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The Hills: Audrina Is Sooooo Over It!

On last night's Hills, we saw Stephanie messing up (again) at People's "Rev," Lo, I'm sorry, Lo-ie starting a job (for quite possibly the first time in her life) at Smashbox, and Heidi glamming it up to go meet Stacie at The Dime (where nothing was resolved, but does it really matter since we all know Speidi is married?). What IS worth a comment or two is in regard to this little question -- When in The Hell did the Dreen-ster grow a BACKBONE!? And a strong one at that!?

Apparently, through a Lauren lunch hint, we learn that Audrina blew off JB a few times (why did I have to glance that sentence over to make sure it was appropriate?). Then we learn, via subtitles, that Audrina dismisses JB while at a Script concert, I mean, work. All leading up to quite the climax (I'm really not trying to be dirty, guys, I swear). Here is the play-by-play:

Dreen-ster walks into Boho wearing a casual gray tee, blue jeans, and holy moly! What are those things on her feet?! Looks like someone got a hold of her simple black heels and bedazzled the hell out of them! Anyhoo, turns out this bar is apparently where Justin Bobby has been holed up, seeking refuge ... for lord knows how long. Either that, or he just escaped the mental ward because, at first glance, you would have thought he was a crazy in a black straight jacket.

He tells the Dreen-ster she looks "cute", and she proceeds to go "straight into it -- just like that."

Dreenie: "I can't do it anymore ... We both need to go our separate ways ... We can't even be friends. We've tried that. It doesn't work."
JB: "Don't get into it with me right now."
Dreenie: "I'm telling you this. That's it. I came to say goodbye face to face. And that's it. Don't call me. Don't text me. It's over." (She runs out the door.)
JB: "Whatever." (He sees if he can beat her in being first out the door.)
Dreenie: "That's it."

(It proceeds with snapping (figuratively and literally), Brody accusations, "we were never committed" talk, and ends with Dreenie seeming genuinely pissed, telling JB he's a liar and walking the ef outta there!)

Who knew she had it in her? I will even overlook the re-appearance of Jack-O hat because I do believe she even got in a subtle dig at Lo-ie! ["You know what's so funny? I used to work for Quixote Smashbox like THREE years ago."] Aw ... momma's proud. Stay strong girl! Now go get that Brody!


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