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The Bachelorette: Wake Up and Smell the Roses, Jillian!

Oh for the love of god, could somebody please make sense for me the following confusions I have after watching last night's jam-packed episode of The Bachelorette?

Confusion #1: Why did Jillian keep Reid over Jesse? True, Jesse may be an "ice-box" who is a hard one to crack, as his cynical woolly-mammoth brother pointed out, but Reid's response of "yeah" after his dad asked him if he really cared for Jillian, was far more icy. The "yeah" even had that high-tone inflection to it .. you know, when somebody is trying to convince themself of something that they know has no chance in hell of being true?!

Confusion #2: Why do I not believe goody-two-shoes Jake came to visit Jillian on Wes' hometown date in Austin on his own merit? It reeked of producer conspiracy. I mean, how fake did his "conversation" with Tanner P. seem? Normally, you would hear the voice on the other end. (Perhaps Tanner just had a mouth-full of toes and couldn't talk. Ew.)

Confusion #3: Why am I all of a sudden finding myself a TOTAL Jillian FAN!?! I have seen the light and am over the whole accent and nose thing! I think the following occurrences in last night's episode have given me a whole new respect for our little squealy Jill. 1) Jillian sticks to being her good ol' "hillbilly" self when faced with the uncomfortable Kiptyn Clan. I don't know if it was the way she proudly claimed "And I'd do it again!" after falling prey to their hilarious little hot tub joke (gee, that doesn't get old, does it?), or if it was the way she coyly waved to Kip's mom as she was about to get in said hot tub with said mom's son, but all of a sudden, I was loving our bachelorette!; also 2) Jillian just seems (sorry for the over-used word) "real." Did anyone else notice how she called it "din" when she said "we're going to have to explain to them why we're late for din." Come on, Jillian, why you gotta be so cute! I wanted to hate. But you have made it hard. (And my heart just went completely out to her when she unwittingly danced to Wes' song that we have heard for the 18 millionth time, in her little red boots, holding her little beer, all the while, blowing the a-hole kisses.)

Confusion #4: Why do good girls always go for the bad boys?! Sigh. Jillian picks Wes over our adorable break-dancing (twin) Michael, who couldn't have been any cuter when he recited the three things he would tell Jillian if he got to see her again ("1. She's beautiful." 2. "I'm going to miss her." 3. "Just be happy."). Tear to my eye. Alas, Michael's sweetness couldn't make up for the lack of romantic chemistry, and Jillian, ultimately ingoring the pilot's cry, gives ol' Wes another shot. Wes. Oh. I curse the word.
Confusion #5: Ed is back?! Huh? Just when I thought I (and Jillian) had had enough, Ed decides to follow his heart and return. I'm excited though. Something about him ... I like.

So that leaves us with (fickle) Ed, no spark Reid, perfect Kiptyn (well, except for the family), and Wa-wa-wa-Wes. There. I said it! So what did you all think of last night's episode? Were you just as shocked when Ed came back? Did you then feel like you had been run over twice when our clueless Jill doled out another rose for Wes? Lastly, did you want to punch old Kip's mom in the face like me, or perhaps, just smear it in the lasagna?


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