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American Idol Results Recap: Just How Did We Get to a Kris/Adam Finale?

Okay, everybody. I'm sure you are expecting a post full of Gokey bashing, sprinkled with some Adam/Kris gloating, but I have decided that I am going to try and be unbiased, look at how we got to this final two, and write from an objective point of view. (We will see how long this lasts, but cut me some slack ... I'm trying.)

I'm also feeling friendly because I realized something last night -- regardless of what side you air on ... you gotta love the passion that has been unique to this whole American Idol Season 8! I have never seen anything like it before! So let's embrace it because it is all so very, very exciting. (Aw, lookie there. An Adam hater wiping the blood off Glambert #3081, and embracing that Glambert, just like Kris' dad did to him. Perhaps when hell freezes over, but I'm trying to be Peacemaker Elizabeth here.) Channeling my Eccentric Panther, I say, "Spread the Love. Spread the Love." (YouTube it in case you missed that most excellent audition of Idol's seasons past.)

Now my objectivity will be broken down simply into who owned each Tuesday night, when looking back at the past nine performance episodes (a.k.a., the beginning of the Top 13).

Michael Jackson Songs: Tie between Gokey ("PYT") and Adam ("Black or White")
Country Week: Matt G. ("So Small")
Motown: Adam ("Tracks of My Tears")
I-Tunes: Kris ("Ain't No Sunshine" -- This was truly the point when Kris proved himself as a force to be reckoned with)
Year you were Born: Adam ("Mad World")
Songs from the Cinema: Kris ("Falling Slowly")
Disco Night: Kris ("Hard for the Money") (with an Adam close second "If I Can't Have You")
Rat Pack: Gokey ("Come Rain or Come Shine")
Rock Night: Adam ("Whole Lotta Love") (and of course, the "Slow Ride" duet!)
[And, of course, to throw in this very last performance round ... well, we all know the one word that summed up that night: "Heartless."]

Which brings the score to .... Gokey: 2, Kris: 4, Adam: 4, and Matt G.: 1.
And that's about as objective as it's going to get, folks! So in looking at the numbers, I would say we have the exact two that should be there in the finale. (And to toot my own horn, this is the two I predicted three weeks ago, which you can see under the "Comments" section of my Disco Post.)

And since I'm in a quizzy mood, I ask you,

Which part of the night was your highlight?

1) The lone girl in red plaid pajama pants, silver sequenced top and pink boa chasing Danny down with her neon green sign, screaming "DANNY!";

2) Kris' dad -- at every point in the episode. (I mean, I actually teared up! And then they had to play "Falling Slowly" in the background!? And Kris, with the icing on the cake, saying "Don't cry momma." Really people!? You're turning me into a big ball of Abdul mush!); or

3) The scantily clad "bra girl" who charged Adam, and Adam handling it like a pro. -- The situation, that is. As in, he charmingly laughed it off.

[I will omit obvious choices of Kris and Adam being announced as safe. Because for you-for me, when Adam was announced, I literally threw my remote across the room and my arms immediately flew up into the air, somewhat involuntarily -- much like the hand and leg movements of that little Rwandan kid -- and I let out a yelping "Hallelujah!" But that's just me.]

Now as for the really burning questions (and there's a lot of them, so resharpen your #2 pencils!):

Who was more of a look-a-like last night: Bill Hader (the Museum movie promo guy in the beginning) looking like Zac Effron; or that guy sitting next to Kevin Bacon looking like the twin of Randy Jackson? Which was more disturbing for you to see: Allison Iraheta in the audience or a Gokey homecoming fan holding the sign "Scream On"?

Also, now that Gokey is gone, do you think his votes will transfer over into Kris votes? Apparently there were only 1 million votes separating number 1 and number 2 last night, so do you think this little dark horse actually stands a chance against Secretariat Lambert? Which was more robotic of the night: Danny Gokey's hand gestures or Katie Perry's eyes? (Her saucers were bringing me back to the haunting days of when Megan Joy decided to belong to the world of the Fem-Bots.)

And last but not least, just where in the hell can I go find me one of those "Adam Lambert" capes? I must get me one so that I can tie it around my neck and run up and down my street as fast as I can once Adam Lambert is announced as "The Next American Idol"!!! (Oops ... I forgot. I was being objective.) Do post your thoughts below!


  1. ALforIDOL5/15/2009

    totally agree with your post. People rant about how inconsistent Kris has been, but he and Adam have been the two most consistent. I think we have the right top 2.

    May 14, 2009
    04:27 PM PST

  2. enjoyed your blog. I can't argue with your picks. I would have given Adam a close second for "Born to Be Wild" on Songs From the Cinema week.

    Allison recieves a tie with Adam from me for Motown's Greatest Hits week "Papa Was a Rolling Stone"

    May 14, 2009
    04:48 PM PST

  3. spooches5/15/2009

    Great blog. For me the best moment came last night when Kris was safe. I jumped up and did a happy dance and screamed. I'm loving it.

    May 14, 2009
    06:26 PM PST

  4. It was so cute that Kris' dad was wearing dark glasses but you could tell he was crying like a baby anyway.. I'm happy for Kris for making it this far, although I'd had my heart set on an Allison-Adam final.. congratulations Kris, but nothing's gonna make me stop supporting Adam till the end. GLAMBERTS UNITE!!!


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