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American Idol Season 9 Hollywood Week: Ones to Watch!

Yes, the moment is almost near!  American Idol Season 9 Hollywood Week begins tonight at 8:00!  And I, for one, can't wait!  Not only do we get to have our first taste of how Ellen will act as the new judge, but we get to start picking our early favorites.  And you know I already have a list of my ones to watch. 
The ones I will be eyeing for the pure "It" / Talent factor:  In other words, I have some high hopes for these guys and gals:  Andrew Garcia (my number one pick, thick glasses guy); Janell Wheeler (great voice, Scarlett-Jo look-a-like); Katie Stevens (young, sweet girl who had the grandma with Alzheimer’s); Tyler Grady (tall, skinny, Jim Morrison type); Justin Williams (former season 8 "White Chocolate" member); and Mallorie Haley (hasn't gotten much screen time, but had a really good audition).
The ones who just seem interesting:  Rose Flack; Maddie Penrose; Samuel Larsen; Lacey Brown; Frankie Jordan; and, of course, Ms. Vanessa Wolfe.  You might remember the platinum dread-locked Rose Flack from last year.  While I don't think she has the goods to go Top 24, I do find her unique and am glad to see she's back.  Another season 8 alum, Frankie Jordan, almost made it, but she seemed to have an attitude problem and something about her just rubs me the wrong way.  Although she's coming out with a new set of thick bangs, I think her attitude this year will be no different.  Penrose and Larsen we have not seen but appear to have an interesting "look" and if I'm going to be superficial here, just by going off that alone, I'm excited to see if they'll bring anything new to the table.  Yes, I am actually saying that because Penrose wears silly glasses and Larsen has dreads, I am putting them on my radar.  Brown was the alternate who missed out to Megan Joy last year, so she might be one who deserves a little attention (let's just hope she doesn't try any bird caws).

So who are your "ones to watch" in Hollywood?  And how do you think Ellen will do?  The little preview we got last week actually showed a "mean" side, teasing that it might not just be all fun and games with her.  I hope this is true, but at the same time, I wonder if Ellen being hard and serious will just seem weird and uncomfortable.  Only time will tell, and thank goodness, that time is almost here!


  1. minshewmanac2/09/2010

    so looking forward to Ellen AI needs a fresh new voice and she is the perfect choice, i think she'll be great not too soft but not " your horrible go sleep under a rock and don't crawl out till u get some common sense" type of far I'm watching Aaron Kelly he seems to be the one who will take it and Vanessa? the one that jumps off bridges...think that was her name.

    minshewmanac February 09, 2010
    09:26 AM PST

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  3. thanks for your comment, minshew. i am looking forward to ellen as well, but my favorite so far was definitely shania. i wish she was given a permanent seat. yes, i think aaron kelly will go pretty far, good voice and seems to be able to pick interesting/good song choices (i remember he auditioned to miley cyrus' "the climb.") and you got it. vanessa jo wolfe "i jump bridges" from vonore, tennessee!


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