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The Bachelorette: Wake Up and Smell the Roses, Jillian!

Oh for the love of god, could somebody please make sense for me the following confusions I have after watching last night's jam-packed episode of The Bachelorette?

Confusion #1: Why did Jillian keep Reid over Jesse? True, Jesse may be an "ice-box" who is a hard one to crack, as his cynical woolly-mammoth brother pointed out, but Reid's response of "yeah" after his dad asked him if he really cared for Jillian, was far more icy. The "yeah" even had that high-tone inflection to it .. you know, when somebody is trying to convince themself of something that they know has no chance in hell of being true?!

Confusion #2: Why do I not believe goody-two-shoes Jake came to visit Jillian on Wes' hometown date in Austin on his own merit? It reeked of producer conspiracy. I mean, how fake did his "conversation" with Tanner P. seem? Normally, you would hear the voice on the other end. (Perhaps Tanner just had a mouth-full of toes and couldn't ta…

American Idol: Special Encore/Tribute to our King of Pop, Michael Jackson

Tonight, Fox, for the first time ever, will air a previous episode of American Idol -- the episode? Why of course the week our Top 13 performed Michael Jackson hits! Yes, this means, we will be able to revisit the energetic Danny Gokey performance of M.J.'s "P.Y.T." Not to mention, Adam Lambert's awesome take on a song with a deeper message, "Black or White."

I will be watching.

Rest in peace, Michael. Thank you for all you have contributed to the world of music and dance. But just saying "music" and "dance" doesn't seem to quite say enough. Indeed, you have contributed much more. I often mentioned the "star" quality of Mr. Lambert. But I do believe that we may never again see the likes of your Star Power. If we do, we will be fortunate.

[Of course, I realize there are many "haters" out there. Now I do not know for certain any wrongs Michael Jackson may have done. What I DO know is that he provided me with some GRE…

The Real World ... Cancun. We're in Mexico, but We're Still Generic.

Well the Real World, Cancun premiered tonight and it provided a "plethora" (perhaps the wrong word choice here) of 21-year-olds reciting the tried and trite Real World-isms we should come to expect by now.

"Alright. Who's Gay?!" (First question giddily asked at the table.) This was followed by a series of high-fives because they also learn that they share the deep commonalities of single statuses and Hooters jobs.

We learn that Jonna is the token "hottie" who, go figure, has a boyfriend (and will try and make it work!). Let's give it two more episodes. I mean, hey, CJ already decided to end his relationship via e-mail after a night of roommate spooning. (For the record, I didn't blame his girlfriend for being upset; couches do, in fact, exist in Suite ME. Suite ME ... soon to be called Petri Dish Me.) As Jonna astutely noticed, CJ was clearly just looking for an "out." Way to last half an episode, CJ!

Who can I not STAND already?? The s…

Quote of the Week

"Do you wash your fruits and vegetables? ... I don't."
Um, eewww.
Jillian was a smitten kitten on her one-on-one date with Reid (boy, he came out of the blue for me!); but did she really have to share this little fun fact with him? Come on now.

Who Would Have Thought ...

that little pre-Idol, nerdy, Anoop Desai would become such a mack-daddy, landing a smokin' hot chick like Megan Joy?

You go, Anoopie! Giving hope to all nerds. And surprisingly enough, I kind of DIG these two together!

Look-A-Like of the Week

Left, Actor, Chris O'Donnell
Jesse (and my pick to win) from The Bachelorette

SYTYCD: Top 20 Results

Please forgive me. I simply forgot the whole "Dance for your life" bit. Therefore, after the annoucement of the bottom three couples, I realized my prediction below would most likely be incorrect. Saki is a judge's favorite, after all. And Ravioli is way more powerful than Tony.

I personally thought Karla's solo was the weakest (running to do the next spin or leap without much substance in between.) But the judges decided to let Paris go instead. And I was not surprised when they said goodbye to Tony as well. If you recall, he has been said to be the one the judges "went the furthest out on a limb" for.

Now I'm somewhat emotionally unattached at this point. I mean, we are no way near the Allison Iraheta stages, folks. Here, however, are the standout moments of the night:

Cutest Moment: Phillip and Jeanine's embrace after they were announced as safe. You would have thought they won the whole darn thing! And the way Phillip walked over to Cat, all the …

SYTYCD: Predictions for Tonight

Kind of hard to predict as everyone came to play, but I'm going to have to go with Saki and Ravioli as the two who go home tonight ...

