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American Idol: R & B Night ... What a Difference an Usher Makes!

Well three cheers for Usher, is alls I got to say about last night's American Idol, R & B Night. If only all of them would have heeded the advice of the sunglassed one, it may have been a perfect night. But alas, Tim Urban remains unchanged, and so I'll settle for a vastly improved night instead.

Usher on Lee: Believe in Yourself. Although he may think he still belongs in the paint shop, Lee Dewyze really has a shot at winning this whole shin dig. Oh, simply the song title alone "Treat Her Like a Lady" mixed in with that gritty voice = one hot and bothered Elizabeth. You can treat me like a lady, Lee. Any ol' time. (Okay, sorry if just made anyone feel uncomfortable there.) Usher and I just ask one thing of you: Believe in yourself! Simon told you this may be the night your life changes forever, yet I still think you will come out next week with the ever present look of fear in those glistening baby blues. Not to mention, your desire to eat your guitar pick right after your performance was over may indicate that you still inexplicably have a low level of confidence. But well done, Lee ... sustain this feeling and enjoy it.

Usher On Tim: Picture me as Your Lady. Oh, Usher. Let's not confuse the young chap too much. Using one's imagination is a scary thought indeed. Of course, Urban could not do this, so the man (who has been compared to the King of Pop, mind you) stepped away and hid behind the piano so as not to make the young Urban too uneasy. Young Urban then took the stage, botched some "Sweet Love," put me to sleep in the process, all the while scaring the hell out of me with those maniacal eyes of his. When Usher told you to connect, Timmy-boy, it didn't mean to terrify your viewers like you are coming to get them. (Props to Ellen for her humorous critique ... "we see ya walkin' toward us, you don't have to sneak up on us!" Oh yeah, and her congratulations for challenging yourself with that song, but "oh boy, why?" was probably her highlight of the night.) Simon slyly dismissed the irrelevant Urban by not even offering a critique, which, of course, went unnoticed on "Teflon Tim." By the way, Tim, that ain't a compliment!
Next:  Usher on Andrew: You Got This! 
Probably the one who benefited the most from this fantastic mentor was the man who has been going through an identity crisis ever since he landed Top 24, Andrew Garcia. Usher got through to Andrew in the way I have been trying to (yes, I write these posts and hope they magically find their way to our young Idol lassies). "You want to make this acoustic, right? Come on, Andrew, now do it again and connect." And poof, just like that - Andrew connects. And was it just me, or did Andrew's "Forever" performance draw a lot of similarities to that of Adam Lambert a la "Tracks of My Tears?" The gray sear sucker suit. The choice to sit on a stool. The bongo player off to the side. The stripped down melody. (I don't think I have to say here of course who I liked better, and it almost pains me to draw that comparison, but cheers to you, Andrew. And Kara for telling Simon, let's just applaud him for making a huge leap in the right direction.)

Aaannd the rest. Usher Does it Better: Once again, Papa Lynch does everything "right," and yes, this was probably his best performance to date. But I really don't want to see him as our next American Idol. Just like the same can be said for Aaron Kelly, who got the pimp slot of the night(!). Too bad he didn't follow though with Usher's fabulous advice and really put some feelin' behind those "I Knows." I thought to myself, could we just usher Usher onto that stage and see how he would do all of this? I mean, each one of his "I Knows" got better than the previous one! And the way he looked into that camera, stared and penetrated the very depths of my soul, well that's how you do it, Michael Lynch! Hell, I kind of want to go out and buy an Usher concert ticket right about now!

So what did you think of R & B Night? Did you like Usher just as much as me? What the hell was up with the backstage clips? Were you feeling Crystal's stilettos? Even though she was obviously timid behind the piano, I kind of wished she would have stayed there for the duration. How about ol' cry baby? I mean, Didi Benami. Man was that performance uncomfortable. Almost as awkward as Seacrest trying to pull her sob story out of her. Yes, we know, Ryan! She had a friend pass away. But at the same time, I felt this moment also shed a bit of light on Didi ... I'm sensing she has a bit of a wall up, no? Oh yeah, how bad do you want Casey James to drop the axe, already!? And Katie being compared to Xtina?! WTF? Lastly, what happened to our beloved Siobhan? I highly doubt she will go home tonight from one bad performance. I really actually think tonight may be the night, guys! H'asta la vista Teflon Tim! H'asta.


  1. I'm placing my bet on Dewey Didi. But I'd be equally happy with Tinny Tim gone. Did you catch Simon's comment about why Tim keeps smiling with criticism hitting him right and left? He said: "because none of this really matters, so......well done." LOL

    You know I really want to like Casey, and he can play a guitar, but he still seems stiff and too smiley for me to get him.

    I was not feelin' Mamasox's stilettos but I bet SHE was. LOL I want my hippie, it's all about the music man, Crystal back. She will be back next week.

    So disappointed with Siobhan. Did enjoy Usher. The show could be cut down to an hour, IMHO though.

    I thought Mike did well last night. Soft and pretty for a change.

    But seriously, I snoozed through a whole lot of it. Really I could just watch Crystal on uTube. But it's Lent and I consider it penance. ;¬)

  2. yeah, i think it will be either tim or dewey didi (he he). although i'm really banking on tim tonight! i know it's a stretch but i'm feeling lucky.

    i'm not too worried about crystal either ... strong lady who doesn't succumb to new surroundings thereby converting oneself a la dewey didi.

    i would have liked an hour too ... there was so much filler (backstage business .. seriously, what was that all about? i did enjoy siobhan thought back there ...)

    speaking of youtube, i am now featuring a weekly video up top ... really enjoying this new format. trying to get your avatar to post too under the commments section, so hopefully that works out. lata gata.

  3. you rock! i like that you keep adding interest to this blog.

    was it the suckiness of this season of idl that provoked you to stir things up in here??? ;¬)

  4. con *can* spell3/31/2010

    stick an "o" in that for me.

    thank you.


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