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American Idol: Rat Pack Night "Sways" My Opinions

Well our Top 5 performed the Rat Pack Standards last night, and when it was all said and done, I must say . . . I felt a little swayed. I have to use the word "swayed," first of all, because it's my clever pun on a popular song during the Rat Pack era; and secondly, because the night didn't make me into a full-blown convert -- it simply swayed me, like a gentle yet confused little branch blowing in the wind, unsure if it wants to waver on back to the safe side of "Adam & Simon," or dare to venture and possibly snap on over to the unfamiliar side of "Danny & Kara."

Sway Factor #1: Jamie Foxx is a rockin' mentor! Who ever would have thought that Mr. Foxx would mentor Rat Pack night?! Turns out, he did a kick ass job! Getting all up in Danny Gokey's grill, refusing to let "D" (nickname compliments of Mr. Foxx) detour from his emotions. Channeling "Field of Dreams" and telling Matt Giraud, "if you change the key . . . they will stand." (Which sure enough, he did. And sure enough, they stood!) You go, Jamie Foxx! Your excellent advice, along with your funny quips, such as "You don't care who I am at all" (to Adam) have swayed me, and I can now definitely proclaim, I am a fan.

Sway Factor #2: Kara is lucid and Simon is HUH? Probably my favorite critique of the night was when Kara used the word "sleazy" to describe Adam after his performance of "Feeling Good." Indeed, the way Adam gives those little smirks, the way he walks with that Adam swagger . . . it is all very, well, um, sleazy! And I love it! Meanwhile, Simon critiques Kris' performance of "The Way You Look Tonight" by saying that it was a little bit "wet" and explaining this with something about a comparison to a well-trained Spaniel. It made no sense! And did anyone else catch Simon's oops! moment when he told Adam, "what I get from you and Adam" . . . um, is Adam two people? (Don't I wish!) Maybe Simon was jealous of Kara's sanity and that's why he chose to act like Kara wasn't even there -- "I'm going to disagree with . . . Randy." This came after Matt's performance of "My Funny Valentine" to which Kara and Randy's opinions were the same, but I guess ol' Cowell decided that only Randy mattered. [For the record, I liked Matt's performance.]
Sway Factor #3: Danny sings "Come Rain or Come Shine" and I dug it! It was like he was a tiger on the prowl, and the only thing that would satisfy was the Idol title! (Why do I suddenly feel like Bruno Tonioli?) Yes, I would have to say that it was Danny in the broom closet with Allison's confidence! Boy had all the swagger in the world! (Another sound critique by Ms. Dio Guardi.) In the traditional style of Danny, he started out somewhat slow and built to a strong finish. But something about this performance was different. I mean, as soon as he stepped out from behind that mic stand, I was like, whoah! Take hold. Something special yet kind of scary is going on here. Don't eat me, Mr. Gokey. I have swayed to your side (if only perhaps for one week), but I have swayed nonetheless!

Now I would be amiss if I didn't comment on Ms. Iraheta. She sang "Someone to Watch Over Me" and it was "tender" yet still had elements of her rocker edge. Kara even suggested the performance was Allison's ticket into the finals. However (and please note that I have a disturbed look on my face as I type these very words), I have to agree with Simon when he told Allison that he doesn't believe she believes she can win. He asked her point blank: Do you think you can win this competition? And she took just a little too long to answer "Yes" in my opinion. Come on, Allison! Steal your confidence back from Gokey (and hey, Adam has enough for everyone to go 'round) and show em' what you're made of! By the way, Allison looked the best she has ever looked since her "Alone" performance. The Glam Squad has finally tamed those crazy sprouts on the back of her head and found her a simple dress to boot. And while we're on the subject of last night's fashions, can I just say, Adam? My lord, homeboy looked FINE in that white suit walking down those stairs, like he just descended upon the stairway of heaven.

