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Idol: Night's Performances More Surprising Than Results

So, as predicted, we said bye on last night's Idol to the lovable contestant that was Scott MacIntyre. I was glad to see him make his exit from what some might consider to be his over-stayed welcome before getting dangerously close to being a patronized contestant . . oh wait, they did stretch out that judge's save bit a little too long for my tastes last night. Did anyone else notice how Simon didn't even glance Scott's way (while Scott sung his little heart out just a few feet away from those high-and-mighty judges) until he botched that last falsetto attempt? Did Simon really feel the need to make Scott beg ("I'll please you in other ways" . . huh?) by saying "two of us want you to stay, and for two of us, it's a no"? Come on, guys. Have a heart.

Not surprisingly, it ended up being a "no" for the guy Paula referred to as "one classy gentleman." Also unsurprising was my predicted bottom three (Anoopie and Little joined Scott). So why was the audience booing so much? And why did Simon say that this was the first week where the bottom three held one person in particular who they would definitely consider saving? Were they referring to Lil? And if so, may I ask, WHY?!?!!?!?! Her performances these past five weeks have been almost as awful as that gladiator-looking get up she had on. What was that thing? Maybe her and Paula were in cahoots together to conduct some kind of weird solar energy experiment after the show was over . . . I mean, did you see those creepy looking rubber gloves Paula was wearing?

The rest of the night, however, was filled with quite an unpredictable plethora of performances . . from Franky Avalon (yes, didn't know his name until Ryan said it) serenading Simon with "Venus" to Flo Rida singing "Right Round" (did the Fox producers not know the meaning behind this song?!) to a post-op looking Kellie Pickler (it looks like it's the nose this time guys!). Yes, quite the mix! Heck, we even had a LIVE group sing! (Botch-er-if-ic, but still live nonetheless.)

The best part of the performances, though, had to be Ryan's awkward interaction with Flo and Flo's scantily-clad entourage. It was as uncomfortable (if not more) as the interview segments on Jeopardy.

Ryan to Flo's Girls: "hello", "hi", "um, hello" (as he creepily looks them up and down)
Flo Girls to Ryan: (thought bubbles, "who is this shrimp ball and could someone remind me why I just wasted my strip tease on a family show?!)
Ryan to Flo: "My man. I like the company you keep."
Flo to Ryan: (I don't know who this cat is, touching my muscles, but hey everyone, "My album drops soon. I'm going international! Check me out!")

Um . . . yeah.

So what did you all think of the results show? Will they ever use this judge's save that is only in effect for three more weeks? Have you noticed the trend I have of whoever does the best on performance night, is the first one announced as "safe" on results night? Is it just me, or does Matt Giraud seem to be getting paler and paler with every passing episode? And just how darn cute was the ever-supportive, proud brother of Scott MacIntyre? God love em' both.


  1. Anonymous4/10/2009

    It's like you read my mind about the Wednesday night show! I really hate the growing amount disrespect that the judges are showing to the singers, especially durning their most vulnerable moments.
    On a different note: Are you going to be watching "So You Think You Can Dance"?

  2. but of course! i'm going to be very very sad when idol is over, but i am also a fan of SYTYCD and will most likely be blogging about that as well. i do love me some wade robson!

    and yeah, i was most saddened by the "deliberation" for scott. at least he seems to have the bigger picture in mind and has even said himself to use a "clever, humorous, diplomatic approach" when dealing with those judges.

    in the same interview though, he also said they might not let him into disneyland b/c they would probably have to "shut it down". Now do you think he was referring to his special assistance needs . . or is this a warped sense of celebrity. I'm going to go with the former.

  3. Anonymous4/10/2009

    on your comment, elizabeth, i think it could be a mixture of both. i hate to say it. scott has been a truly inspiring contestant and i really appreciate his quick wit. but he might have some self-perception issues b/c he really did seem to think his performances were way better than what they actual were.

    a great contestant nonetheless, and i wish him the best!

  4. oh, i love so you think you can dance! it's a nice thing to fill the emptiness of idol.
    i hope you blog about it. :-)


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