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Celebrity Apprentice Tonight: Hoping We Have A Black-Out

After the Khloe firing debacle last week that I'm still scratching my head over, I find myself wondering -- just how many will be tuning into the Celebrity Apprentice tonight? For those of you willing to overlook The Donald's ludicrous logic, you will be treated to some more annoying antics from the little weasel that is Clint Black.

This guy is not only getting on my last reserved nerve, but as we will see, he also finally upsets the gentle giant, Herschel Walker,when strategizing for tonight's task of creating in-store displays for an identity-theft-protection company.

Ay-yi-yi. With team disruption, Clint corruption and an apparent illness eruption (hey, I'm feeling rhymey today) . . . how is anyone supposed to get anything done amongst all these interruptions?! (Ha! Sorry, had to do one more.)

I'll tell ya one thing, though. I'm ready for the little weasel to go. After all, he's on Khloe's borrowed time! Be gone, Weasel Black. Be gone!


  1. Anonymous4/12/2009

    you should start a blog on bananas and other fruit

  2. ha ha. I had to think about that for a second . . could this be from jamie or gene or jackie?? ha! i will definitely look into discussing all things banana - direction of the peel and all.

  3. and i'm going to guess gene b/c i have other ways of communicating with the other two :)


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