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The Hills: Double the Episode Equals Double The Drama!

Well we were treated to a double episode of The Hills last night (which means, we actually saw an entire half hour), and I've gotta say, it was quite mountainous for some hills. (ha!)

After watching the season teaser and then seeing it all play out right in front of my unsuspecting eyes within the first episode, I was left wondering, what is to happen the rest of the season?! Lauren's surprise party already?! The dramatic tears?! Heidi and Lauren already hugging it out?!

I'm not going to give you the play-by-play, since if you watched the teaser, you already know all of the fun-filled events, so I will just give you some of my humble thoughts.

Out of all the bars in the world, he had to walk into my 'Dime': To spice up the staleness that is Speidi, MTV gives us Stacie. The feisty little brunette bartender who talks like she just sucked some helium and will go crazy for you for just one little jukebox play of "Pour Some Sugar On Me". Ah, Spencer. Always knows how to pick 'em. This girl is the epitome of the word 'bitch.' She acts like she doesn't know of the Speidi (um, pretty sure she has watched MTV before), and then she is all fake-nice to Heidi, only to call her "crazy" at her next Patron-infused ren-dez-vous with Spencer. Hmmmm . . . I don't think her tequila suggestion was just a wild coincidental guess. Everyone knows the Spenc likes his Patron!

Birthday Bliss? Anyhoo, Heidi is trapped on the birthday boat from hell while this is all going down, and you know what, I actually really started feeling sorry for the girl here. Dare say that I was finding myself on Team Heidi? Gasp, I know. First of all, her soft, matted make-up was way better than LC's cranberry lip, pale face number. And she even brought Lauren a mystery present contained in a very large Chanel bag (reminiscent of the good ol' days when Lauren gave her that Chanel purse?). She was even all giddy, running up to the boat cluelessly saying, "I hope we didn't miss the surprise." Yes, suddenly, my heart was really going out to the girl.

Bar-Room Brawls: Okay. Enough of that. So the boat docks and Heidi is able to free herself (but what I had really been hoping to see was her jumping ship in the middle of sea, paddling away by herself in a little life boat, and waving goodbye to all the party-goers, with that little pout on her face that she does so well.) But, we can't have it all I guess. After all, we were treated to a bar room brawl with Spencer giving the smack-down to Cameron. And while I'm on the fight topic, I will say that someone must have drugged me before the premier or something because suddenly, I found myself liking Spencer in this episode as well! Maybe it's just my disdain for the tool that is Cameron, or maybe I just never knew Spencer had it in him (was that five punches I counted?), but needless to say, my loyalties were all up in a tizzy last night! I even found myself turning my back on the Brod-ster last night because he was dangerously close to sporting a uni-brow!
So what did you all think of the premier? Did you find it as jam-packed as I did? Are you leaning towards Team Heidi despite the fact that she still manages to wear a bejeweled feather beanie, not have one hair out of place, with a full makeup job, when she's just chilling with her crazy mom in the Crested Butte? Also, do you think Lauren needs to give up the hard act already just as much as Spencer needs to give up his use of the word "loyalty." With the introduction of Stacie, it is only fair to ask, what is your stripper song that gets you going? And with all the dram-a that has already ensued, just what will those producers tease us with next?


  1. wow, we are on the same page. i thought everything you said is dead on. i felt the same way about everything. i even was saying i can't believe how annoying cameron was, who does that kind of stuff. i was confused when it looked like spence is about to cheat and the season preview shows heidi in a wedding dress. kinda thought they might be over soon. also, you make me laugh how we are thinking the same. one hour show = 1/2 hour????

  2. ha ha! that is my job here . . to say what everyone is (hopefully) thinking. :)

    And whoa! you just schooled me . . how did i miss heidi in a wedding dress?! hmmm.. i will have to re-watch this. i just remember spence cozied up to stacie and heidi walking in. oh but we both know, SPEIDI will never be killed off! they are just too enthralled in each other's twisted web to ever seek out other mates and attempt to normalize themselves.

    thanks for the comment!


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