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American Idol Results Night (Recap): Season 8 Is a Breath of Fresh Air While Season 9 Reeks of Day Old Trash

Oh where to begin. We had our first American Idol season 9 Results Show tonight, and I must say, I enjoyed it more than the past two performance nights. Not because I got to see a smug Ashley Rodriguez go home (although that was quite nice), but because there were two refreshing appearances by our season 8 vets, Allison Iraheta and Kris Allen. But then again, realizing they were only there for a fleeting moment, ditching me soon again with the likes of what's-her-name-Miles and Tim/John/Alex Urban shot me right back to reality, leaving me no choice but to finish my bottle of $4 wine. If I may, I would like to present to you the ebbs and flows of my Idol Results Show experience.

Opening Song Sequence Say What?: First of all, a few things wrong with the opening song sequence: 1) Do you think if Mamsox had a thought bubble, it would have read: What the hell am I doing here singing this cheesy a** song alongside a girl who owns every flower headband from Forever 21? 2) Is there a quota…

American Idol: Reminicin' on the Good Ol' Days of Season 8

TonightAllison Iraheta will grace the Idol stage ... again! Ah, the good ol' days of season 8. A clip of our beloved red head's performance this time last year. My, how the bar has lowered. Show these season 9 peeps how it's done, girl! In the meantime, my predictions for who goes home tonight? Hmm ... so many to choose from. How 'bout some Paige Miles, Haeley Vaughn (one can only hope!), John Park and Jermaine Sellers. We shall see. I'm so emotionally detached at this point, they can try and drag the suspense out for an hour, I'm only watchin for the rocker!

Kara DioGuardi Sings "Terrified" and I'm Digging It.

Wow. Either I'm riding the little high I had from Kara's endearing moment last night, or somebody has been slipping me some crazy juice in my coffee, but I found myself doing a little mid-afternoon cruising for Kara DioGuardi YouTube clips. Well really, I just liked Didi Benami's Hollywood Week "Terrified" audition so much that I wanted to learn more about the song. It kind of gave me a different perspective on Kara. Now why can't she bring this confidence and skill to her judge's seat?

(If you have problems pulling up the video, click here.)

American Idol Top 12 Guys Perform! Thank You, Lord, For Casey James. (Recap.)

Well we started off tonight's episode of American Idol with Randy telling the guys, "Yo, the girls blew it away last night." Um, they did? Where was I for that dynamite? Now while I can't say that the Top 12 Guys fared a whole lot better as a whole, I will say that the two shining stars of the night (along with a few others who displayed some twinkle potential) has me thinking that Simon might want to rethink his early prediction that a female will take the Idol crown this year. Here is my run-down, ranking the Top 12 Guys from best to worst. Full recap here, so feel free to skip around to your faves.

1. Casey James: ("Heaven") It's funny because earlier today, I thought Casey James would be the one to watch for tonight. (Seriously! I did.) I guess I started thinking about him a week and a half ago when my dad of all people told me that he is the most excited about this year's singers because of Casey James. First of all, no, my dad is not talking ab…

American Idol, Season 9: Top 12 Girls Perform. Um, yeah. Bowersox Rocks While (almost) the Rest Flail.

Well, folks, if we took 10 steps forward the first night of Hollywood Week, we took 99 steps back tonight as our "Top" 12 girls "performed." Hey, does anyone know of any funerals going on, because I'm sure they would have been more uplifting than this depressing and tragic episode I endured tonight. Too harsh? Well, do you wanna relive Haley Vaughn's "I Wanna Hold Your Hand"? How 'bout Lacey Brown's "Landslide"? Yeah. Didn't think so.

Best performance of the night:Kara DioGuardi? Either I'm still sippin' on some crazy juice, or Kara has become likable. Was it just me, or did she actually give some really good advice and have relevant opinions tonight? Sadly, Ellen (or "E") didn't offer too much, so here's looking at you, K! Keep up the good work ... I won't hold me breath. Okay, okay. Love you, K. Girl power?

Worst: Um, everyone except Mamasox, Didi Benami and Katelyn Epperly (sprinkled even with a…

American Idol, Season 9: Top 12 Girls Sing Tonight! Who Will Have Their Idol Moment?

It was this time last year that Allison Iraheta made her mark on America with her chill-worthy performance of Heart's "Alone." Will one of our obscure season 9 ladies come out of hiding and do the same thing tonight? Of course I will be anticipating Chrystal Bowserox, Didi Benami and Janell Wheeler, but will a dark horse (much like Allison was) give these ladies a run for their American Idol crown? One can hope! That's what makes this show so darn exciting. It's all about the right song choice, the passion and the originality.

Who's hungriest? Who will have their Idol moment tonight? Who are your ones to watch? And who are you most excited for?

