me Katie got on her laptop as soon as she got the chance and googled, "what song can Katie Stevens sing that will make her more young and hip and more likable to Simon?" Good luck with that, Katie. You couldn't name a singer who you like under 20 because I think you actually have an old soul and prefer musicians in the vein of Etta James. So if you do make it through tonight, listen to Elizabeth. Take your Etta, own it, and find a way to youth it up. It CAN be done. But you have to know who you are first. (Probably tough to do at 17, but then again, how old was Allison Iraheta? Just sayin.') Okay, I'm done being Mama Idol Hen now.

Speaking of Identity Problems ... Didi Benami thought she could take on a Bill Withers classic, "Lean on Me" and boy was it the wrong choice. You see, Didi is a perfectionist. Taking her perfect little notes on the guys the night before ... watching the judges' body language ... observing ... being perfect. Yes, this may be smart. But it also kinda bugs me. Because I don't feel like she actually connected with the soulfulness of "Lean on Me." It's like if she sang "Redemption Song," I feel as though she would sport a Bob Marley shirt just to show us how "real" she is.

After the judges noticed her lack of authenticity, the emotionally unstable songstress couldn't even reply for fear of bursting out in tears. Come on, Didi. Thicken that skin. You kind of remind me of myself in a sad little way. As my tough advertising teacher once told me, it's a dog eat dog world. Toughen up and learn to accept criticism (which is probably foreign to you). P.S., I didn't like that "raise my star power comment." It reeks of entitlement. Okay. And now I'm done being Mama Idol Hen.

Boy did I get off track. What about those twinkling stars?

Well if I had to give a second place prize tonight, it would go to Lilly Scott, who competently held her own on Sam Cook's "A Change is Gonna Come." My problem with her (come on, you know I always have some kind of hang up) is that she tries to do a little too much. Simon said she over sang the middle, but I think she did the whole thing a bit. I would like to see her be a little more simplistic. Maybe even try a unique take on "Wild Horses," no?

Siobhan Magnus Closes the Show. Although it was obvious Mean Man Cowell was poking fun at the clueless "funny little thing," Siobhan's end note on Aretha's "Think" got respect. I don't know if I bought into all that hype, but what I do like about Magnus is that she is fearless. And that, my friends, is a good thing. In fact, I would say she is the most fearless out of the whole coop (guys and girls) and having that in her back pocket makes her a strong contender indeed.

To wrap it up, Katelyn Epperly's voice I love. But not sure if I loved her marshmallow. And not sure what Vera Wang(!) was doing in the audience? Also, I'm pretty sure Randy dissed Kelly Clarkson, telling Paige Miles, "you got the big voice so that song didn't work for you. But it worked for Kelly." (For shame, Mr. Jackson. For shame.) Lastly, Simon said at the end that Crystal was the stand out. (Duh.) But did anyone else notice she wasn't even there at end? I really hope she is okay!! Oh yeah, who do you think will go tonight. (Still so much fat to trim ...)


  1. I always read your review and then drop to the empty comment section, thinking "what more can I say?". But I'll think of something..... ;¬)

    You got it right, E.....Chrystal "Tough Cookie" Bowersox made me proud to be a woman. No whining, no sassy backtalk, no uncomfortable "oh WHY did you say THAT?" moments from me. I love her calm self confidence. I did NOT notice she was missing at the end. Oh Mama, please be okay. Perhaps she was just bored and checked out early??

    Lily came in second and I think she has a lot of the same self confidence and "I am what I am" attitude as Chrystal. I love that. It's about the music for those two. I'm sure that right before the show they are focused on the ol' voicebox and not the shoebox or flowered headbands, or which balled up Kleenex dress looks great with skinny jeans.

    Oh...... the flowered one. Perhaps Haeley is channeling Niecy Nash and should go counsel and organize hoarders and their homes while she grows into her voice. I think she has talent but is too young. I think she will go tonight.

    Katie will go too. I think she hit the library right after the show to see what Simon was talking about.

    Didi bugs me too. First she has NO stage presence and moves around the stage like a skinny Big Bird. I can't lean on her. She may last another weak though.

    I think Siobhan is cute and has a cool tone to her voice. Seeing she did the mohawk at one time, inched her a little higher in my rebel fanbook.

    Ellen remarked that Piano Girl put her to sleep. That performance gave me time to go make a cup of chai, let it steep properly, and get back before judges' comments. Her performance and the hot tea gave me a great night's sleep though.

    Let's talk about the judges. If you are a student of body language, what is Kara's body saying up there? Could she SIT any closer to Simon? Does she really want him, as Ryan asked? Is she afraid of Ellen? Does she think because Ellen is Lebanese, she needs to avoid all contact? All the girl power hoopla is so noticeably absent with Ellen. Not that I (OR Ellen, I'm sure) want that to come back. I'm just sayin'. ;¬)

    Here's hoping Kara loses the coon skin cap tonight.

    What? That was her hair, you say?


  2. pattyj3163/04/2010

    It would be nice if a couple of the younger girls would choose a song by Francesca Battistelli.....great songs and not very well known....
    March 04, 2010
    02:09 PM PST

  3. I did NOT notice she was missing at the end.
    connie, that's because she wasn't. really, i don't know what i was smoking.

    re lilly, i don't know if you've noticed, but ever since hollywood week, bowersox and lilly seem to be tight. (similar attitudes)

    omg. love the skinny bird comment. that is too good. that one made me lol. she so is big bird!

    the tea comment also great. in fact, connie, you should be a guest blogger! :)

    patty, i'm going to have to look up francesca battistelli. (obscure song choices are def a.o.k. in my book)


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