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Idol Trifecta: Dark Horse Stays in the Running while the Favorite Flies!

My my my. Quite the performance show tonight. Where to begin?!!? Well, I will just start out by saying, if the final two (after tonight especially) does not include Kris and Adam, I will dig a little hole through my basement floor, squeeze into it, crawl into said hole, sit Indian style, cross my little arms, and refuse to ever be seen again. Okay, okay. Maybe that is an exaggeration. I will crawl into said hole, sit Indian style, cross my little arms, and only come out every once in a while for some mac & cheese. (A girl needs to eat after all.) But then, it's right back in the hole!

I mean, come on people. After tonight, if it is not clear that this is who the final two should be, then please, make your own little hole, find yourself a little blankie, get comfortable and a good meal in your belly, because soon ... it's "NO mac & cheese for you!"

Sorry. I tend to go off on those little tangents. So let's just get Gokey out the way, shall we? Paula chose his song, "Dance Little Sister." Yeah, I never heard of it either. Neither did Danny. So my cold little heart warmed up to him for a fleeting moment. I say fleeting because as soon as the song was over, and the judges gave their critiques, Danny found a way to butt his specs-wearing head in. Kara asked, "Was it memorable?" (To which the answer was, "No.") Thank you, Kara, for a sound critique. Simon called Danny's dancing "desperate." Okay, okay. Feeling that. And then I hear "For me ..." But hold up. That's not the sound of Randy's voice! Why, it's none other than Mr. Gokey himself! Yes, Danny decides to cut in and say, "For me. It's about having fun." Yeah, yeah, Danny. We got that indication last week when you thought your cat-mating yell was soooooo hilarious!

Then, we have some more judges banter, and, I admit, the Simon/Paula schtick grew a little tired. But did Gokey really have to school everyone and say "You know what? When you feel the pressure, you just got to shake it off and go all the way forward." And THEN, he backs it up with a good ol' "but i appreciate what you guys have to say...." Well, Danny, I'm glad they could be there for you in case you want to listen in between your bouts of hilariousness. (Now I have to take a brief moment to ask, "Would Adam ever say something like this?" I think not.)
Moving on. (Danny fans, if you're still with me ... stick around. I'm trying to sway you. But if I've already lost you, ah well.)

Kris Fights the Dark Horse Stigma: Now true. It was rather funny that Kara and Randy had to decide on a song together. Kind of puts them in their place, huh? But I liked the song they chose -- "Apologize" by One Republic. What I did not like were the judges' words that followed. I mean, how many times did they have to use the words "Dark Horse"?! While Randy says it was "very nice, baby," Kara calls is "competent." COMPETENT!? Paula says he hit a "bum note" but that she was "proud." Now true, maybe I am two glasses deep into my $3.00 wine, but really? Is this really happening?!? FINALLY, Simon asks, "How can you say there was a bum note and then say I'm so proud?" Thank you, Simon. Here I was beginning to think bum notes are okay so long as you back it up with "You get an 'A' for effort." Because that was okay with Gokey's "bum" note last week, right? AND, once again, I digress.

My Spoiler was Right: True indeed, Simon chose Adam's song, and the song was "One" by U2. Despite Randy's attempt of sabotage by criticizing that it was "off the melody" (because that would be a bad thing), the rest of the judges see the light, and Paula even calls Adam "the American Idol" right then and there. Nuff' said.
Well it's half-time, and we visit "Idol Gives Back," an under-made-up Carrie Underwood and the African kids. Aw lookie there. They got some nets. That's nice.

2nd Half: The boys take their Picks.
Gokey is Unoriginal and Kris Proves this Dark Horse Just Passed Your Ass Like Mine That Bird: Okay. So this is the stretch where things got real exciting. (And I don't think it's because by now, I'm three glasses deep. Hell, I'm beginning to have more glasses than Gokey!) Okay, okay. Gokey sings "You are so Beautiful." Sure, it was pretty. Yeah, it was good. But it was also the reincarnation of T. Hicks! I mean, it was at this exact same moment for this forgetful former Idol winner that he sang this exact same song! But I guess this doesn't really matter since Danny is just having fun and is "not going to worry about all the O-pinions." Okay, Danny. Don't worry about those judges who won't point out your copy-cat song choice. But don't step to the Elizabeth, Gokey. I know all B-yatch!

Now moving on to a completely ORIGINAL song choice -- Kris sings "Heartless" by Kanye West! As soon as this was announced, my friend, Jaclyn, texts me "this could be a disaster." And I'll admit, I was truly shaking in my slippers as I poured me some more vino. But as soon as it started, all unplugged and on his gee-tar . . . well I found myself totally DIGGING it! No guts, no glory, I say! Three cheers for originality! This Bud's for You Kris! Oops, sorry. It was at this point, I was thinking I was in a bar, actually cheers-ing Kris with my wine glass. But in all seriousness, this rendition Kris did, now THIS is what I want to hear on the radio. THIS is exactly what Kris needed to do. Simon says he had written Kris out after "Apologize," but "that, however, has all changed." Indeed. We have a race on our hands now, folks!

Watching the Clock. Watching the Clock. Adam is last. He's going to sing Aerosmith's "Cryin," and I'm worried I am about to have another "Mad World" crime scene in my living room. But never the mind. I'm over it because Adam, of course, kills it. Knockin' out his earpiece because, hey, who needs THAT?, and Simon sums it up with the perfect end ... "It's very easy to assume you're going to sail through to the final next week. So let me just take it back to tonight. The show is about finding a star. Who has earned the right to be in the final. And I want everyone not to assume that you're going to be there. But to vote for you, because you deserve it based on talent." Thank you. (This, of course, was followed by Adam's ever-present sportsmanship, humbleness and modesty.)

So what did you all think of tonight's most awesome show?! Would it be simply "outrageous" if Adam is not in the finals? And after Kris' performance, would it be "heartless" if he is not the one competing alongside Mr. Lambert? Also, just what was up with Kris' one little chipped blue fingernail when he received his Paula text? Was this as strange as Kara's most bodacious shoulder pads? Did you have a hard time getting through to vote at first like I did? Seacrest said the boys won't get any sleep tonight ... but this girl will. Thanks to the wine and the sweet dreams I will be having all due to my champions, Kris and Adam. You go, boys. You go.


  1. Sandyeggo5/13/2009

    Kris definitely came out of the shadows last night. It would be a nice duo...Kris and Adam in the finals.

    May 13, 2009
    08:13 AM PST

  2. syd23krisfan5/13/2009


    May 13, 2009
    09:41 AM PST

  3. rockmusic5/13/2009

    just absolutly loved last night show! It is tough to gess who will stay. I didnt have any trouble getting thru to vote and that scared me because I was worried that nobody was voting for Adam. I am curious to hear what Bono thought of Adams performance.
    Hey I love reading yours posts.

    May 13, 2009
    10:37 AM PST

  4. Another great the vino.


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