Ali is the Next Bachelorette ... Dammit.

At firt I liked her.  Then I hated her.  I still don't like her ... despite the promos we see for tonight's episode of The Bachelor: The Women Tell All in which Aliapologizes for her catty behavior toward Vienna.  Regardless, Reality Steve (who has predicted this season's winner before the airing of the first episode) confirms that Ali will indeed be the next Bachelorette.  Boo Hoo!!! 

Will you watch?  And will you be hoping the sheisty little Ali finds love?  Give me Gia any day I say!

Look-A-Like Monday!: Idol's Mary Powers and Alanna Ubach

She might need to swarm around innocent teenagers trying to make their big Hollywood break like a crazy person, or dye her hair in patches of hot pink and rip out a few chunks of that hair while she's at it, but doesn't actress Alanna Ubach ("Legally Blonde") bear a striking resemblance to American Idol season 9's Mary Powers?

Perez Hilton to Replace Simon Cowell?

In a press call last week, Simon Cowellrevealed he thought that blogger Perez Hilton would make a good candidate to replace him next season.  DenouncingHoward Stern and Madonnaas potential judges, Cowell speculated that Hilton would be a nice fit because he's "funny, has good taste in music," and something I did not know, has his own music label.

But me thinks two statements Cowell made are wrong, causing me to question his judgment: 1)  He would like to find a Taylor Swiftbecause she's "relevant."  Well if relevant means tone def, then by all means, find you a T. Swift.  2) He "likes" Lady GaGa because she's "smart."  Well if smart means wearing cones for shoulder pads and zippers for eye patches, then get you a GaGa!   But another snippet I found to be interesting was that he predicts a lady for a season 9 win, indicating that most of the males seem to be on the same level this season, which might cause them to cancel each other out…

American Idol Season 9: Top 24 Contestants Are Announced. (I'm Left Scratching My Head.)

Well, Idol-Addicts, our Season 9Top 24have been announced, and in true American Idol style, I have been left annoyed, even a bit angry, at the show's producers. But also in true Idol style, I find myself looking forward to next Tuesday when we get the chance to see the ladies, particularly Chrystal "Mamasox"Bowersox and Didi Benami, perform. Nonetheless, this recap installment I have decided has been brought to you by "WTF Productions" because some things I just cannot ignore.

WTF Moment #1: Angela Martin gets shafted?! Tumultuous back story aside, this girl seriously had the chops to be a top 10 contender. True, her Mary J. Blige "I'm Going Down" cover may have sounded a bit copy-cat, but she was at least on-key (unlike a certain flower-wearing contestant who often has an unusual sparkly face). Furthermore, the fact that Angela has the right attitude, facing adversity with grace and a fighter spirit, makes her all the more Idol-worthy (unlike a ce…

American Idol Season 9, Hollywood Week: 7 out of 24 Contestants Announced! (Recap)

Hey, does anyone know ifMichael Lynch is a new father? Oh, he is? Okay. Glad we could confirm that just one last time. Moving on. On last night's episode ofAmerican Idol, 7 out of the Top 24 contestants were revealed! Some not too big a surprise (i.e., the aforementioned proud papa, Lynch); some, however, were -- Todrick Hall, perhaps? Now despite my love for Idol, I will say that I thought maybe 2 hours was just a wee bit long? (I know. Gasp!). So I give you my recap in broken down highlights (and I ain't talkin' bout Seacrest's hair. Or Mary Powers' for that matter.)

Man In The Mirror Boys:Jermaine Sellers, Big Boy Thaddeus Johnson and Todrick Hall step to the Michael and take their stab at "Man In The Mirror." Sellers wasn't that great, but he made him self look ten times worse as soon as he was done, interjecting "Can I just say something?" Oh lord, here we go. No, Jermaine, you may not say something. This is American Idol. You sing your…

Look-A-Like Monday!

All these look-a-likes lately, but for Look-A-Like Monday, I couldn't help but notice the resemblance between self-eliminator Ali from The Bachelor and The View'sElisabeth Hasselbeck.  By the way, I'm having some computer issues, so this week's American Idol posts may be a little delayed.  Thanks, Elizabeth.

American Idol Season 9 Look-A-Likes: Ashley Rodriguez / Jordin Sparks

More American Idol Season 9 Look-A-Likes: Ashley Rodriguez bears a striking resemblance to Idol season 6, winner, Ms. Jordin Sparks, no?

American Idol Season 9 Look-A-Likes: Mallorie Haley

Is it just me, or does American Idol Season 9 contestant Mallorie Haley kinda look like Nicole Richie? In fact, I'm noticing a bunch of Idol look-a-likes this season .. more to come!

