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SYTYCD: We Have Our Top 20!

So in case you missed it, here is the list of this season's SYTYCD Top 20!:

1. Janette Manrara (The Cheryl Burke wannabe?)
2. Vitolio (The guy from Haiti who might win our hearts over.)
3. Kayla Radomski (The girl with the cute grandparents.)
4. Kuponohi’ipoi ‘Kupono’ Aweau (Hmmm... maybe we'll just call him Kupo? And do we like him better post-mohawk shave? I'm still deciding...)
5. Paris Torres (#5-9 all came as a breeze ... we really don't know anything about these guys yet.)
6. Jenine Mason
7. Karla Garcia
8. Ade Obayomi
9. Jonathan Matero
10. Brandon Bryant (Um ... Mia anyone?! She couldn't even applaud for him when they told him he made it through?! I.D.K. I like this controversial contestant so far ... I mean he reminds me of the dude straight out of Amistad.)
11. Tony Bellissimo ("Mr. Personality" but lacking in the dance department. He did the hilarious "Who's Watching" bit with Nigel's picture ... I think America will find themselves rooting for this guy.)
12. Maksim Kapitannikov (Maybe he could pair up with Janette ... you know, the name and all.)
13. Caitlin Kinney (I called it! This Kinney sister is the one who made it ... she's a "fighter" afterall.)
14. Melissa Sandvig (Um .... who is this chick?)
15. Jason Glover (Don't know much of his personal story, but I have a feeling he is going to be this season's Danny ... (and I ain't talking about Gokey!) I'm talking Tidwell -- you know, Danny. From SYTYCD-Season 3? I hearted him!))
16. Ashley Valerio (Again ... not sure who this girl is, but, apparently, she has tried out four times, so kudos to her!)
17. Randi Evans (One word - Unitard. Okay. Mia redeemed herself from the Brandon fiasco here. Her unitard comments had me cracking up! Poor girl -- she will now forever be known as "Unitard Girl.")
18. Philip Chbeeb (Wasn't this guy on last season? Why do I feel like he's always present on this show with all of his wavy arm movements and gi-nor-mous lips? Well, he promised us we would see something "we have never seen before" ... perhaps a new finger twitch?)
19. Evan Kasprzak (YAY!!!! Again, I called it when I said my gut told me Evan would make it as opposed to his charming, ever-so-cute, supporting big bro, Ryan. Albeit, Ryan did suffer from a major case of the sweaty pits, but he was very endearing nonetheless.)
20. Asuka Kondoh (The girl who the judges just LOVE! My jury is still out on this ballroom chick. I found myself silently rooting for the blonde girl ...)

So what do you all think of our Top 20? It's about to start ... and our little blog here will be up and running again!


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