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Celebrity Apprentice: Insane Firing Blurs The Line of Fairness

So I just finished watching the rest of last night's episode of the Celebrity Apprentice (someone fell asleep super early last night). Guys, I am really trying to wrap my head around this one . . to come up with a reason of why I can agree with the Donald's decision to fire Khloe. I want to agree with him because he is obviously a super smart, successful business man who did not get to where he is by making stupid decisions. In fact, I have found myself respecting and understanding most of his opinions and firing decisions when others haven't. I actually like it when he repeatedly makes off-the-wall comments about how sexy the lingerie model was, or not so subtly states that he thinks Melissa is obnoxious, or the fact that he always seems to bring up someone's champion athletic background to attest to their current business character.

After watching the surprise double elimination, however, I have found myself bewildered. First, Tionne is fired despite proving to have been an excellent PM in the past. In Donald's book, however, this accomplishment is overshadowed by the fact she volunteered herself for execution. Okay. As much as I would like to never have to see the perma-grin sadistic face of Melissa "I have been producing for 15 years" Rivers, I will go ahead and even agree with Trump's decision here. Because much like any job candidate should research the company before going into an interview, Tionne should have researched The Apprentice a bit more and realized that the Donald can't stand a quitter, and he definitely can't stand anyone who is willing to put themselves unnecessarily in the line of fire. He fired Bradford in the past for this, and so it is consistent when he fires Tionne for same. Fair.

But next, we have Tommy Lee Jones look-a-like Clint Black, Natalie, and Khloe. I knew one of the ladies would be in trouble as soon as the Donald praised Black for his smart decision on who he took into the boardroom with him instead of giving one iota of attention as to why the task ended in abysmal failure. He chooses not to discuss how Black was so bull-headed in his own idea that he ended up blindsiding himself into thinking a porn clip was just what a demographic of soccer moms would want to see. Trump chooses not to discuss how idiotic Black was for thinking it a good idea when producing a viral video to go against the advice of Joan because clearly his country music expertise is more relevant here than the expertise of a world-reknowned comic. No. Donald does not want to waste time focusing on these pesky details. Instead, he decides to focus on personal careers. "Clint, you've sold x amount of records." "Natalie, you are a huge golf pro and will be missing all these appearances." Uh-oh. This "reasoning" does not bode well for Khloe "I've only been on reality tv" Kardashian. Yes, instead of talking about anything Khloe might be famous for, we're going to embarrass her by talking about what she is actually infamous for. Her well-publicized DUI. (cue ominous music. dun dun dun.)

Yeah, people who drive drunk suck. But Khloe is taking the necessary steps and classes for getting the help she needs. Isn't this exactly what Donald wanted Dennis to do last week? Should we kick Jesse James off too because he was a former alcoholic, who perhaps drove drunk once in his life? Or for that matter, do any of these celebrities have a squeaky clean, morally perfect background? While we're at it, let's fire Brande Roderick too because she posed naked in Playboy. Donald of course doesn't mind this, but my dog does. Hey, this makes as much sense as Donald's train of thought.

Donald does admit that what Khloe has done "goes beyond the task." Well, pardon me, but WTF?!?!?! If we are going beyond the tasks, where is the line drawn?

This firing was way out of left field and blurred the line of what our judging standards are. It allows for any preposterous reasoning to take place without looking at the game at hand.

Now I've gotta wonder . . did Donald really not know she had a DUI up until this past week? I admit, personally, I know how it can be to be the little person where the top dog doesn't know your name until perhaps long after you've quit . . . so, maybe he didn't know. But his producers did. And anybody with access to the world wide web also knew. Now, let's think here. A super intelligent business man does not make himself privy to this kind of information his producers have when allowing them to cast for his show? And on the flip side of that, the producers don't think it wise to let the Donald in on this DUI "secret" when it is no secret how much disdain the Donald clearly has about drunk driving? All signs point "Yes" -- he did know.

Unlike the Tionne firing, it is inconsistent, and, therefore, unfair. You know, if Donald read this post, he might say, "Well, Elizabeth. Life's not fair. It's a dog eat dog world out there." Maybe so Donald. And I guess this is the way big business works. It rewards those who are cut throat and self-serving. Donald might not care that my response would be to this, "Well remind me to never engage in your world." But you know what Donald might care about? He might care that just about all of the online comments related to last night's episode are consistent. They are consistent in this theme: "I have deleted the Celebrity Apprentice from my TIVO." "I will never watch this show again." Maybe the Donald should have thought about the perceptions of his audience before brazenly listening to his own. Not very savvy, Mr. Trump. I'm afraid you're ultimately the one who will be fired when you made Khloe go bye-bye, along with your ratings.


  1. Anonymous4/06/2009

    i, like many, don't think i will be tuning in any more.
    great recap . . i agree 100%
    yeah, things may not be fair in business, but that was completely irrational.
    notice how ivanka didn't do the standard "i agree" post wrap-up after the typical firing?

  2. kate 24/06/2009

    clint black is an ass. and so is donald.
    i think he was just trying to even out the male/female ratio and this is the only reason he could come up with.
    he is a pompous pig after all.

  3. I sat there with my mouth open after the firing of Tionne but what you pointed out does make some sense and then I dozed off to see Kloe (spelling) riding off in the limo. THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NO RHYME OR REASON THAT MADE ANY SENSE.


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