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The Mighty Idol is Upon Us!

Well hello there, my long-lost readers. I hope you are not too far gone from me, since we all had to endure the awful wanna-be shows (some even twice! SYTYCD, anyone?) during Idol's hiatus. I gotta admit -- I was somewhat worried last night. With Paula gone, news breaking of Simon's looming departure and the ever-present thought of "will this season even come close to last year's?" lurking in my mind, I have to say that when I turned on my TV at 8:00 last night, it was with some trepidation.

But then, all of that Idol excitement came rushing back as soon as I saw the Boston stadium filled with no-names declaring "No. I am the next American Idol!" All that gushy sentiment of how this show can turn an everyday Joe-Shmo into an Adam Lambert superstar began infusing my blood, getting my Idol heart all pumped up again.

Since I typically don't like to write full posts until we get it down to the top 13, I will leave you with a few audition standouts. As of now, the two I think have the most hope of outlasting the dreaded Hollywood week are Justin Williams (he beat cancer), and Katie Stevens (her grandmother has Alzheimer's). A potential black horse is that cool-cat Tyler Grady (Posh Spice really liked his jeans).

Williams, singing "Feeling Good," was actually quite that -- good. But is it wrong that I may have had only thoughts of someone else singing that same song, in a white suit, ascending the hot pink steps of Heaven while this second-rate fiddle sang? Nevertheless, Williams just might be this year's Matt Giraud. (Just stay away from the fedoras, Justin!) Ms. Stevens definitely had that smoky vocal prowess to which I am partial. Was that an original song she was playing for her grandma on the keyboard I wonder? Grady, wearing what seemed to be a costume-y-shtick, proved that you can't judge a book by its cover, delivering a pitch-perfect rendition of "Let's Get It On."

So who were your stand-outs? I thought I would feel Paula's absence, but am pleased to say, I almost completely forgot about her! After all, I was laughing at Simon's witty expressions ("I would like to fly to the moon, but I can't." ... "Oh wait, I could."), the cleverly produced segments of ousted contestants (everyone staring at the you-know-what of the Mariah Carey-dressed, fledgling songstress as she exited in slow-mo), and the amount of times Victoria Beckham could use the word "nice." (How 'bout that headband?!) Oh, just typing all of this is so very exciting. I can't wait to see what this season has in store for us! Who's in?


  1. connie1/13/2010

    Okay i missed last night, but feel filled in now. Thanks E!

    Count me IN!

  2. idolfan37361/13/2010

    I agree with your breakdown of last night's show. Along with Justin, Katie and Tyler, I thought Joshua Blaylock stood out with Broken Road. Also Maddy Curtis who sang Hallelujah was really good as well. As for Paula, I miss her and I thought she was great, but the show seems to be just fine.


  3. sandyeggo1/13/2010

    I'm in! Had to chuckle about the headband...I had to take a double take with it.

    sandyeggo January 13, 2010
    12:33 PM PST

  4. hey there sandy! great to be back and to have you back! looking forward to hopefully another great season! and thanks for your comment, idolfan. i did like maddy curtis as well .. but unfortunately, joshua blaylock did not leave a mark with me b/c i can't even remember him!

    and connie, as always, great to have you here!

  5. migoldmusic1/14/2010

    Hey! Nice summary. Kudos for your great writing. I love your energy!

    Funny thing- normally being a performer and voice teacher, I notice the singers that i love. But for some reason the HILARIOUS auditions stood out for me last night!

    I was laughing my FACE OFF when I saw that gal who said she had played Idol Wii and knew she was going to win.

    OHMYGOSH- I nearly hit the floor that was so funnY!!!! She was so convinced and unafraid, daringly ridiculous. She should get into the movies for her great acting ability for sure. If I were a casting director, I would sign her.

    migoldmusic January 13, 2010
    02:35 PM PST

  6. greenrv1/14/2010

    So far,

    Justin Williams is in the lead, in my opinion. Did you see Simon's reaction to Justin's falsetto?

    greenrv January 13, 2010
    03:27 PM PST


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