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American Idol Season 9 Hollywood Week, Day 2 (Recap): The Dreaded Group Night and ... Mary Powers?!

Tonight on American Idol, we moved on to the second night of Hollywood Week, aka, Group Night, as we sat and watched how the Kodak Theatre became more of a stage set from "West Side Story" than one poised for a family friendly competition searching for America's next singing sensation. Oh, Group Night. Where the obligatory "uncool" kids get left in the dust, the favorites stay on top through "pimp" slots and seemingly normal people become crazy looking she-devils, (and I ain't talking about you, DioGuardi).

Group Names, No Names, and Mary Powers? It was a dark Tuesday night, Cowell was angry, and the Idol stage was set. The Jets versus the Sharks, I mean, oh lord, what were their names? Team Awesome? No, Power Rangers? Destiny'sChild? Let me search my copious notes .. oh yeah, the second coming of the Hatfields and the McCoys? ... No. Destiny's Wild vs. Neapolitan!! That's it! Where weird guys who use words like "punchy" and girls who have extra orange skin or hot pink hair rule! Indeed, it was an acapella rumble of Lady GaGa's "Bad Romance" (glad to see the songs have been modernized this year!). I couldn't tell you the group members' names here because it was the beginning of the show and this segment is reserved for apparent no-names. (More on the pimp slot later.)

Except here's one name for ya: Mary Powers-- an Alanna Uback look-a-like who must have ran a marathon or something since last night because she looked extra sweaty and extra scary. Or at least, that's the way the producers made her appear (which I don't think was a stretch seeing how she even yelled at the piano guy. Don't step to Michael Orland, Mary!) I guess Hollywood Week, Group Night just brings out the ugly because even Hope (who I thought was a very sweet girl) was inviting the bad karma (trying to ditch two girls from the group). Despite all of the drama surrounding Mary, she along with Hope and Alex Lambert (no relation to Adam) make it through and as Randy so nicely pointed out, the other two "girls in the back row" were sent packing. (As well as they should have been. Seriously, how did the girl in the pink dress make it there? Did she hide in one of Michael Lynch's sleeves?)

And speaking of Michael Lynch (the other contestant to whom the first half of tonight's episode was dedicated), it was around the end of the first half that I started to wonder just how long his wife had been in labor. After numerous shots of him talking to his baby momma on the phone, coaching her through it all the while, he finally asked, "the whole baby's out?" Well I should hope so considering it felt like possibly half of it had been hanging out since last night. (I keed. I keed.) Seriously, I like Michael. He's got a good energy about him. (P.S. It was a "good day" for Lynch as he also made it through to the next round.)

Early Favorites and the Perks of Editing: Now not that I think they need it, but early favorites get a little something I like to call "Pimp Power Editing." (Yes, I just made that up.) Were you wondering as I was just where Janell Wheeler and Andrew Garcia and Chrystal (what's that crazy last name again?) were? I mean, we didn't see Wheeler until there were 10 minutes left and Garcia only showed up in blips until then, rocking his new haircut (it's not makeover time yet, Andrew.) But seriously, was it really necessary to introduce their groups by first showing us a beautiful sunset, only to then cut directly to a light shining down on the stage, complete with lit-up dust fuzzies (similar to the looks of angel dust), like Janell had just been sent from heaven? I mean, all the while I was watching Mary Powers, I kept envisioning Janell and Andrew tucked away, peacefully sleeping on white fluffy beds so as not to be disturbed by the crazy Powers. But that's just me.

Needless to say, all of the favorites, including Haley Vaughn made it through (despite Vaughn being in a group who completely murdered Gwen Stefani's "Sweet Escape.") Again, that wasn't highlighted because Vaughn has already been "chosen." (I will say again, please don't get me wrong. I think all the favorites are GREAT. I just don't think we need such pimpage. I mean, I'm already starting to feel like they're making my Andrew to be the second-coming-of-Gokey, and I can NOT let that happen.)

So what did you think of Hollywood Group Night? I know I took a little artistic freedom with tonight's post (probably because the episode was so manic), but did any other contestants stand out to you? If nothing else, please tell me just what in the holy hell was up with Kara's get-up? Does she think now that she is not being vocally distracting, she has to be visually disturbing? I'm not even sure how to describe that fo-hawk rat's nest on her head. (Oh, Kara. I keed. ... sort of.) Do weigh in below! Til' next week!


  1. Loved all your witty comments E and you were right on, IMHO (in my humble opinion, judy)! ;¬)

    I have one word for group night. EGOMANIA!

    Wow. You know, you give birth, and then spend a lifetime telling that little spawn that they are fantastic and that everything they do is better than anyone else can do. Then 16 to 28 years later, they stand on that stage, in Hollywood, and when someone tells them that they are not spectacular, not the best, not worthy enough for a coveted spot on AI, they dissolve completely, right in front of
    America's eyes.

    Some beg for another chance. Come on! Has that EVER worked? NO!

    Some look like they just were just placed in front of a firing squad.

    ALL CRY! Ugly cries too. With sobbing. Even boys.

    Do they actually think that an "American Idol" would act like that?

    Oh well....Mom and Dad are waiting for them with open arms, more crying, and soothing words like "what do THEY know?"

    Group night helps weed out those individuals that would come to annoy the crap out of the viewers, the other contestants, AND the judges, before long.

    I just wish they'd wait until they got home to pull the ugly cry face. Have pity on America.

  2. lmao, connie. (laughing my ass off, judy) ;-)

    you are right on. i had a note on the "drama" girl's cry. man, that was bad. i think her whole left cheek was covered in mascara!

    those who beg (and quit before even going on stage) just don't get it, do they? and i was thinking the exact same thing about "proper idol behavior" when those two groups started getting catty with one another. i thought to myself, if you make it through, you already have these personality strikes against you. (for shame!)

    yeah, i'm over group week. i think it is set up by the producers strictly for the D-R-A-M-S.


  3. Anonymous2/11/2010

    ok you guys. Here's my take on it: fIRST OF ALL i REALLY had to lol over the baby being half way out from the night before and there is a lot of egomania happening (AGREE) BUT WHAT ABOUT "omgwtfimthfruanjj" and "rtyffjmoolks#".

  4. franell2/12/2010

    Nice write up and I agree with you. I didn't see Tyler on group night either ( I could have thru it thought). They always seem to highlight a few "favorites". There are always a couple who make it to the top 24 without having had much airtime. Bo Bice and Jason Castro are a couple I can think of from the past. They made it on their talent without the pimping of the show.

    franell February 12, 2010
    03:54 AM PST

  5. anonymous, are you who i think you are? ;-)

  6. Anonymous2/15/2010

    About the favs, don´t forget: Jermaine Purifoy and Sellers, they´re really good and promising

  7. i remember purifoy (the one kristen chenoweth loved, right) but am drawing a blank on sellers .... will def keep my eye out!

  8. JOPERX482/22/2010

    Interesting observations. Ms Powers came off a bit cocky and like a know-it-all whihc is only perception of course. BUT in this industry you have to work WITH others and get along and that type of personality can be seen a real negatives. My guess is that Ashley Rodriguez will win this year.
    February 22, 2010
    08:52 AM PST


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