So what did you all think of Rat Pack night? Are your emotions in a tizzy like mine? Who do you think will go home? Do you agree with Simon and think Allison is in trouble? My gut says Matt will be out. (Why again did he not play the piano last night?!) Do share your thoughts below!


  1. Anonymous4/29/2009

    "Don't eat me, Mr. Gokey." made me burst out laughing down here in the's been a slow day and I needed a good giggle :)
    Anywho...I enjoyed the Rat Pack night overall and I'm with you in thinking Matt's going to go. Of course my fav of the night was Adam and his theatrical goodness. Danny did make my head turn but alas I shall be faithful. :D

  2. Anonymous4/29/2009

    Personally, this is my kind of music and I was surprised that they all did a fantastic job; the songs really showed their vocals. The only one I didn't think was up to par with the others was Matt. Therefore, I was very much surprised when Simon said how great he was.

  3. yes tressa, your post got me thinking about my wondering eye and faithfulness as well . . . hence, the newest post. :-)

    and i'm glad you got a laugh.

  4. i really did like them all. i'd have to say my least favs were kris and matt. but both had some really good elements to them. my kind of music too!

  5. connie4/29/2009

    My "briliance" award goes to Danny, who last week told Simon that he'd been thinking about what he (Simon) had said and he'd take that advice and sure enough...he did!

    I was pleased both to see Allison looking wonderful AND hearing Randy liken her to "Pink" whose every album I own. I will follow her even if she doesn't win, or come in second, or third, or whatever!

    Kris is still cute and talented, but one can come close to Mr. Lambert. It's like the garden of eden all over again. There's only one man, and his name is Adam!

    Matt.......I really really hate the fedora. Embrace your forehead flaw and please, please sing tonight!

  6. mattyg4/29/2009

    Congrats on one of the best blogs I've read this season! I love the Bruno Tonioli comment :)
    Anyways, I think all five contestants were beyond my expectations last night. I don't wnat anyone to leave but if I was to pick one it would be Danny (I liked him the least). I hope it's not Matt because I've been voting like crazy for him!! IMO he didn't play the piano because he wanted to show his emotion and connect with the audience. Everybody knows he can play!
    Peace out.


  7. yes, connie, danny apparently has "figured it out" . . . although it all still seems very cryptic to me on just what it was he figured out. whatever it is, it's working for him!

    and the pink comparison is probably the most relevant thing Randy has said all season . . . "for me."

    LOVE the Garden of Eden reference to Adam . . . why have I not thought of that before!!?! So true.

    And as for that fedora . . I think tonight will be the last we see of it. Still, a small part of me roots for Matt G., even though he keeps abusing me. I simply don't understand it.

  8. mattyg ~ obviously we are in disagreement, but that is okay since you dig my blog ;-)

    like i said . . . a small part of me roots for your boy. godspeed.

  9. anniepg4/29/2009

    Very thoughtfully written blog. I think Matt or Kris will be out tonight. Adam was sensational! I assume nothing. You never know how the fans are going to vote. I'm starting to see a little Adam backlash because he's getting so much attention. Adam should get attention. He is a great singer and entertainer. Danny, Allison, Kris, & Matt are good singers, but they are certainly not at the level Adam is. I truly hope Adam makes it to the end and wins.

  10. Adam Backlash?!?! I banish the words.
    here here to everything you just said anniepg!

  11. granny1594/29/2009

    enjoyed Rat Pack night; maybe because of my 'age.' All performed well, but Adam was the best singer/performer. He wants to win this competition and it shows with each performance. I love how he dresses the part; none of his performances are too theatrical for me! Even though Matt did a good job last night, I'd bet he'll go home tonight. Someone must and he's been in the bottom several times. They're all talented or else they wouldn't have gotten this far .. BUT ADAM IS THE ONE TO BEAT! He will continue to get all my votes no matter what he sings. He's this generation's Elvis. Thanks for listening....

