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SYTYCD Recap: Early Standouts?

So as I did with Idol, I probably won't be giving full recaps of SYTYCD until the finalists are chosen (this time, it will be the Top 20 as opposed to the Top 13). But after watching last night, there are a few things I wanted to comment on:
What I have learned from SYTYCD so far:

- There is a girl, Janette Manara who is trying to be Cheryl Burke.. Janette did improve her salsa moves, but this still may not be enough. This is the girl who used to have a skunk streak in her hair during previous season's auditions, but now I suppose she stands a better chance this year if she sports a Burke-do while also doing the same facial expressions as the Dancing With The Stars champ. This kind of bugs me because what I want to see is something different! We don't need no stinkin' imitations.
- Something different, however, did come in the form of EvanKasprzak and his older brother, Ryan. I was so excited to see Evan's return (he made it to the top 40 last year, and then, at the …

So You Think You Can Dance: Will It Move Me? I Shall Find Out Tonight!

Yes, my fellow Idol lovers who have been wondering, I WILL be tuning in tonight to that other Fox program: So You Think You Can Dance (herein forth to be referred to as "SYTYCD"; dang -- "Idol" was so much simpler). Again, I apologize for missing the first episode; Florida was calling my name. You understand.
Now I have to put up this disclaimer: I will be tuning in tonight a bit unsure of how I feel about this show. Will I be sassy? Will I be sweet? I just don't quite yet know what my, if you will, visceral response to this Idol-Runner-Up programming will be.
Clearly, (in large part due to the awesomeness that was American Idol: Season 8) Idol has quickly become my favorite show on television ... hands down. As Idol viewers, we get to follow a seemingly unknown along his or her path to super stardom -- an emotional journey with tear-filled highs and gut-wrenching lows, but we love it, and we even feel like we have a great hand in propelling our chosen one into …

Uh Oh! Did Kris Get By With a Little Help From AT&T Friends?

According to The New York Times, the voting that powered our newest American Idol, Kris Allen, to the top may have been woefully askew. Apparently, two Allen parties held on the night of the finals had a few AT&T employees in attendance. In case you forgot, AT&T is one of AI's biggest sponsors. Instead of BYOB, it was Bring Your Own Demo Phones that allow a voter to text exponentially! This "power texting" allowed for 10 votes being cast with just the touch of a button! It seems that the same was not done for Adam Lambert.
Fox has yet to comment, but I found this little statement by AT&T to be quite interesting: "In Arkansas, we were invited to attend the local watch parties organized by the community. A few local employees brought a small number of demo phones with them and provided texting tutorials to those who were interested."
Hmmm . . . something stinks in Arkansas.
What do you all think of this Idol scandal? Now that I'm finally getting cont…

I am Back!

Well I am back from Florida, my friends. Idolis over. Kris is the winner. And Adam is still a star. Elizabeth is still a little bitter. But she has also grown -- into a state of acceptance, that is.
Now, a motto I believe in is "if it's meant to be, then it will be." So I will have faith in that.
Once I get over my jet lag and caught up on the new programs I have missed (So You Think You Can Dance), I will get back to the regular posting . . .
Thanks for your patience :-) Elizabeth

American Idol: I AM AT A LOSS

Elizabeth is speechless. The blog site that is may be no more. (Half joke ... so don't stop following me.)

A large piece of it has died due to reasons I can not even write about right now because if I do, this cruel shock of a joke may become real.

I will say one thing. At least Adam is not bound by the crap that is "No Boundaries," and he can release a single that people will actually want to hear.

I mean, I got love for Kris Allen. (So cute when he said that Adam deserved it.) But REALLY?!?!?!?!?

Current Emotional Stage Elizabeth Is In: DENIAL

(She will let you know when she is out of hiding.) Right now, she just wants to crawl under her blankie, lie her little head on her Adam Lambert pillow, and pray. Pray that when she wakes up, this will have been all one big nightmare.

American Idol: Who Will It Be??!?!?

