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The Real World ... Cancun. We're in Mexico, but We're Still Generic.

Well the Real World, Cancun premiered tonight and it provided a "plethora" (perhaps the wrong word choice here) of 21-year-olds reciting the tried and trite Real World-isms we should come to expect by now.

"Alright. Who's Gay?!" (First question giddily asked at the table.) This was followed by a series of high-fives because they also learn that they share the deep commonalities of single statuses and Hooters jobs.

We learn that Jonna is the token "hottie" who, go figure, has a boyfriend (and will try and make it work!). Let's give it two more episodes. I mean, hey, CJ already decided to end his relationship via e-mail after a night of roommate spooning. (For the record, I didn't blame his girlfriend for being upset; couches do, in fact, exist in Suite ME. Suite ME ... soon to be called Petri Dish Me.) As Jonna astutely noticed, CJ was clearly just looking for an "out." Way to last half an episode, CJ!

Who can I not STAND already?? The self-proclaimed "BFF's" -- the online winner with the jacked up teeth and her roomie, the little 80-pounder with the "Napoleon complex." (Their names escape me because, yeah, they were THAT generic.) My first inkling of my disdain for this duo sprouted with their "bestie confessional" -- because anyone who feels the need to proclaim right away, "We're BFF's" when you have 6 other roommates, clearly has some insecurity issues to deal with.

Second, and more importantly, they represent everything wrong with the gender double-standard that has existed in society for quite some time. Their outdated philosophy: Let's rip on the girl who hooks up with our roommate on the first night, but decide to give our male roommate (who claimed to feel "accomplished") a high five the next day for the very same reason. HUH? Come on "ladies" ... represent your gender a little better than this and get with the program.

Funniest moment of the show?: Bronnie ("like the paper towel") hooking up with the Sharon Osborne look-a-like. That moment was the only thing that kept me from chucking my tv out the window.

Your humble thoughts on the Real World Cancun?

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