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Idol Rock Night: A Hodge Podge of Duets, Cuteness and the Scream Heard 'Round the World!

Well I never thought I would use the word "cute" to describe Idol's Rock Night, but Rock Night turned out to be just that -- too stinkin' cute! With the exception of my ears bleeding from Gokey's solo, the night overall was a delightful hand-wrapped pink package of cuteness. Okay, maybe not pink . . . but a hand-wrapped black package did not sound right.

As expected, rockers Allison and Adam were no disappointment. And as far as the whole pimp slot thing goes, well, I guess Adam eventually had to serve his time in slot number one, but we will prove that it doesn't matter because Adam HAS to be safe. He just has to. And if he's not . . . I will start a riot. Man. Listen to me. I'm saying things like "WE will prove" and "I will start a riot?!" I'm all of a sudden picturing myself leading that riot, wearing nothing but some heavy eyeliner and a sign, draped from my neck, that reads "Glamberts Unite!" -- perhaps just marching up and down my street because the FOX studios are too far away, but I will be marching no less.

Adam KILLED Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love." And to those Adam-haters who want to argue, "well this was HIS genre," I reply, "why then has he killed every other genre?" Let's just face it, Gokey lovers . . . Gokey was bad. He was REAL bad.

In fact, I am still hiding under my blankie, sucking my thumb, afraid to come out because I fear Gokey is standing over me . . . watching. Waiting. Luckily, I pulled my computer under the covers and am able to finish this post. And then . . . it's Godspeed, Elizabeth.

Yes, Gokey lovers. I'm sorry. But that rendition of Aerosmith's "Dream On," well . . . I have no words. (Shocking, I know.) Slash was right when he set it up, pointing out that "everybody is going to be waiting for [that scream] at the end. If you pick that song, you better be able to do it." Yeah, I'll admit -- I was nervous. Paula's dancing, building it up even more, didn't help either. All the buildup while, I'm thinking, "why has he chosen this song?! It's not going to work!" Sure enough. As soon as it was "dream on! dream on!," I found myself drifting off into a nightmare. But -- I would rather not relive it. After all, my poor ears were bursting with mini blood rockets. Now, now. I know that's gross guys. But Simon did compare the performance to a horror film, and that is exactly what was going on in my living room. (Even still, considering I'm about to have a reenactment of Psycho on my hands because I still believe Gokey to be by my bedside.)

Now I have predicted a Gokey fourth place finish, and if there's any justice in this crazy world (after tonight's performance especially), that is exactly what will happen. But I am getting the feeling that this season's fans are so passionate about their chosen contestant, it may not be about the quality of individual performances anymore. . . rather, it may have become more of a war -- drawing the battle lines between "Team Adam" and "Team Gokey." (Guess which t-shirt I sport?)
Wow. I got off on such a tangent there, I forgot to talk about the whole "cuteness" factor. And this comes in to play particularly with that other contestant who performed -- the lovable Kris Allen. Remember him? I just wanted to embrace Kris tonight and tell him, "there there, Kris. Don't you worry about those evil judges. You just come with me and forget about little blonde wifey." (I keed. I keed.) But poor Kris really took a beating, didn't he?

After the extremely cute "Renegade" duet he did with Danny (I don't know why guys, it was just cute!), Simon simply critiques, "Danny was better." And with just those three little words, all of the life in Kris Allen got sucked right out. Sure, he tried to buck up afterwards, performing "Come Together" by the Beatles (it fits because it's "classic rock" people), but after Simon then compares Kris' performance to "eating ice for lunch [because] it leaves you with nothing to remember afterwards," Kris just looks completely beat down and lifeless. Watch out for those Simon Suckers, Kris. They'll get ya every time.
And while Allison was stellar singing Janis' "Cry Baby," her "Slow Ride" duet with Adam stole the show! And really people, could their embrace at the end have been any cuter? "She's like my little sister," Adam said. Aw! Gee guys. You're killing me here! And I must say, I LOVED Allison's sassiness after the judges told her that they thought she didn't pick the right song. For those of you loyal myrealitybit followers, you know that I can't STAND the SASS! But Allison did it in a manner that was so endearing, so darn cute, it made her more lovable than anything else. Of course I started shaking in my boots as soon as she started out with the whole, "it was Jefferson Airplane. And Piece of My Heart has been done." But as soon as she threw her hands up in the air, and told Simon, "you always say I should talk more, so maybe I should talk a lot. You just want me to let go," I wanted to tell her, "you had me at hello, Allison. You had me at hello." It was precious. Almost as precious as the pig-tails she was sporting during her meeting with Slash (how CUTE were those?!).

