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Look-A-Like of the Week

Left:Michael (and my pick for the next Bachelor) from The Bachelorette Right: Tennis hunk, Andy Roddick (Now it may be a bit of a stretch, but he could pass for an older brother, no?)

The Bachelorette Recap: All Systems Go in Maui ... Sort of ..

Just wanted to comment a little bit on last night's Maui-infused episode of The Bachelorette. (By the way -- remind me, when I hit it big, to buy a hut in Maui so that I can live there, never to be seen a-gain. I mean, that place was UNREAL! I especially loved the aerial shots in which I got to partake thanks to the 150th helicopter ride of the season.)

Anyhoo, our little Jilli has narrowed the mating pool down to two, and we are left with "is he too perfect for me?" Kiptyn, and "I wear short shorts" Ed. (Really, Ed?)

I say .... "Three cheers for Ed!" Who's with me? While I admit I did not see this guy as a front runner early on, I say now that if Jilli doesn't pick Ed, she will end up more crushed than all of the times she already has been on this season combined! It's like Ed left and came back a whole new, lovey-dovey, dopey, awe-struck, altered version of his self.

And despite one certain major malfunction we witnessed FOR THE FIRST TIME …

Look-A-Like Thursday

Left: Actor, Mark Ruffalo Right: Girlfriend-havin' Wes from The Bachelorette

Quote of the Week (and Prediction!)

This taken from Chris Harrison's (host of The Bachelorette) blog:
"Moving on to Valencia, Calif., and Michael. I'm guessing as you're reading this blog there is no shortage of women who are madly in love with Michael...or his twin brother. ... Jilli told me Michael had everything she was looking for in a man but they just didn't have that romantic connection. She also said if there's one guy on the show she would like to help find love it's Michael. I think we could all tell there was just something missing between them. That's too bad because he's a great guy and handled himself with extreme class."

Um, are you thinking what I'm thinking? Who wants to make a bet with me that Mr. Michael will be our next Bachelor!?! (I'm smelling a Bob Guiney, Part Deux. Mark my words, folks.)