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American Idol Top 12 Guys Perform! Thank You, Lord, For Casey James. (Recap.)

Well we started off tonight's episode of American Idol with Randy telling the guys, "Yo, the girls blew it away last night." Um, they did? Where was I for that dynamite? Now while I can't say that the Top 12 Guys fared a whole lot better as a whole, I will say that the two shining stars of the night (along with a few others who displayed some twinkle potential) has me thinking that Simon might want to rethink his early prediction that a female will take the Idol crown this year. Here is my run-down, ranking the Top 12 Guys from best to worst. Full recap here, so feel free to skip around to your faves.

1. Casey James: ("Heaven") It's funny because earlier today, I thought Casey James would be the one to watch for tonight. (Seriously! I did.) I guess I started thinking about him a week and a half ago when my dad of all people told me that he is the most excited about this year's singers because of Casey James. First of all, no, my dad is not talking about the Casey James that pops up when you google the name "Casey James" (Warning: Do not do this at work); second of all, I didn't know my dad even watched Idol. Well in the words of Randy, dad, good lookin' out!

Casey James is unique. He has strength in his voice. He's obviously got the look. And he has that indescribable "X" factor. What I have always liked about Casey is that he seems to have risen to the occasion -- from his degrading audition when Kara and Posh basically made him strip, to the bluesy Hollywood Week jam that seriously put him on the radar, to now showing us that he is not a one-trick pony, giving us variety with a Brian Adams' song choice. Bonus points for maintaining the charm and concentration while "the cougar" swayed.

2. Lee Dewyze: At first I was distracted trying to decipher the words on his tee-shirt. But then my attention immediately snapped to his guitar and the unexpected choice to use it in a song like "Chasing Cars." And it paid because that slow strumming buildup in the beginning started my chills, which became full blown once he hit the chorus.
My high came to a bit of a halt though when the tone deaf judges started in. Ellen: You pushed. (Third time she has used that verb.) Kara: You should sing "Bad Company." WTF? Lee, please listen to the only judge who apparently has ears (Simon) and do more of a David Cook vibe if you need to follow in some one's footsteps. But I say, keep on being your own great humble self. (Seriously, how cute was his tear up "This is the best moment of my life" moment?)

3. Andrew Garcia: Why did the band have to get in on his acoustic action? Even though the whole thing was just, well, off, I'm not ready to disown him. He gets the third slot for a risky song choice ("Sugar We're Going Down Swinging") and I'm still riding the "Straight Up" high. But you do get a disapproving side eye from Elizabeth, Andrew. I will leave it at that.

4. Joe Munoz: Pleasant little surprise with Jason Mraz's "You and I." As Ellen pointed out, he seemed very comfortable and so I'll overlook the gay ass scarf he decided to don and will give him two fist pumps for his first night out.

5. Todrick Hall: ("Since You Been Gone" ... kind of) Hall opened and after his unidentifiable version of the Kelly Clarkson hit song, I thought well at least this is already more exciting than the girls' night. Although the judges didn't care for what Hall did, I liked that he came up with the arrangement because he "heard it in his head." I give him an "A" for creativity effort. (Are you taking notes Ashley Rodriguez?)

6. Alex Lambert: ("It's a Wonderful World") Is it just me, or did Alex Lambert steal Elliott Yamin's voice box? Only other thing I will mention about Lambert is that he needs some serious work on his confidence and awkward stage presence. He gets the number 6 slot though because I, much like the dawg, enjoy his rich tonal voice quality.

7. Aaron Kelly - Well this little noodle is just a bundle of nerves. I was worried he would forget his words again, but alas he didn't. He did justice to Rascal Flatts I suppose, but all I really wanna say is that he is just the cutest little wutest little nicest fella in the world isn't he? Yes he is.

8. Michael Lynch - ("This Love") I keep thinking I should see Michael Lynch as a glorified singer at a Caribbean resort. Not a contestant on my Idol stage. I would say go home to your baby and your baby mama, Michael, but your personality will keep you around 'til the Top 10, so I'll tolerate the baby package one. last. time. (Oh. Em. Gee. Will the madness ever end?)

9 - 12. Take your pick for the order. Any order will do.

