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American Idol's Season 9 (and 8) Justin Williams ... Now This is Interesting

So I came across some scoops on AI's season 9, Justin Williams -- a contestant already receiving attention due to his standout "Feeling Good" Boston audition and back story (he's a cancer survivor). What I know (and maybe you do too) is that Justin Williams was also a season 8 Hollywood Week contender. In fact, he was in the group "White Chocolate." You remember ... that cool group who did the a cappella version of Michael Jackson's "I Want You Back." The one that also starred Matt Giraud and season 8 winner, Kris Allen? Yeah. That one. In case you are still scratching your head, click here.

Now I was curious as to why AI chose to completely ignore this little tidbit, introducing Williams three nights ago as if he was a complete stranger. I mean, don't they usually point out when a failed contestant of yesterday comes back and tries, tries again? The answer is yes. Sure they do! So why not do this with Williams?

After a little digging, I found that apparently there was controversy surrounding the reason why Williams did not survive season 8's Hollywood Week. Now perhaps it was simply because he was overshadowed by Giraud and Allen. (Which may very well be true. His recent season 9 audition undoubtedly trumps the role he played as a member of "White Chocolate.")

However, there might be another (dirtier) reason behind it -- a reason regarding a violation of AI's strict non-disclosure policy. And at the heart of it is an innocent stay-at-home mom by the name of Kristy who, like myself, just happens to have a passion for Idol and enjoys blogging her thoughts on it. A bit of a timeline for you:

8/7/08 - Kristy posts a blog simply wondering when Idol season 8 will air. Sometime in mid-January of 2009 she speculates.

11/12/08 - A guy by the name of Dan Adkins comments on her 8/7/08 post claiming "My bro Justin Williams will be in the finals for this year’s American Idol for sure. He is the man…..Best of luck brother…..God bless you and your success! In Christ your brother the Adkins family 24 in Gilbert, AZ!"
That same day as this comment, Kristy is inspired to write this post based off the information supplied by Adkins. In it, she indicates Williams is a cancer survivor who she thinks is an amazing singer. She does not know him. She just finds him to be a " bit of a hottie" and posts a picture she found of him posing with his Aunt Christi (taken from Aunt Christi's family blog) as well as a public YouTube video of him singing.

12/7/08 - Kristi puts up this blog post, in which she indicates that several members of the Williams family clan are writing to her, claiming she is the reason Williams got kicked off the show! [Such comments include these gems from Aunt Christi herself: "You are causing a problem by posting this information about Justin. I demand you remove my picture and the Videos you have uploaded from my blog." "Remove my picture off this site NOW!!!!!! Christi"

Keep in mind, AI season 8 has not yet even aired, and Kristy, in no way related to Williams, notes that she has no insider information. She says that her original post on Williams simply stemmed from a comment by Dan Adkins, a visitor to her blog.

January 2009 - AI airs and we see that Williams doesn't make it past Hollywood Week.

February 2009 - The abuse of Kristy continues, and a series of comments are exchanged between Kristi and a woman by the name of Masa Fakuda (apparently someone who knows and has worked with Williams). Some of the highlights: (For the whole exchange, click here.)
M. Fakuda: What a disgrace, what a shame. You have ruined his chance to stay in the competition.
Kristy: I have done nothing wrong ... I have heard recently that American Idol is being real strict with the confidentiality agreement this year due to issues in the past ... I’m sorry this became an issue for Justin but I don’t see how it has anything to do with me.
M. Fakuda: ... American Idol contacted Justin and officially informed of his elimination due to the blogging by his extended family. You can’t really argue with that because IT IS A FACT and I am the first witness ... the best way to support those you love is to stay 100% silent until the show is actually on. That’s what we did, ... But don’t worry, you’ll never see him on AI again. He said he had enough with the Hollywood junk, and it wasn’t really the direction he wanted to go anyway.

Really, M. Fakuda? Well then why am I seeing his mug (albeit a cute one) again on season 9? I guess that non-disclosure policy is only relevant for a year's time frame? Further, just who is this Dan Adkins? He sounds like the real spoiler to me. And why didn't producers point out that he is a cancer survivor last year? Is it because his entire battle with cancer occurred between then and now? (We already see that this isn't true.) So is it maybe because the producers had their sob story last year with Gokey and saved Williams to fill that slot this year?

Now don't get me wrong. I wish Justin well. He seems like a nice kid with mad skills. It's just if his family members are the type to try and shift blame by lashing out at a stay-at-home mom who is simply an Idol-blogging fan, well ... let's just say I have a bad taste in my mouth. And what is the real intent behind who gets "cast"? Something stinks in Idol land. And it ain't a crossover of pickle juice from Snookie's bed.


  1. connie1/16/2010

    Nice work Undercover E!

  2. this is judy. i am now a follower.

  3. connie1/17/2010

    omg! cool!

    (somehow i knew "d" would enter into this)


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