We are just a half hour away from the live 2-hour finale -- on the verge of finding out who our next American Idol is! First of all, let me start out by saying that I apologize for the lack of recap of last night's performance. I will have you know that Elizabeth is taking a much needed va-cay to Florida! She has been traveling all day and is wearied. (Not to mention the fact that I did not get much sleep as I was tossing and turning from nightmares directly spawning from last night's abomination, a.k.a. the Kara DioGuardi coronation song! The horror if that has to be the first single of Adam or Kris!)
In fact, I am flying over Atlanta right now! Now had I known when I booked my reservation 3 months ago that my travels would interfere with my Idol, I would have told my friend who is getting married -- "Sorry. But, you understand."
Anyways, with the great invention of Wi-Fi on most participating Delta flights (I should be their spokesperson), I will be able to see every…

American Idol: Ding! Ding! Ding! It's Almost Showtime!

In one corner: It's the lovable puppy dog, Kris Allen. The man nobody thought stood a chance until he came out swinging with stripped down renditions of "Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone," "She Works Hard for the Money," and, of course, the one we will never forget -- "Heartless." But does this dog have another "Heartless" trick up his sleeve? Kris fans need it as he faces off against who is In the other corner, Idol favorite, Adam Lambert! The guy who is widely speculated as someone who could be the first gay American Idol, and, therefore, a contestant who could make Idol history! -- something I personally don't give a hoot about. I say he makes more history through his note-breaking vocal ability, the variations of his look, his song choices -- a guy who has all the sex appeal in the world, but yet also seems like one who wouldn't hurt a fly. And somehow, all of this craziness works! These two deserving finalists have proven…

The Bachelorette Airs Tonight!

Tonight is the premier of The Bachelorette! (Yay! Something to watch now that Idol is ending.) First-runner-up, Melissa Rycroft, is excelling on Dancing With the Stars! Now let's see how Jillian fairs, after also being dumped by that creepoJason Meznick. I wonder how him and Molly are doing . . . ah, who am I kidding? Does anybody actually care about those two?!

Jillian is the typical girl-next-door, who has an atypical asphyxiation with hot dog toppings. Now if I can just get over that accent, I think I'll be okay.
[Update: After just watching the introduction of her "gentleman callers," I'm going to go out on a limb and make my early picks: Mark the "pizza guy" and Jake "the pilot" who so cheesily donned his captain's hat and did the ol' once over in the mirror. Do guys really do that?] 
What about you? Will you be watching?Any early picks?


Almost 2 1/2 days until Adam Lambert is crowned the next American Idol! I mean, 'til we find out who our next Idol will be! So, in the meantime, I present a couple of fun Idol facts:
Mark Kaye of WAPE 95.1 interviewed Paula Abdul this past Saturday, in which she revealed she is not sure whether her or Kara DioGuardi will return next year (contradicting Simon's recent statements on Ellen.) Simon, however? Well, he's apparently signed on for another year.
Good thing because results from an AOL Television poll reveal that 70% of American Idol fans think the show is as exciting as ever, but 49% will not watch if Simon Cowell left. [44% think that Kara DioGuardi is “awful.” This is also abundantly clear in my own little poll to the right. Paula is almost a 3 to 1 favorite!] Ha! DioGuardi certainly seems to be expendable, but I ask, "An Idol without the Paula?!" Why, that's like a Big Mac without the special sauce! (Indeed, Paula is "special." But please, P…

American Idol Results Recap: Just How Did We Get to a Kris/Adam Finale?

Okay, everybody. I'm sure you are expecting a post full of Gokey bashing, sprinkled with some Adam/Kris gloating, but I have decided that I am going to try and be unbiased, look at how we got to this final two, and write from an objective point of view. (We will see how long this lasts, but cut me some slack ... I'm trying.)

I'm also feeling friendly because I realized something last night -- regardless of what side you air on ... you gotta love the passion that has been unique to this whole American Idol Season 8! I have never seen anything like it before! So let's embrace it because it is all so very, very exciting. (Aw, lookie there. An Adam hater wiping the blood off Glambert #3081, and embracing that Glambert, just like Kris' dad did to him. Perhaps when hell freezes over, but I'm trying to be Peacemaker Elizabeth here.) Channeling my Eccentric Panther, I say, "Spread the Love. Spread the Love." (YouTube it in case you missed that most excellent …

Idol Trifecta: Dark Horse Stays in the Running while the Favorite Flies!