Tim Urban - ("Apologize") What I will remember most about this Zac Efron poser's segment is that we finally got to see the enigma that is Ken Warwick (who knew he uses words like "fancy"?). Kara felt
he was "buried under the beat." Take a cue from the Jersey Shore kids, Tim, and beat up that beat! (Fist pump!)
Jermaine Sellers - More likable now because he has vowed to no longer throw bands under buses. That one highlight aside, Sellers was either too quiet or too whiny with no happy middle. And I'm pretty sure "shorty" is not in the original arrangement of "Get Here." By the way, did he say "stanky leg" to Simon? And if so, what does it mean to have a stanky leg?

Tyler Grady -
After the first 4 (only good) seconds, I began feeling like I had traveled to an uncomfortable talent show. Thankfully, all of the judges recognized Grady's lack of authenticity (Kara's comment was particularly noteworthy: "I feel like you got Jim Morrison posters all up over your walls."). Nice one K-K. (Yes, that is my new pet name for her.) (Side note: I don't think Jim Morrison's first reply to the judges would have contained the word "mall" in it. I'm just sayin.')

John Park: We opened by learning that Shania was the best part of Park's Idol experience thus far. That little Shania package was funny! It was lively! "You have a beautiful bottom end." "Marry me, Shania." "It was the proudest moment of my life." All good stuff. And then we got to his performance. "God Bless The Child." Boy. What a fun ruiner. Snooze ALERT!!!

What did you think of our men? Better than the girls? How would you rank our gents? Would you put Garcia lower and think I should just get over it already? Are you ready to emotionally disengage yourself from season 9 yet? Did you like Jermaine's coat tails? How about Casey James' hairstyle? I like it better in a pony. Or down. Or straight. Or on my face. Oh, sorry. Need to go to bed now. Sweet dreams indeed.


  1. Hey Elizabeth,
    This is my third try to post....I put Casey in the #1 slot. Next would be Lee Dewyze, then Garcia and Lambert who needs a lot of work. The rest of the bunch can be sent packin!
    Ellen had her moment when she made the banana comment. She looked like the old E...funny and more relaxed!

  2. Way to stay with it Judy. Third time is a cyber charm apparently!

    E, you put so much time and effort into writing such entertaining reviews. I enjoy your humorous summaries SO much more than the actual shows! I DO!

    I don't know. Perhaps it's me. Maybe I'm not in a commitment mood, but at this point in time, I can't see myself devoting so many hours to watching American Idol, Season 9.

    But then if I don't, I will miss out on knowing what you are talking about here. Hmmmm......

    I'm just bummed. I want it to be Season 8 again.

  3. yes, i enjoyed the banana comment as well. and the mullet one. i still sense some nerves with her. and she needs to stop saying "you were pushing." but i guess it takes a little time to get comfortable in that judges seat. after all, it took kara a year.

    thanks for the compliment, con. i just kinda type them as i watch so it's not too time-consuming. but i'm kinda with ya. this definitely aint no season 8. these season 9 peeps keep making me want to take a break. but then i find myself typing ... i just don't know what to do. rescue me allison, adam and kris!!

  4. idolfan37362/25/2010

    Thanks for being able to accept comments without having to approve them. That being said, I do agree with you pretty much on your rundown. As for Randy's comment, I guess you and I both missed something because the girls were not that exciting. I have Casey and Andrew high on my list as well. I would like to hear a little more from John Parks before I rule him out. Tyler would be better if he spent more time being Tyler and less time trying to be Jim Morrison.
    February 25, 2010
    01:01 PM PST
    Delete Comment

  5. jackierox3/01/2010

    I totally agree with you! The boys in my opinion were either good or bad. I think you should tim urban at the bottom cause he cant even sing! LOL!
    February 27, 2010
    07:33 PM PST

  6. arich963/01/2010

    I agree with almost everything. Lee Dewyze is definitely my top guy right now.

    Casey James has an amazing voice and (obviously) he's got a great look. Right now I'm a bit turned off because of Kara's obsession over him, and I'm sure others are too. I also don't think Casey has much personality...maybe he'll prove me wrong.
    February 28, 2010
    03:30 PM PST


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