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Idol Results: A Night of Jaw Droppers!

So the results from Rat Pack night are in, and we said goodbye to Matt G., as most of America predicted. What most of America did not probably expect, however, was that the Second-Coming-of-Elvis himself, Mr. Adam Lambert, would be Matt's bottom two bunk mate.

Now as soon as Ryan sent Kris back to safety (where a shocked and awed Danny and Allison sat), I too sat on my couch with my jaw dropped open, much like fellow jaw-droppers Danny and Allison and ah-hem, someone else(?) (we'll get to that in a moment). But I quickly and flippantly said to my TV, "Yeah right. Give me a break. We all know Adam is safe. You just want to scare us, but it's not working. It would have been more surprising if you kept Kris in the bottom two and actually made us sweat it out a little! Ryan!." (In case you're wondering, yes, I really do talk to my TV out loud like this.) And no matter how much of a front I wanted to put up to my TV, I'll admit, the tiniest of sweat beads (much like those found commonly on Anoopie's upper lip) began breaking out on my forehead.

But if you thought Adam being in the bottom two was weird, let me give you a quick run down of all the uncomfortable events that transpired last night:

4) Gokey gives us the bonus extended version of whatever this secret formula is he has seemed to have figured out. It was a very verbose and cryptic answer, ending in "I have studied performers, and I'd rather not mention who." Hmmm. Why is he being so darn furtive!? And why do I have a feeling he's talking about Adam here? Oooh. It's on like Gokey Kong!

3) This moment also stars Gokey, but it's that jokster Ryan who's the culprit behind our Uncomfortable Moment #3. After a nice little journey to the Idol house, where we watched those silly Idols celebrate birthdays by baking cakes and smearing icing on one another (golly gee guys), Ryan presented Danny with a "Birthday" envelope. Turns out, it was a bill for $6000 for the maid service that cleaned up that gosh darn cake mess! And although this was meant (I think) as a joke, I could tell it made Danny a little uncomfortable, and me as well.

2) The second most uncomfortable moment of the night goes to when Seacrest made lovable Adam choose a side! The NERVE! Adam looks to Danny and Allison. Then looks to Kris and Matt. Don't fall for it Adam! Don't fall for it! But then (after a pushy little Seacrest insists upon it), Adam says, "Well, based on last night . . .." Nooooooo, Adam! Don't do it! Plop your little kiester right in the middle of the two groups a-la Archuletta style. Alas, Adam actually chose and picked to belong to Gokey and Allison, only to be quickly ushered by puppet-master Ryan on over to the dark side. Dun dun dun (that is my stab at ominous music). And finally . . .

1) Uncomfortable Moment #1 . . . drum roll please . . . belongs to none other than . . . Ms. Kara Dio Guardi! Tell em' what she's won Pat. You gotta love it. Kara had another oops! moment when she said "My mouth went open again. That's what happens with Adam. Oh my God." And we have our THIRD BJ reference of the season folks! Hilarious. At least this Kara-ism was acknowledged right away. And if you have to think back to the first reference, I will give you the clue of Tatiana Del Toro. (Now there's a name.)

So what did you all think of this wacky results night? And for the love, could somebody tell me what is up with that robotic thing musicians do in songs nowadays? (Jamie Foxx's performance . . . I can't stand that sound effect!) But hey, it was better than a scat-a-licious Ms. Cole who repeated "somethin's gotta give, somethin's gotta give" about 500 times, with each time getting more off key than the prior. Finally, I found myself, yet again, sad to see "the cat with nine lives" go. I just don't get it. Am I in some kind of abusive relationship with Matt G.? I did find his performance last night better than Tuesday's. Where do you all weigh in on these pressing issues? Feel free to comment below!


  1. Anonymous4/30/2009

    Elizabeth, I loved your take on last nights results. You were right on as always-always adding wit along the way. I wish they would put you in as a judge or better yet take over for Ryan himself. Anyway, as for the results, they could not have put Kris in the bottom two because he was not in the bottom two. That is why they could not send Adam back to safety. I'm sure you probably already know that. Anyway as with Elvis, I am relieved to know that Adam lives.Makes me want to actually pick up the phone and start voting. I agree with the night of uneasiness- that's what happens with a live show I suppose. As for Matt I am sick of the fedora Justin Timberlake look as well but I started thinking, he probably wears the hat to hide that big ol' growth on his forehead.