My my my. Quite the performance show tonight. Where to begin?!!? Well, I will just start out by saying, if the final two (after tonight especially) does not include Kris and Adam, I will dig a little hole through my basement floor, squeeze into it, crawl into said hole, sit Indian style, cross my little arms, and refuse to ever be seen again. Okay, okay. Maybe that is an exaggeration. I will crawl into said hole, sit Indian style, cross my little arms, and only come out every once in a while for some mac & cheese. (A girl needs to eat after all.) But then, it's right back in the hole!

I mean, come on people. After tonight, if it is not clear that this is who the final two should be, then please, make your own little hole, find yourself a little blankie, get comfortable and a good meal in your belly, because soon ... it's "NO mac & cheese for you!"
Sorry. I tend to go off on those little tangents. So let's just get Gokey out the way, shall we? Paula chose …

American Idol ... It's Almost Showtime!!!

(come on, Kris. Fight the powers that be!)

Can you feel it? It's that Idol excitement looming in the air. Because in almost one and a half hours, we will be free of the "Disco" and "Mo-Town" theme nights and all the song choice restrictions they bring, and we will find out just what our beloved Idols (I'm talking to you Adam and Kris!) choose to sing (and perform if you're initials are A.L.) when the song choice is open to any song their little hearts desire. Now since the song book is soooooo wide open here, I'm just going to leave it in their trusty hands.
And, of course, those of the judges since there is also that Judges' Choice tonight. But I have always been a fan of this, especially when it comes to Simon's picks. (Does anyone recall his choice for Katherine McPhee? Somewhere Over the Rainbow? Nuff' said.) (WILL Adam sing ONE? WILL Adam sing Wicked Game?) My excitement is mounting ...
Now I still have my pipe dream of an Adam/Kris…

The Hills: Audrina Is Sooooo Over It!

On last night's Hills, we saw Stephanie messing up (again) at People's "Rev," Lo, I'm sorry, Lo-ie starting a job (for quite possibly the first time in her life) at Smashbox, and Heidi glamming it up to go meet Stacie at The Dime (where nothing was resolved, but does it really matter since we all know Speidi is married?). What IS worth a comment or two is in regard to this little question -- When in The Hell did the Dreen-ster grow a BACKBONE!? And a strong one at that!?

Apparently, through a Lauren lunch hint, we learn that Audrina blew off JB a few times (why did I have to glance that sentence over to make sure it was appropriate?). Then we learn, via subtitles, that Audrina dismisses JB while at a Script concert, I mean, work. All leading up to quite the climax (I'm really not trying to be dirty, guys, I swear). Here is the play-by-play:

Dreen-ster walks into Boho wearing a casual gray tee, blue jeans, and holy moly! What are those things on her feet?! Look…

American Idol: Possible Spoiler for Tonight...

So tonight on Idol, we will see Kris, Danny and Adam take the standard finalist journeys back to their individual hometowns. Where they will be King [I don't want any queen jokes here people] of the parade! Where cheerleaders will rally! And, of course, where they will find out what judge's song choice they get! (Hmmm ... will they knock Kara out of the picks here?)

Regardless, we have seen that Mr. Adam Lambert has always been FULL of surprises when it comes to song choice, and if you want to continue to be surprised, I suggest you do not read any further after this Adam picture ...

Okay, you naughty devil, you, here is your Spoiler. Follow the Adam jumps by clicking on the orange links.
Word on the Idol Street is that this judge chooses Adam's song (Hooray! It's not this one!), and it is is rumored to be either this beautiful song or possibly even this one. Oooooohhhhh baby! Can't Wait!

[image via]

Look-A-Like for The Week

Left: "12-Pack" from the gem that is Daisy of Love Right: "Ice-Man" (Val Kilmer) in Top Gun (By the way, I don't remember Daisy being so unfortunate looking in the face from when she was on that other pearl, Rock of Love ... anyone?)