American Idol Season 9 Hollywood Week, Day 2 (Recap): The Dreaded Group Night and ... Mary Powers?!

Tonight on American Idol, we moved on to the second night of Hollywood Week, aka, Group Night, as we sat and watched how the Kodak Theatre became more of a stage set from "West Side Story" than one poised for a family friendly competition searching for America's next singing sensation. Oh, Group Night. Where the obligatory "uncool" kids get left in the dust, the favorites stay on top through "pimp" slots and seemingly normal people become crazy looking she-devils, (and I ain't talking about you, DioGuardi).

Group Names, No Names, and Mary Powers? It was a dark Tuesday night, Cowell was angry, and the Idol stage was set. The Jets versus the Sharks, I mean, oh lord, what were their names? Team Awesome? No, Power Rangers? Destiny'sChild? Let me search my copious notes .. oh yeah, the second coming of the Hatfields and the McCoys? ... No. Destiny's Wild vs. Neapolitan!! That's it! Where weird guys who use words like "punchy" and g…

American Idol Season 9 Hollywood Week, Round 1 Recap: Ellen DeGeneres and Andrew Garcia Emerge Victorious!

Well color me tickled, the first night of American Idol Season 9 Hollywood Week, Round 1 was no disappointment. Clever song choices, newcomers with mad vocals, and what's that, a judge who pays attention to the contestants(!?) (gasp!) were all found in tonight's episode. And since I'm a bit sleepy, I'm going to get right down to business. A few highlights, if you will.
1)Ellen is no Idol dummy and is A-OK in my book ... so far!Yes, as Kara can tell you, I'm a hard one to please. But after worrying Ellen would be all joke and no substance, I am happy to report that so far, my fears have proven to be unjustified. Not only did Ellen seem to take her new job very seriously (specs perched on her nose tip and all), but she delivered sound critiques that were relevant, constructive and not so surprisingly, humorous.
2)My Early Favorites Emerge Triumphant. Thank you, Andrew Garcia for flipping Paula Abdul's "Straight Up" and reminding everyone that a critical …

American Idol Season 9 Hollywood Week: Ones to Watch!

Yes, the moment is almost near!  American Idol Season 9 Hollywood Week begins tonight at 8:00!  And I, for one, can't wait!  Not only do we get to have our first taste of howEllen will act as the new judge, but we get to start picking our early favorites.  And you know I already have a list of my ones to watch. 
The ones I will be eyeing for the pure "It" / Talent factor:  In other words, I have some high hopes for these guys and gals:  Andrew Garcia (my number one pick, thick glasses guy); Janell Wheeler (great voice, Scarlett-Jo look-a-like); Katie Stevens (young, sweet girl who had the grandma with Alzheimer’s); Tyler Grady (tall, skinny, Jim Morrison type); Justin Williams (former season 8 "White Chocolate" member); and Mallorie Haley (hasn't gotten much screen time, but had a really good audition). The ones who just seem interesting:  Rose Flack; Maddie Penrose; Samuel Larsen; Lacey Brown; Frankie Jordan; and, of course, Ms. Vanessa Wolfe.  You might r…

Jersey Shore Cast To Appear On The View

You know you can't get enough of them, and apparently America can't either.  Not only did the Jersey Shore cast appear on Ellen today, but they are set to appear on The View February 23rd.  Set those DVRs!  Wonder what Elisabeth will have to say to our beloved Snickers ...  It should be quite interesting!

Look-A-Like Monday!

J-WOWw.  I'm seeing double!  Left:  Entourage actress, Emanuelle Chriqui
Right:  Jen "J-Woww" Farley from The Jersey Shore

American Idol Season 9 Denver Auditions: All Joke and No Relevancy Makes Elizabeth an Angry Girl (Recap)

Tonight in Denver, we bid adieu to auditions and look forward to Hollywood Week. And it couldn't have come at a better time. Elizabeth can not take another pre-wrapped package of Idol auditions. Predictable. Predictable. Predictable.

We of course had to endure the obligatory ridiculousness of Victoria Beckham, the robotic ways of Kara (following the mindset of those who speak before her), the meaningless over-the-top number rating system by Randy (a system to which the aforementioned robot seems to have adopted now as well), and the fact that Simon is the only one who deserves to have his little keister parked at that judges' table, enjoying a Coca-Cola Classic.

With that being said, Elizabeth feels wiped. She feels spent. She feels a bit sad, yet is still optimistic going into Hollywood Week. So she has decided to write a song, set to the tune of Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive."

First I was afraid
I was petrified
Kept thinking I could never watch
Kara and Posh side …

It's Look-A-Like Monday!

Left: Gretchen Rossi from The Real Housewives of Orange County Right: Former Supermodel, Christie Brinkley