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American Idol Season 9: Top 24 Contestants Are Announced. (I'm Left Scratching My Head.)

Well, Idol-Addicts, our Season 9 Top 24 have been announced, and in true American Idol style, I have been left annoyed, even a bit angry, at the show's producers. But also in true Idol style, I find myself looking forward to next Tuesday when we get the chance to see the ladies, particularly Chrystal "Mamasox" Bowersox and Didi Benami, perform. Nonetheless, this recap installment I have decided has been brought to you by "WTF Productions" because some things I just cannot ignore.

WTF Moment #1: Angela Martin gets shafted?! Tumultuous back story aside, this girl seriously had the chops to be a top 10 contender. True, her Mary J. Blige "I'm Going Down" cover may have sounded a bit copy-cat, but she was at least on-key (unlike a certain flower-wearing contestant who often has an unusual sparkly face). Furthermore, the fact that Angela has the right attitude, facing adversity with grace and a fighter spirit, makes her all the more Idol-worthy (unlike a certain other contestant who tried to throw "the band under the bus").

Not only that, but did Kara seriously have to make her "share" a seat because I'm pretty sure it was Kara's entire arse plopped in that chair, leaving poor Angela left to sit on its arm. But don't worry, Angela, Kara will "remember you. ... Forever." (Creepy.) And Ryan will hold you to that promise to look back at this producer cruelty with fondness. Just don't forget to look in his eyes when vowing this to him. (Double creepy.)

WTF Moment #2: This moment involves that certain flower-wearing, sparkly face contestant, you know who I'm talking about ... why it's none other than Haley "I can't sing a note on key to save my life" Vaughn. But Simon and the producers like me because even though they describe me as "annoying," I'm super cute talented. Seriously? I would like to conduct an experiment wherein we switch the Hollywood Week wardrobes (hair flower and all) of Angela Martin and Haley Vaughn, and then see who makes it through. I'm just sayin'.

WTF Moment #3: Seriously, what happened to Jermaine Purifoy and why has he all of a sudden been replaced by that other Jermaine (Sellers)? Purifoy demonstrated vocal superiority to Sellers, yet Sellers is the one they pick even after he criticized the band for his not too perfect "I'm Yours" performance (and yes, I realize I made the mistake in the last post noting he sang "Man in the Mirror." Please forgive thee.). Anyhoo, Sellers and Todrick Hall seem to both be filling the same position -- resident goofball. I could possibly stomach one of these (after all, in all that is holy, I did have to suffer through the joke that was Norman Gentle last season), but do we really need two of these guys? Oy veh. Sorry, Purifoy.

WTF Moment #4: Not too surprisingly, Janell Wheeler cracked the Top 24, but her pass was accompanied with a sour taste in my mouth as soon as we saw that during her original audition, Simon quipped, "Based on your voice, I would not have put you through." So I guess that means he was handing out golden tickets based on whether or not you sported Daisy Dukes that day in Orlando. Huh? I thought Janell has always demonstrated a solid, unique voice. Prove him wrong, girl. Just like Didi has!

And while I'm on my WTF moments, has anyone seen Mallorie Haley or know of her whereabouts? I did not see one trace of her during the whole Hollywood Week! ANYHOO, here is a quick run-down of some of the others who made it through along with my visceral thoughts on them (does visceral work there? I'm still channeling my Paula Abdul of seasons' past).

Lilly Scott: Caught our eye immediately with her peacock earrings and "Lullaby of Birdland" but went off track with "Rich Girl." Props to her for acknowledging this, but I'm getting a Megan Joy vibe from Lilly. She is going to have to be extremely cautious with her song choices and dare I say it (if she is like Megan Joy), her attitude as well. And I sense a chumminess between her and who I'm looking at to be our saving grace this year ...

Chrystal Bowersox: Randy actually had a moment nicknaming her "Mama Sox" -- a name which she endearingly embraced. And speaking of moments, how cute was Chrystal when she was told Idol actually had a fan base of 30 million (not 3 million)? "You just made me nervous," she said. Although you wouldn't have sensed that as she remained cool as a cucumber with a genuine smile. Ellen called after her, "We're happy you're here!" (Uh, ya think? Given the fact you just sent Haley Vaughn through? Someone needs to pick up your all's slack.) You go, Mama Sox!

Lacey Brown: Gave the perfect answer on why it was okay she missed out to Megan Joy last year (wasn't ready and allowed her to grow). Finally heard her sing and they used it as the backdrop music montage to other contestants making it through. She seems decent.

Katie Stevens: I think we all knew she was a shoe-in. But her jean skirt disturbed me a bit.

Michelle Delamar and Paige Miles: Who and Who? Exactly. Haven't seen much from these gals, especially Miles. But Simon assured Miles that "she's a lot better than she knows." So I expect good things from her. Delamar sang "American Boy" back in Orlando. It was very brief. She seems kind of like a middle-of-the-road contestant (along with Ashley Rodriguez, who also made it through. And I don't know what it is, but something about Ashely R. rubs me the wrong way. Can't put my finger on it quite yet.)

Tyler Grady: Hmmm, don't subject yourself to dancing or "doing anything" they want you to do? Stay true to yourself? Even if that means being a Jim Morrison imitation?

Siobhan Magnus: The misfit who looks like she should star as "Pepper" in "Annie." At least she'll add a flair of something, right? Can't wait to see what the makeover squad tries to pull on her.

And in a slew of Zach Efron look-a-likes (props to my friend Steph for pointing that out), we see that Alex Lambert, John Park and Tim Urban make it through, along with some others who I don't know too much about yet. So what do you think of our Top 24? Are you a bit steamed at the dismissal of Angela? Would you like to start some kind of foundation with me for her? How cute was Andrew Garcia's "usually I'm a cool guy" moment? He's just doing it for his family (which was all the more heartbreaking/endearing considering he was the only one without friends and family members physically there to congratulate him). Share your thoughts below! Lord knows I have mine.


  1. Con-fused.2/18/2010

    Oh I hear ya sister! You know I am always like the first to comment on here. Well...............I am so confused by it all, I am almost speechless! No, seriously!!

    I *will* start with the one thing I am sure of.........Mamasox rocks!!

    Things I wonder about: Is Thaddeus still crying? Did his Mama follow him into the men's room? Who does he remind Elizabeth of? Why did Kara Claus have to do that to poor Angela? Isn't her life crappy enough? I was waiting for a girl power move. Phew!

    That's it. I am not trying to figure out any more.

    See ya next Tuesday!!

  2. Elizabeth2/20/2010

    I keep wanting to say Thad reminds me of a dude from "Coming to American" perhaps. Not sure though. Anyhoo, did the producers really think we would be chomping at the bit to see if he made it through, especially when they pitted him against Andrew Garcia. In the words of Cher Horowitz ("Clueless"), "as if"!

    Kara Claus .. that's a good one. And yeah, I'm spent too. Til next Tuesday. (and the AI abuse continues ...)

  3. Rusty0132/22/2010

    Good stuff. Though I like Haley, I'm starting to think that I am one of the few. I really like your blogging style. I look forward to reading more of your stuff as the show continues.
    February 18, 2010
    01:23 PM PST


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