Sound Bite of the Week: TIME MAGAZINE Calls Adam Lambert a Star

"Idol is a reliable source of platinum talent largely because the talents it produces--Kelly Clarkson, Chris Daughtry, Carrie Underwood--respect the conventions of its genres. They are nice singers who sing nice songs nicely. Lambert, 27, may have the best chops of the bunch (his ability to hold high notes recalls Grace Slick in her prime), but where he really outshines them is in self-awareness. While his peers act as if being plucked from obscurity to sing in prime time is normal, he understands that he's on a television show, where acting normally would be completely abnormal. In his hands, a song and a performance are separate messaging opportunities, so "Born to Be Wild" becomes a rock anthem and show tune, "Ring of Fire" a love song verging on the orgiastic.
The judges love Lambert, but they are also routinely stumped: "Confusing and shocking and sleazy!" shouted Kara DioGuardi after Lambert seduced Sammy Davis Jr.'s "Feeling Good.&…

I'm Just a Girl on American Idol, And It's a Bitch.

Well, the tissues are used up. As well as the toilet paper. And even, yes, the paper towels. Damn my nose is sore. But you know what's even more sore? My little heart. Because last night, our Allison Iraheta was taken from us, leaving me to absently wave at my TV, thinking Allisoncould actually see me, and leaving us to face the unfair truth that Gokey is, in fact, a top three finalist. Yes, my friends, I am all cried out.
Now I have been seeking out my words of wisdom to share with you all so that we may come together, embrace what has happened, and move forward.
Allison was "Just a Girl" in this big Idol world, and, indeed, it was hard for her to fight the man. The man being the show that is American Idol. The man being the a-hole that is Simon "no my face is not stuck like this - I just always look pissed off because I'm a piece of poop" Cowell. (I would love to have called him something more than a piece of poop, but I will keep it PG. Well, maybe I can …

My Letter to Kris Allen

Dear Kris:

I just wanted to write this letter because after tonight, I may never see you again. If America got it right last night, I will. But I'm not banking on it.
You did not deserve to be thrown under the bus by those Idol judges last night. Keep in mind that they were just supporting the pre-ordained Gokey. (I will not even get into THAT rant again, because this letter is about you.)
You've come a long way kid. And I ain't talkin' about just those looks of yours. Who knew from that day long ago, when you came into my life, singing "Man In The Mirror," you'd be here now -- in the Top 4? You were certainly the underdog, and I am proud to say you really have come into your own.
I will be watching you tonight with bated breath. And please know, if it's you who goes home, instead of that Danny, there will be a silent tear, falling down a little cheek, in a little apartment, somewhere in the South. You didn't deserve such abuse last night. And anytim…

Idol Rock Night: A Hodge Podge of Duets, Cuteness and the Scream Heard 'Round the World!

Well I never thought I would use the word "cute" to describe Idol's Rock Night, but Rock Night turned out to be just that -- too stinkin' cute! With the exception of my ears bleeding from Gokey's solo, the night overall was a delightful hand-wrapped pink package of cuteness. Okay, maybe not pink . . . but a hand-wrapped black package did not sound right.

As expected, rockers Allison and Adam were no disappointment. And as far as the whole pimp slot thing goes, well, I guess Adam eventually had to serve his time in slot number one, but we will prove that it doesn't matter because Adam HAS to be safe. He just has to. And if he's not . . . I will start a riot. Man. Listen to me. I'm saying things like "WE will prove" and "I will start a riot?!" I'm all of a sudden picturing myself leading that riot, wearing nothing but some heavy eyeliner and a sign, draped from my neck, that reads "Glamberts Unite!" -- perhaps just march…

American Idol: Rock Predictions for Our TOP 4!

Tonight on American Idol, it's our Top 4 and . . . Slash! Now there's some words I never thought I'd string together in a sentence. I wonder if the Guns & Roses and Velvet Revolver front man will have the ever-present cigarette hanging from his mouth as he mentors our tender, young Idols . . .

