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So You Think You Can Dance: Will It Move Me? I Shall Find Out Tonight!

Yes, my fellow Idol lovers who have been wondering, I WILL be tuning in tonight to that other Fox program: So You Think You Can Dance (herein forth to be referred to as "SYTYCD"; dang -- "Idol" was so much simpler). Again, I apologize for missing the first episode; Florida was calling my name. You understand.

Now I have to put up this disclaimer: I will be tuning in tonight a bit unsure of how I feel about this show. Will I be sassy? Will I be sweet? I just don't quite yet know what my, if you will, visceral response to this Idol-Runner-Up programming will be.

Clearly, (in large part due to the awesomeness that was American Idol: Season 8) Idol has quickly become my favorite show on television ... hands down. As Idol viewers, we get to follow a seemingly unknown along his or her path to super stardom -- an emotional journey with tear-filled highs and gut-wrenching lows, but we love it, and we even feel like we have a great hand in propelling our chosen one into said super stardom through the simple power of our texts. (And I ain't talking about power texts.)

We have the Idol moments along the way, where all of a sudden the underdog switches it up and turns a current chart-topping rap song into a tender melody, slapping us in the face and forcing us to listen to it in a way we had never heard of before. And as much as I declared at shows end (to myself, to friends, and to the land of Facebook) that "I will never watch this stupid show again!", I find myself longing for next season when I can go through this tumultuous journey all over again.

Wait. This was going to be a simple start-up post about SYTYCD. But I suppose I found myself getting back on the Idol-track because there are many parallels of SYTYCD to Idol. I mean, if singers can do it, dancers can do it too, right? Evoking the passion we never knew was in us, that is. The passion that causes me to (for the first time) engage in a game of fist-a-cuffs with my DVR after missing an Adam Lambert performance. And considering this season of Idol ended up becoming the main topic of my blog, I would say that SYTYCD has some mighty big shoes to fill.

I am feeling somewhat profound right now, so I think I will incorporate an inspirational quote into my SYTYCD posts. Dancing is after all, inspired and inspirational.

"There are short-cuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them."

(If you are thinking, "where did sassy-frass Elizabeth go?" I say, "Don't worry . . . I'm sure I will find plenty of moments for the sass you know and love; but with a different show, comes different vibes," I say.)

So will SYTYCD fire you up? Does it move you? Since I missed the first night, any comments on who jumped out at you? Any moments that got under your skin? I did hear news of controversy surrounding a same-sex couple dancing together. Or, are you just still sad over Idol? If so, what new justifications have you come up with?


  1. Anonymous5/28/2009

    I'm so excited for SYTYCD!!! Frankly I've always liked SYTYCD better than Idol. I love to see what the choreographers come up with each week and how the dancers pull it off. And a BIG thing that I like better about this show, is that the judges (all of them) give excillent constructive criticism. Also, unlike Idol I feel that the judges always have the utmost respect for all the dancers. :) There I've stated my case...

  2. connie5/28/2009

    I can never remember favorites from this show until the finals are chosen. We see a LOT of dancers trying out and I don't make a mental note of their names.

    I thought the same thing about the head shaker's story of personal loss right before tryouts. She is adorable in a Katie Cruz kind of way and that hair is so silky, but yeah, something tells me she won't be a strong finisher. (see i look at the wrong things)

    That whole controversy about the same sex couple was ridiculous. They were unusual yes, but before they danced, they explained that A. they were not a "couple" (in fact one is straight...not the one you'd guess) B. That they wanted to show that two men could dance together in a non-traditional way.

    Did I like them, or their dancing?......not really, but was I horrified?!

    There were plenty of dancers I didn't like, so no big deal.



    As far as Nevil's comments, he said people were used to seeing a male and female dancing in that way and that it kind of distracted him, seeing two men dancing such a dance. That was an honest opinion. I didn't take it as homophobic, but as a comment on their audition. Even the dancers nodded in agreement.

    I don't see the big deal about any of it, but you know (ask your mom and dad) I'm quite liberal. ;¬)

    Always need "THE CONTROVERSY!" Brings the ratings up, you know.

    I LOVE THIS SHOW! However, as with Idol, I don't pay close attention to tryouts.

    BTW, I adore Mia Michaels!

  3. awesome awesome awesome. as i am still trying to pinpoint my opinion on this show ... i love to hear faithful idol supporters carry their love (and opinions) over to this show. so that gives me more encouragement. so thanks tressa and connie!
    and i know my passion will grow as the dancers get narrowed down b/c i do remember last season crying to a mia michaels routine and running out to buy the cd (the song was "beautiful" by Me'Shell Ndegeocello and the dance was between chelsie and mark) -- so i know the passion is there.
    and as far as idol, well i never knew i would grow so passionate about it until this season!
    so i am looking forward to the sytycd journey!
    and connie, if you haven't noticed yet ... i love that you are liberal! (but don't tell mom and pops!) ha!

  4. babalou5/28/2009

    I'm still unofficially attached to the group that will NEVER WATCH AMERICAN IDOL AGAIN! But I might start missing those wacky judges and the cheesy drama of it all. It reminds me of the day I dropped in on my mom while she was watching a soap. She was embarrassed; I was appalled. We watched the show together, making fun of it the whole time so we didn't have to admit we kind of liked it.

    May 27, 2009
    10:27 PM


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