  2. Anonymous4/30/2009

    hey elizabeth i Posted anonymous because i had trouble with my account for some reason. Just in case you don't know who commented, it was me Tina
    Love ya

  3. Anonymous4/30/2009

    "4) Gokey gives us the bonus extended version of whatever this secret formula it is he has seemed to have figured out. It was a very verbose and cryptic answer, ending in "I have studied performers, and I'd rather not mention who." Hmmm. Why he is being so darn furtive!? And why do I have a feeling he's talking about Adam here? Oooh. It's on like Gokey Kong!"

    I love how you feel like Danny was talking about Adam too. I just had a feeling it was Adam as soon as Danny said it. It was almost 100% it was him. anyways excellent blog :)

  4. thanks for the love guys . . . and, of course, I always LOVE the agreement (makes it easier for me :) ) by the way, hard to do a closed parentheses after a smily face.

    anyhoo.. tina, yes, of course kris was not in the bottom two (despite the conspiracy theories out there) -- facts say adam was indeed in the bottom two . . BLASPHEMY!
    too many women loving that plaid over my boy's eyeliner i suppose. (but i am going to go ahead and say . . . i am FEELING the Kris . . . dare i say it?!?)

    and xalist ~ glad you can relate . . hope to see you around more :) (we can always use more sanity around here!)

  5. As always, an excellent blog -- right on the money. Don't worry about talking out loud to the tv, I think it's the 'odd' folks that don't! We probably only have to worry it if the tv starts answering back. ;) And you know this is coming -- I thought it was GREAT Adam was in the bottom two. I knew there was no way he was leaving, but I really hope it gives him pause enough to eat a lil' humble pie...I'm just sayin... ~J~

  6. jurgles5/01/2009

    First time blogger here. This is the first Idol I've Idol watched since day 1, because of Adam. Past Idols, I'll watch here and there but got tired of watching. Adam is such an artist, he has the look, the talent, and he is so polite. I was shocked that he was in the bottom 2. I thought that Allison wasn't that great and frankly, although she can belt it out, I am tired of her voice - seems to be the same no matter what song she's singing. I thought that she should have been in the bottom 3. Matt was great - I loved the way he sang. Kris was good, not great. Danny was ok, but it wasn't my favorite for the Rat Pack week. I think that the Adam fans are getting over-confident and therefore aren't voting as much or not at all. Yeah I agree that Ryan was very rude, I was embarrased for Adam.
    We need to keep voting to keep Adam in for the finals. I will keep voting for him, because I believe in him - he is the best they have, bar none.

    May 01, 2009
    06:27 AM PST

  7. yes, j. it is always worrisome when an electronic device takes on human qualities. i still have nightmares of the that fateful Tuesday night when my dvr took on life forms i never knew it capable of possessing: its wires strangling me ... the f-bomb being dropped quite frequently by both him and me. i shudder at that haunting memory still to this day.

    moving on ~

    as always, thanks for your opinion! but i would be amiss to say, Adam don't need no stinkin' humble pie! that is what i love about him . . . his humility! and that's why it just made no sense to me seeing him in that predicament. I digress.
    Glad you could get a giggle out of my torment. ;-)

  8. Awww.... "a giggle out of your torment" was never my intent. By humble pie, I was referring to his cavalier attitude whenever Ryan (Bless his pointed lil head), is standing them up to say who is safe or not. When he stands, he looks around with an expression of "why bother me?" I know I am safe...that bugs me... I would like to see him lose that. I'm still a fan.. you're still the best! Take care over there... ~J~

  9. swingink5/03/2009

    I love your style!

    May 01, 2009
    07:21 PM PST

  10. babalou5/03/2009

    Great blog! Thanks for making me laugh. I was so freaked out by what happened to Adam, I'd forgotten about this other stuff. It was truly a weird and wacky night.

    May 02, 2009
    10:22 PM PST


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