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Idol: Disco Results Night . . . Simply Groovy!!

Boy oh boy. Did I thoroughly enjoy the Idol Results show tonight. And I mean THOROUGHLY. Maybe I'm just in a good mood because somebody else bought my lunch today. Or maybe it's because my washer finally got fixed. Or maybe, just maybe, it was the culmination of all the events of tonight's most awesome show!!!

Awesome Event #1: The Group Dance! No, you didn't read that wrong. I meant "Dance" and not "Sing." Because, hey, it was lip-synched anyways. But that was all made up for in the cheesy-delightness of this Paula-choreographed "Shake Your Body Down To The Ground" number. And guess who's moves this girl was watchin'? Tis the boy who has said that if he didn't sing, he would want to be a dancer. Tis the boy with all the natural rhythm in the world - that's for sure. I mean, da-yum, Adam! Give a girl a break with those moves! Yes, I watched this with such a cheesy grin on my face, I had Velveeta dripping from my lips. Oh yeah, can't wait to watch this one again. And how cute was Paula receiving those flowers that were as big as her from the adoring Idols? "We do love you, Paula." What would the show be without her next year if she goes?! I won't think about that right now. Keep thinking about the awesomeness of those Adam moves.

Awesome Moment #2: Lil Rounds gets called out first and no BS waiting around here, folks: Ryan announces right away that her Idol journey ends here. Well hot dog. We are just delighting Elizabeth left and right. Lil sings. Simon looks non-amused. And Kara tells Lil she believes she truly learned something. Huh? Did I miss something? When did Lil prove that she ever listened to and learned from one iota of the judges' critiques? (Heck. Lil even rolled her eyes a bit when Ryan just recapped the judges' comments from last night right after he asked Lil to stand up.) But okay, Kara. Whatever you say. It's Studio 57 (copyright Dio Guardi) time!

Awesome Moment #3: The Disco Medley. Since we didn't get disco last night, we got it tonight in the form of a medley. And I must say, I was somewhat amused. Freda Payne comes out and is awfully winded singing "Band of Gold" but as Randy would say, "she worked it out." Then enter Thelma Houston singing crowd-pleaser "Don't Leave Me This Way" and Simon gives a standing-O. But then, we have K.C. from K.C. and the Sunshine Band. K.C.? Or, by gosh, is that Meatloaf? Oh my. Now this was interesting. This was strange. Was this really him? Or was this some dude off the street? No disrespect. I'm just confused. I mean, I was feeling Thelma. But if somebody who experienced the disco-era could explain this to me, I would be grateful.

And speaking of guest performers . . . lookie there, it's little Archie-boy, bouncing up and down like a little bunny wabbit. And hold up. Um, did he just say he was touring with McFly? Now I'm probably the only person who has watched the Lindsay Lohan movie "Just My Luck," but there is a band in it called McFly and I thought that stuff was made up. Interesting. Aw, but he is just too darn cute.

Awesome Moment #4: It's Anoopie and not Allison! Yes, it was awful seeing Allison dance over to the silver chair of doom singing to Anoop "here it goes, here it goes again," and I was literally holding my breath as she had to stand there next to Anoop, looking scared to death. But I was able to heave a huge sigh of relief once my predictions for tonight were confirmed true! I will even overlook that it should have been Matt in the bottom three instead of Allison. I mean, the boy had two blatant displays of conceit tonight! One: "I just downloaded myself as a ringtone." Two: "I arranged the song myself and was pleased with it. I had a great time." Oh, Matt. You're killing my ears!!!!! But, I digress. Anoopie went home, and I'll agree with this. But why did Anoopie had to wait until now to finally get all sexy on me? That's okay. Adam's got plenty to go around. Ooooooo . . . those moves!!!! Yes, gonna rewind to that beginning dance sequence and watch again.
So Idol-Addicts, did you simply love tonight as much as I did? And did anyone else notice how Kara decided TWICE tonight to restrain herself from dancing? As quickly as Paula jumped to her feet to shake her groove thang, Kara hopped up, realized that's Paula's gig, and plopped her butt right back down, deciding to smile, look pretty, and clap to the beat. Also, did anybody happen to catch what Paula said to Simon after Ryan told Adam to just go ahead and sit down because he was safe? I would like to know. In the meantime, now that we are down to just 5 Idols left and are in the homestretch, I'm going to go ahead and make my Superfecta plus One prediction: Fifth place: Matt G. Fourth: Danny Gokey. Third: Allison. Second: Kris. The American Idol: Adam Lambert.


  1. connie4/23/2009

    LOL......I too watched only one dancer. No, not Anoop. ;¬)

    OMG my heart sank when Allison took a stool. WHAT?

    Anoop has been much more "noticiable" looks-wise lately, huh? Seems like a nice guy, probably an only child, or the much worshipped youngest. ;¬}

    No mention of Kara's "Live" faux pas, but I guess those are just old news this late in the season. Now I wait for them.

    I must admit, I "suffered" through the old disco queens' and K. "Tony Soprano" C.'s pathetic comebacks. Perhaps it made ME feel old. At any rate, after this week, on Idol, I have removed our 1st place - Disco Dancing trophy from the mantle.

    Perhaps it was time, like it was time for Lil and Anoop.

  2. all eyes on adam!

    and my nervousness for allison grows with each episode. she better outlast matt g.!
    and i am cracking up at your disco dancing trophy reference! connie, if this is true . . then, yes, perhaps it was time.

    and p.s. - nothing wrong with being the much worshipped youngest ;-)

    i am going to go ahead now and google images of kc to see what he looked like in his glory days . . b/c i am still rather confused by it all.


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