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Idol Recap: Disco . . . meh, I Feel Numb.

A little overdue, but my American Idol recap nonetheless. No, I was not hiding under my covers because I failed to make a single correct prediction (I won't count "September" or "Stayin' Alive"). I have been a busy bee at work, guys. So if you will please forgive me, I can get on with the disco dishing as well as with tonight's predictions (which, this time, should be correct!).

I'm still trying to decide if I am over or under whelmed with last night's performances. They neither thrilled me nor disappointed me. I guess you can just call me a big ol' Switzerland. Or even a big ol' Sweden for that matter (shout out to you, Jessica Alba).

Neutral Feeling #1: We had 3 1/2 Donna Summer songs, all performed with very opposite arrangements from the originals. Now while I have always championed someone who chooses to do a stripped-down melody, I also felt that three out of seven performances like this got to the point of overkill and predictability. Kris stripped "She Works Hard For the Money." Adam stripped "If I Can't Have You," (okay, written by Brothers Gibb, but performed by Summer, hence - the 1/2) and finally with the pimp-slot of the night, Anoopie stripped "Dim All The Lights." Whoah. Easy now, boys. Disco is going to be left naked! Now, now. Don't get me wrong! (I can already hear the boos.) I thoroughly enjoyed Kris' performance, and I even felt a visceral response from Adam's take on the song (props to you, Paula, on the vocab word of the night). But since the genre of the night was DISCO, these numbers left me with the sense that I needed something more. A disco light perhaps? Maybe even a little Saturday Night Live - I mean - Fever (Kara just keeps em' coming) John Travolta dance move (I would settle for any one here.) Heck, towards the middle of the show, I had forgotten the theme! Now whether that's good or bad? Still not sure . . .

[Side note: While we're on the subject of Kara-isms, could somebody please explain to me what the expression "Donna Summer, Four on the Floor" means? Now disco was before my time, and this very well could be a legit expression, but being that it came out of Kara's mouth . . . I digress.]
Neutral Feeling # 2: Danny Gokey. I can't figure out just why this guy isn't doing it for me anymore. He gives great vocals. He sings from his soul. But nothing ever stands out to me. Ever. Well, I should say, anymore. He used to do it for me. Singing "Kissed From A Rose" and the whole time during Hollywood Week. I just can't put my finger on it . . .

Neutral Feeling #3: Should Matt stay or should Matt go after his hip-hop take on "Stayin' Alive"? As Kara mentioned, he did manage to infuse the disco-vibe back into the night, so props there. But I gotta say, his attempt tonight to validate two saves from the judges (let's not forget Wildcard Week) just didn't happen. Matt needs to get out of "Idol-Land" (Simon's new word) and needs to channel himself back to reality. While he's at it, Matt also needs to lose the fedora, perhaps get on his knees, face the Idol stage, front and center, channel Wayne's World, and proclaim "I'm not worthy." Then about-face to the judges, and repeat, "I'm not worthy." However, one of my predictions for tonight is that while Matt will find himself in the bottom three, he will not be out. Not yet, at least.

No, tonight - tonight will send Lil and Anoopie packing. Lil - ah, Lil. I think my words are used up on you. You constantly don't want to listen, and you especially don't want to hear the judges, sassing back with "I had fun." Well whoop-de-freaking-do! Congratulations. You had fun. What does that mean? And, Anoopie. I must say, while you did look fabulous with your extra facial hair, new feathered-winged-back hair-do, and pink suit ensemble, I'm afraid it just won't be enough.
Now I'm going to halt right here and stop with the negativity already. I can feel myself becoming a Debbie-Downer, and I never want to be one of those. Wah. Wah. Wah. I do have some positives. Allison Iraheta for one. True, her outfits never seem to quite fit together (it's like someone is dressing a doll and can't figure out how to make the top and the bottom one cohesive unit), but Allison's rendition of Summer's "Hot Stuff" was, in Simon's words, "brilliant," no matter what tempo. Even though she too altered a Summer song's arrangement, I still thought it to be (even over Kris and Adam) the best performance of the night. [Other positives, of course, being Adam Lambert just showing up and well, that's enough for me.]
How did you all feel about the disco night? They cut out the weekly celebrity mentor and some idle chit-chat to, for once, be on time, but did you still feel rushed? And who do you think will be in the bottom three? Do you think perhaps Danny might sneak in this week? Finally, who do you think should go home? Has Matt's bell finally rung?


  1. connie4/22/2009

    well.......let me say that i so totally agree with you on allison. that voice.....takes me back even BEFORE disco, when janis rocked out with that deep and gritty sound. if i could suddenly have a singing voice, i'd want hers. i'd definitely dress differently though.

    even though i was alive and dancin' during the disco years, i don't know what "four on the floor" means in regard to music. hell, i was still pondering "saturday night LIVE". OH......FEVER! How embarrassing kara! shutup!

    disco week is like the spring break of an idol season. blech.

    adam still is my #1. the emotion he pours into a song........omg. no other boy performs as well. chris is gaining ground, and starting to pass danny, who i thought was a shoo-in for third place.

    my trifecta bet is adam, allison, and chris in the final laps.

    i disagree that anoop goes tonight. i believe he'll join the silver stool favs matt and lil again, but i think noop dawg will comfortably curl up on the couch again.

    the real question far into the show will we be before ryan berates kara for her saturday night live faux pas.

  2. Top 0404/22/2009

    I heard a lot of tunes that were done as disco at some point in time ... but... I never heard a disco tune once ... where was the disco beat ... DISCO NITE should be redone again and this time do DISCO


  3. ha! GREAT comments, Connie! and isn't that the truth . . they always have to lightly poke at kara on results night by pointing out her faux pas from the night before just so their "new" judge doesn't look like a total idiot!
    and i would definitely join you on your trifecta bet. My four go like this: 1) Adam, 2) Kris, 3) Allison, 4) Gokey.
    But, of course, I'd rather it be "Team A" in the final 2!

  4. SCatastrophe184/22/2009

    I thoroughly enjoyed this recap, especially the part regarding Matt. WELL-PUT.

    April 22, 2009
    05:20 PM PST

  5. Connie4/22/2009

    I humbly bow before thee, Ms. E!

  6. why thank you connie. i will forgive.

  7. iminablizzard4/23/2009

    Four on the floor (or four to the floor) is a rhythm pattern characterized by a steady beat played on the bass drum in 4/4 time - it was popularized in disco music. "Four on the floor" refers to the fact that the bass drum sat directly on the floor and the drummer stamped on a pedal with his/her foot in order to play it.

  8. thank you iminablizzard. here i thought it was just another one of those kara-isms! but thank you . . i appreciate the enlightenment!


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