    April 29, 2009
    04:21 PM PST

  12. miracle14/30/2009





    April 29, 2009
    07:53 PM PST

  13. eugenechandra4/30/2009

    love the comprehensive review for top 5 shows..
    more or less, I couldn't disagree more..
    Matt didn't push his strength to the edge,
    as if he didn't realize the others are very strong in defining their thing...

    Thank you for your incredible opinion...

    April 29, 2009
    08:22 PM PST

  14. momma524/30/2009

    Adam Lambert should win,he is by far in a league above the others. If America can't see that, they have blinders on. Buy hey, with or without the IDOL title, he's by far the biggest winner already. Let's face it America - you don't always get it right? Think about it.

    April 29, 2009
    08:51 PM PST

  15. neenah_adam_fan4/30/2009

    Adam Lambert is my kinda guy - talented and V-E-R-Y cute! Most of all, Adam knows who he is and works hard with 200% effort to entertain us - with STYLE! He may be a little "edge-ee" for most of American to understand. I'd like to walk on the wild side with Adam! I don't think that I would even need a makeover to hangout with Adam. I am sure he would like me as I am - see my pix! *smile* Make that call to VOTE for Adam!

    April 29, 2009
    09:27 PM PST

  16. cackyjean5/01/2009

    I liked Rat Pack night a lot. I really thought Jamie Fox was a great mentor.

    I agree that Adam looked fine in that gorgeous suit. But I have to disagree with you on your description of Adam's walk down the stairs. That walk was sexy and hot! I just don't see the sleaze factor there. He is one classy guy and he was playing up the stage with the stylish confidence of a "Rat Pack" guy.

    Adam is wildly addictive and has added so much to AI this season. I LOVE everyone of Adam's performances! Go Adam!!!

    April 30, 2009
    06:29 PM PST

  17. cackyjean: maybe you misunderstood . . .
    sleaze does in fact = sexy and hot!!
    (at least, in my humble book) ;-)

  18. filam095/01/2009

    People should listen to Adam's studio version of "Feeling Good." It sent me to tears - he sounded so beautiful!!

    May 01, 2009
    07:54 AM PST

  19. Anonymous5/03/2009

    I do agree that Adam is like the second coming (no pun intended,lmao) of Elvis! BUT.....and here comes the bomb.....Elvis didn't look gay! Don't get me wrong, Adam could be a handsome, drop dead gorgeous guy if he didn't try so hard to 'look' gay! At least I pray it's just a look or a stage he's going through! Kind of like Mick he or isn't he? That's the million dollar question! PLEASE, will someone ease my mind and tell me the TRUTH about Adam?

  20. babalou5/03/2009

    I cringed when I heard AI was doing Rat Pack Night. It brought to mind songs like "Strangers in the Night", "Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime" and "Candy Man". Yuk.

    So I was pleasantly surprised by the contestants' song choices and thought everyone did a great job. Adam totally nailed the cool swagger and cockiness of Sinatra and Sammy Davis, Jr. Loved the song, loved his vocals. Yes, he was hot and sexy, but sleazy? Not according to my dictionary, Kara.

    May 01, 2009
    08:53 PM PST

  21. CracklinRosie5/03/2009

    I was Swayed, because after that stellar performance of "Someone to Watch Over Me", Allison is now my favorite. She's the one I will be voting and rooting for all the way to the winner's circle. I was all for Adam until this week; he's still amazing beyond anything, but Allison is the one who has now grabbed center stage. GO ALLISON!!! Prove that this season doesn't belong to the boys after all.

    May 02, 2009
    11:16 AM PST

  22. rosebolton5/07/2009

    I hated to see Allison go. I knew it couldn't be Danny. I live in Milwaukee...You should see the billboards! They are really going all out for their "home town boy" even if he is a good guy with a mediocre voice. Well, if Danny wins the Idol slot over Adam, then I'll be MAD. Really mad.
    I'm not too worried about Allison. What do you bet there will be an Al And Adam duet recorded soon. I'll buy it, will you? Sure you will.

    May 06, 2009
    07:53 PM PST


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