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American Idol Season 9, Hollywood Week: 7 out of 24 Contestants Announced! (Recap)

Hey, does anyone know if Michael Lynch is a new father? Oh, he is? Okay. Glad we could confirm that just one last time. Moving on. On last night's episode of American Idol, 7 out of the Top 24 contestants were revealed! Some not too big a surprise (i.e., the aforementioned proud papa, Lynch); some, however, were -- Todrick Hall, perhaps? Now despite my love for Idol, I will say that I thought maybe 2 hours was just a wee bit long? (I know. Gasp!). So I give you my recap in broken down highlights (and I ain't talkin' bout Seacrest's hair. Or Mary Powers' for that matter.)

Man In The Mirror Boys: Jermaine Sellers, Big Boy Thaddeus Johnson and Todrick Hall step to the Michael and take their stab at "Man In The Mirror." Sellers wasn't that great, but he made him self look ten times worse as soon as he was done, interjecting "Can I just say something?" Oh lord, here we go. No, Jermaine, you may not say something. This is American Idol. You sing your song on the stage, and you move on. You don't stand there, begging and pleading, and no sir, you do not as Kara said twice last night, "throw the band under the bus." And I digress.

Next, we have Thaddeus. Or should I say, Thaddeus' mother, because for me, she was the highlight of his audition. Proud mama indeed, jumping out of her seat as soon as he sang his first note, looking at him like he was the second-coming of Michael. Um, I hate to break it to you, Mama Thad, but your boy is not "bubbly"; he is not a reincarnate of MJ; and his performance will not "put him in the top 24, baby." But on the off chance he does stick around and I get to see more of you, well that is okay with me. (And by the way, who does Thaddeus remind me of? It has been driving me crazy ever since I first saw him. Bonus points to the reader who reads my subconscious first.)

Lastly, Hall tries to sexify "Man In The Mirror," making it all Usher-ish, and boy did it work on well, one of the judges. Get a room, Kara! Both of them seemed like they were trying just a little too hard.

No more Hope for Hope. Hope should have known she was doomed because if there are any two things that are certain, they are this: 1) If Ellen toys with you by saying "it would be cruel to make you wait" and then make you wait, it means you are through to the Top 24; and 2) If you are in the same holding room as Mary Powers, you ain't making the cut. Hope foolishly proclaimed that if she made it through, she "would have it easy in [her] life for once." I'm sorry, Hope. But are you not 16!? And furthermore, don't you think if you became a mega-superstar, things might be just a tad bit hard? (Maybe not, but still.) My young child, go home. Maybe see a dentist. And maybe come back for Idol, season 10.

The Surprise of The Night (Besides Hall making it through): Kara is somewhat endearing. O.M.G. Did those words just come out of my mouth? Rewind. Let me re-read. "Kara is somewhat endearing." Holy smokes, they did. Yes, although I hate to admit it, I kinda liked Kara during the whole deliberation for Casey James. As the blonde rugged James descended the Kodak Theatre steps, Ellen whispered to Kara, "Oh look. He wore his hear down for you." To which Kara, (it pains me to say) cutely replied in an understated tone, "Nice." I don't know, guys. It just worked. And, I'm sorry, but when she did her little leg kick and then was embarrassed when Randy pointed it out, I found myself liking both her and the bedazzled jeans-wearing Jackson. Oh my lord. Must end this paragraph. By the way, James made it through, which is somewhat surprising considering his Chip-And-Dales-like audition. But I'm kinda excited for him. Okay. Done now. (I couldn't type all that fast enough.)

And for the others: Aaron Kelly (the tiny little Aaron Carter-like creature) passes (despite twice forgetting his words, but someone's got to fill that male country slot and I will say that he does have a solid voice); DiDi Benami (who rightfully so thanked Kara for her song because that really was her standout moment -- by the way, I wouldn't mind having that song on my I-Pod -- Didi's version). And let me stop here because does anyone else remember Simon giving this girl a "small 'y'" back in the audition rounds when she sang "Hey Jude"? I do. And DiDi said she would prove herself. I liked her then and I like her now (despite her resemblance to Brooke White.) There was another guy who made it through, but his name escapes me because last night was the first night we saw him. He seemed kind of like an average Joe, but hey, wasn't that Kris Allen from the get-go? Just a thought. (Lee Dewyze is his name. I just looked it up.) Katelyn Epperly cracked the Top 24 as well (blonde curly hair girl), but I'm sorry, despite her cute inspirational note to herself ("THIS IS IT!"), she still did not seem to quite connect to the music as the judges so astutely pointed out. (But she seems to be somewhat of a package artist, so maybe that's why she got the nod.)

So what did you think of last night? Are you happy with the 7 chosen ones so far? Were you surprised when Simon said "it was a mistake" cutting Shelby? Do you like Haley Vaughn? Something tells me she is going to make it through against my wishes. Seriously,the next time she sings, close your eyes and listen. It's a bit shrill. Unlike Ms. Chrystal Bowersox, who delivered a pitch-perfect rendition of Sheryl Crow's "If It Makes You Happy," while also incorporating a harmonica into the acoustic guitar mix! I am a fan of Chrystal's. She is true to herself, right down to the writing on her guitar. Also, just because Ashley Rodriguez looks like Jordin Sparks, does that mean she has to sing "Battlefield"? You seemed confident, Ashley, but not the brightest song choice, me thinks. Finally, is DioGuardi trying to take over Paula's shtick, dancing and grooving while our beloved ones sing? Next thing you know, she'll be doing the penguin clap. (Come on, you know I had to get my dig in somewhere.)


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