So what did you all think of this crazy Rock night? Should Adam have gone first? Do I even need to ask which duet you preferred? Was it obvious that Slash was referring to Adam when he said he only wanted to mentor because this season had a couple of standouts? Who would be the other one? Did you just love the moment when Kris said he wanted to pee his pants after meeting Slash as much as I did? And last but not least, who do you think DESERVES to go home?


  1. AW3SOM35/06/2009

    Loved Rock night, except for the ear killing song performed by Gokey. AWFUL.
    Adam rocked the house, as always.
    Allison did really good, loved the sass.
    Kris was just as awful as Gokey. Paused the TV and waited for it to end.
    Kris and Gokeys duet was just as awful as their individual performance.
    Adam and Allison rocked the house together, making a pefect ending for the night.

    Slash was definantly referring to Adam. Allison was probably the other due to her rocker voice.

    Either Kris or Danny has got to go. Based on all performances and not just last night, Kris. Just based on last night...both.

    May 06, 2009
    10:03 AM PST

  2. Alicia02195/06/2009

    I am an die hard Danny fan ... but last night was definitly not his night. He has an incredible voice and even though "rock" is not his genre (so says the judges) I see him singing some good "new rock or alternative music" ... like The Fray or something like that. He has a nice raspy tone to his voice, I think he could pull that off nicely. As far as Adam ... and I'm puking in my mouth for saying this ... he was the best (last night)! His, to put it nicely, feminine faces are enough to make me want to kill myself, but when i walked to the kitchen and could only hear him - he did an awesome job on Zeppelin! Allison-I totally thought she rocked that song, even though it wasn't the best song for her to chose, she should have gotten a little wild with some Pat Benetar or something but .. all in all, pretty good job. Poor Kris, I love Simon but I wanted to punch him in the face! Kris didn't do an terrible job, but it could have been better!

    May 06, 2009
    10:18 AM PST

  3. rockmusic5/06/2009

    Danny should go but Kris will go. Adam is going to take it all the way. Rock night rocked. Slash well he's Slash (super talent). The pee my pant statement I would not have said on tv. Well you said it all not much more to say.


    May 06, 2009
    10:19 AM PST

  4. carol_lee5/06/2009

    Great blog man! I'm 47 and I'm doing things I've never done before - like blogging and buying Idol videos. Crazy!! Love it!!

    Oh I can hardly wait to see Adam in person in Vancouver.


    May 06, 2009
    10:23 AM PST

  5. crazylady8575/06/2009

    Loved your comments, and this is the week I'm officially in the Adam boat. Whether your not you like the makeup and hairstyle? you can't deny that he can sing!

    May 06, 2009
    10:26 AM PST

  6. oxyjen885/06/2009

    It was certainly obvious to me Slash was referring to Adam as one of the "few" standouts, but now I think he said "few" to cover up that he really thinks there is only *one* for both the show's sake, the other contestant's sake, and his own for his responsibility in it to be a mentor to everyone.

    I was afraid for Danny doing that song. He should not have picked something that required a "rock scream" cause he just doesn't have the pipes. He could have picked other classic rock artists such as my personal favorite Tom Petty, who never screams but always packs just as powerful a rock punch.