No matter. I am READY to ROCK! Tonight should definitely be interesting. Word on the street is that we might be in for a duet treat! Could this be? My dreams coming true of Adam and Allison singing together, just the two of them, on that wondrous Idol stage? Tantalizing me with hints of my Final Two dream? And oh yeah, Kris and Danny can sing together too.
The other word on the street is that tonight's songs come from the 70's and 80's. So without further ado . . . I present to you my ROCK predictions:
Rocker Chick Allison: Is it way too obvious to predict Janis for our lovable little red head? I have to include at least one, so I'll go with "Me & Bobby Mc…

American Idol: Rock Predictions to Come!

Okay, everybody. I'm still mulling over my IDOL predictions for tonight. Hopefully, I should have them posted by mid-afternoon. I really want to give it some thought since there are only FOUR left! In the meantime, Happy Cinco De Mayo! And Happy Idol Tuesday!! Can't wait! In the meantime, what songs do you think we will hear tonight?

The Hills: Cat Fights! (and a bit of a rant)

Oh, this season's Hills is shaping up to be better than I anticipated! Tonight's episode featured not one, but TWO cat fights! Girls hating on other girls for the guys' mistakes. What's up with that? If you're going to hate on the girl your guy is cheating on you with . . . why not hate the guy too? I just don't get it.

And as much as I hate Stacie's helium voice, she does have a point, enlightening poor, pouty Heidi,"... there's always going to be another Stacie." And here I thought she was only good for a "Pour Some Sugar on me Play." Yes, Spencer may not cheat on Heidi again with Stacie, but I have a feeling his cheating ways will eventually resurface. At least they're attending "therapy," which, I must say, I am loving by the way!
But what I'm NOT loving is the pug face that is Brody's girlfriend, Jayde! Eeeww! Homegirl is nasty! Drink some more jager girl. Hate on the poor-dreenster because you are insecure,…

The Fashion Show? Replacing my Project Runway?

So I just saw a preview on BRAVO for a new series, The Fashion Show, premiering next Thursday. It looks like it will be Bravo's Project Runway's replacement. Hmmm . . . could this be just as good or will it be a lame copy-cat? Isaac Mizrahi hosts (well, co-hosts if you want to count Kelly Rowland), and I must say, I do like him. "The challenges are designed to get you ready for the actual real world," Isaac says. Is this a hint that Project Runway's grocery store challenges aren't? (Corn husks for a micro-mini anyone?) And if Merlin (who we see in this introduction clip) makes it far. . . I just might have to tune in! Will you?

Celebrity Apprentice: Three Chickens Go "Cluck, Cluck, Cluck ... SPLAT!"

Holy S-R-A-P! (Thank you, Brande, for demonstrating that maybe Joan was right on Ellen, when she said, "Brande couldn't even spell 'mom' backwards.") Whether you want to argue Brande as a "dumb blonde" or as a genius on the verge of some hot new catch-phrase, it doesn't dispute the fact that Holy SRAP!, we said goodbye to THREE peeps on the Celebrity Apprentice last night . . . leaving us with the FINAL TWO: Annie Duke (who I think was an obvious choice) and Ms. Joan Rivers herself! Guess this "geriatric comedienne" finally cooled her jets after last week's firing of her precious chick-a-dee. And while I realize Joan's actual punchline was "cluck, cluck, cluck . . . SPLASH" -- seeing that Donald didn't crack a smile after she delivered it, I'm changing it to SPLAT. For the sake of this article's sense (and because I don't want to upset the Donald!).

First Chickie to go SPLAT: Clint Black. I'm sorry . . …


Wow! This post goes a little out of the usual realm of things, but I just HAD to post it! This little girl is AMAZING! I just learned of her when going through some "Ellen" recordings and found one with Joan and Melissa Rivers. So I thought I would write a post based off of some antics they might throw out . . . but this little girl, Emily Bear, happened to be on the same episode, which aired April 30th, and she quickly stole that spotlight. YouTube did not have this episode's performance posted of her yet, but here is just one of her many magical moments. PLEASE watch the whole clip. It is simply incredible. (this second one at the 4:30 mark brought a tear to my eye.)


It's Look-A-Like . . .um Friday!?

Left: The Hills', Audrina Patridge
Right: Actress, Isabel Lucas