Look-a-Like of the Week

Left: Julie McCollough (from Growing Pains) Right: Caitlin Kinney (SYTYCD)

SYTYCD Recap: All Aboard the Hot Tamale!!

Well I gotta say, when Cat Deeley announced our Top 20, with introductions like "Heeerrree's Karla!" and the audience can't even give an oval of applause ... well, let's just say I was worried. Unlike by the time a viewer reaches, oh I don't know, let's say an American Idol Top 13, we, as SYTYCD Top 20 viewers really don't know who these dancers are yet! (With the exception of wavy arms Phillip, of course). But by the end of last night's show, I found myself singing a different tune (oh wait, we're over that singing show; okay, I found myself dancing a different jig?)

Since we are at a full Top 20 (ay-yi-yi!), I'm going to break it down old school and give the recap from beginning to end ... as we are still in the getting to know ya phase. So without further ado ... I present your Top 20 highlights:
Haven't I kinda seen this before?: They start us out with Phillip (probably because he is the most recognizable), who apparently grew up p…

Question ...

For those of you fortunate enough to have been following the hilariousness that is "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!", I've got a question:
"When in the hell did Heidi and Spencer become such Jesus freaks?!?!" It is rather disturbing. No?
And I have to say, probably one of the funniest moments we will witness on tv this year is when Stephen Baldwin baptized Spencer Pratt. Click here if you haven't seen this gem. This show is priceless! Despite all of the "Hallelujahs" and "Praise Jesus's", I was sorry to see the Pratt's go ... (for the third time).

Adam Lambert on the Cover of a Rolling Stone

"I don’t think it should be a surprise for anyone to hear that I’m gay,” Lambert says in the new issue of Rolling Stone, hitting newsstands this week. For the rest of the story, click here.

The Bachelorette: Vancouver, Vulgarity and Girlfriend-Gate

So how about that Bachelorette last night? It was so good, I had to put up a post.
Last night's highlights included the men leaving the bunkhouse, and, like the Jeffersons, they moved on up to a dee-lux bachelor pad in Vancouver. Being that this is Jillian's hometown, she of course was ready to greet her men with the old stand-by squeal, while unfortunately wearing one of the most heinous dresses I've ever seen! It makes me wonder if these guys are really feeling our little girl-next-door, or are they just in it for the free helicopter rides?
The first guy sent packing last night was Mark ... or was it Mike? I kept getting these two guys confused. Anyhoo, after boozing it up on a mountaintop (wherein Jillian pulled a Cher Horowitz and stepped into some bad lighting -- rewatch if you don't know what I'm talking about ... Jillian looked like she aged about 15 years in this segment!), it is the baseball camp owner who must ride the gondola of doom home. (Hey, it beats a…

Quote of The Week

"He's an Artistic Type -- LaBry is an interior designer and a painter, but 'he is super normal and down-to-earth,' the source says."
This little tidbit comes from an article titled "5 Things to Know About Adam Lambert's Pal Drake LaBry"by Aaron Parsley.
Watch out for those interior designers and painters guys. They are roaming the streets and seem to be a rare, crazy breed! By the way, Mr. Parsley is a writer for People. Huh.

SYTYCD: We Have Our Top 20!

So in case you missed it, here is the list of this season's SYTYCD Top 20!:

1. Janette Manrara (The Cheryl Burke wannabe?) 2. Vitolio (The guy from Haiti who might win our hearts over.) 3. Kayla Radomski (The girl with the cute grandparents.) 4. Kuponohi’ipoi ‘Kupono’ Aweau (Hmmm... maybe we'll just call him Kupo? And do we like him better post-mohawk shave? I'm still deciding...) 5. Paris Torres (#5-9 all came as a breeze ... we really don't know anything about these guys yet.) 6. Jenine Mason 7. Karla Garcia
8. Ade Obayomi
9. Jonathan Matero
10. Brandon Bryant (Um ... Mia anyone?! She couldn't even applaud for him when they told him he made it through?! I.D.K. I like this controversial contestant so far ... I mean he reminds me of the dude straight out of Amistad.) 11. Tony Bellissimo ("Mr. Personality" but lacking in the dance department. He did the hilarious "Who's Watching" bit with Nigel's picture ... I think America will find themselves ro…

Look-A-Like of the Week

Left:Ed from the Bachelorette Right: Actor, Craig Bierko (you know, the "jazz guy" from Sex and the City who liked to "play" Carrie)

Quote of the Week

"I'm here to suck on some toes and meet some Jillian!"
-Foot-fetish dude, Tanner P., from this season's Bachelorette