    May 06, 2009
    10:27 AM PST

  7. thins285/06/2009

    I can say you and the judges are high on Adam. Will he sell millions of records, probably. Personally do I like his voice or style. No. Is he trying to be a Elvis/Alice Cooper combo? He sings in too high a range for me to enjoy. Adam did blow CW night, he should have been gone after his Johnny Cash rendition, it wasn't even worthy of a bad karoake night, more tequila please on that one!
    Personally I vote for Allison, then Danny, and maybe Kris. I enjoy someone who I can recognize their own voice, I could blend Adam's in with others. Best duet, yeah Adam and Allison rocked it, but I also really enjoyed Danny and Kris together. I enjoyed the last 3 contestants performances than Adam's last night. Would we classify him a sopranist? He can sing in a lower range but chooses not to have his own distinct voice. Allison definitely has a distinct voice, albeit a little Janis Joplin like last night I still enjoyed her song more. Kris brings his own style which is enjoyable, although he strikes me as the acoustic guitar performer in a coffee shop. Danny has a lot of energy, good voice, is it distinct, not really. The judges can fret over Adam but he is no David Cook whom you can distinguish when he comes on the radio!

    May 06, 2009
    10:32 AM PST

  8. Chaine265/06/2009

    i like danny...since yesterday..but tonight was just hilariously horrifying..i was just so shocked when his song reached its end..the scream was like a cat being murdered!just when i was starting to like danny..Adam killed it!he was just phenomenal to say the least and, though i love adam, allison and him looks good together!!^^,

    May 06, 2009
    10:39 AM PST

  9. adamdevoted5/06/2009

    I loved rock night for one reason. I don't want to reiterate the obvious but: Adam = awesome, as usual, Allison = adorable and has never screwed up, Kris = cute, competent, over his head, Danny = unbelievably, incredibly, beyond belief......HORRIBLE! Add to that his arrogance during his critique and you have a total failure.

    What I enjoyed equally well as rock night was your blog. You're hilarious and write with wit. Thanks for the entertainment.

    May 06, 2009
    10:52 AM PST

  10. Adam and Allison rocked!
    Interesting how the judges prefaced their critique about rock not being Kris/Gokey's genre ... well guess what, besides Randy, did you hear any of them cutting Adam some slack because he didn't perform in the usual "twangy", country style?
    Kris did okay; but geez louise Danny ... that was absolute rubbish and the worst performance not only of the night ... the whole season ... but you'd think the judges, except Simon were deaf. And what was that follow up comment from Simon ... but I think you'll be safe? Gokey with his holy moly church following makes me puke!
    My Top 3 have been: Adam, Allison and Kris. They started their journey together since the Top 36 and would love to see them end that way. The trio just come off as honest to goodness kids.
    And why do they keep bashing Allison? She's so perfect just the way she is. And her solo performance stood on its own.

    In spite of that, I've really got to hand it to the judges this season ... absolutely the best collection of talent!

    Adam, Allison, Kris SAFE
    Okey-Dokey go home! please!

  11. WHY does AI always go horribly wrong in the final 4 round? Allison is gone... and I was so looking forward to a finale between her and Adam, if only to hear another duet like 'Slow Ride'...

    I understand it's not Gokey's fault that America makes stupid choices through blind loyalty. He looked pretty stunned himself when Allison was sent off. But I just can't help feeling violent towards him right now! Even more so because it's fairly evident that he will make it to the finale. If Gokey fans can bail him out after that cat-killing performance of 'Dream On', they'll do anything.

    Adam's still gonna win though. He better. It'll be a vague sort of compensation for Allison being booted before she should've been.

  12. well said guys. thanks for the thoughtful comments to my blogs. and blinknmiss, i loved the "cat-killing performance" comment!

  13. babalou5/07/2009

    HOLY CHEST CHAINS, BATMAN! Adam tops himself AGAIN! Amazing how he keeps ramping up the heat in his performances. HE WAS BEYOND HOT!! All I can say about Whole Lotta Love is...Take me baby, just take me.

    Loved Allison's performance of Cry Baby. Sad to see her go.

    Felt bad for Kris and the pummeling he took from Simon.

    Kris and Danny's duet? They looked like two guys waiting at a bus stop.

    About Danny's performance--'nuf said. He thought he nailed the last note until he heard the playback. He thought it was very funny. Easy for him. He wasn't sitting in the audience when the cat died.

    Adam and Allison together--WOW! I could listen to them all night long! I love watching Adam work with other singers. He totally connected with Allison. She seemed relaxed and they both had fun. Loved it!

    May 06, 2009
    10:20 PM PST


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