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American Idol: I Present 'Songs From The Year You Were Born' Recap

First of all, let me start out by saying thank you for all the thoughts and well wishes. There were so many, my team had to request that in lieu of flowers, donations be made in the forms of votes for Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta. Again, thank you. I (much like the constant demeanor of Adam Lambert) am humbled.

Yes, it wouldn't be a surprise, to those of you who know what happened to me last night, to know that I woke up feeling like hell. Once I finally felt it safe to peek my head out from beneath my covers, I squinted over at my living room floor, only to see it covered in electronic shambles that once resembled my DVR. Indeed, the haunting memories came flooding back. Me, my DVR, curse words being exchanged, wires taking on life forms of their own, trying to strangle me. But then, a tiny smirk came over my bruised, puffy, unrecognizable face. Because I realized something. While my DVR may have won the fight, I will win the war!

My computer is still alive and kicking, and I have a little secret weapon called Hulu and YouTube. I race to Hulu. It's not there! Panic creeping in again. I run to YouTube. Quickly type in "Mad World + Adam Lambert." Ah there she is. Schew. First, I only hear a vocal. Then, I find that perfect clip which shows the performance in its entirety, from Adam's toddler days right up to Simon's Standing "O". All's right with the world again, and now -- I can recap.

2 Out of 8 Ain't Bad: For those of you cool enough to follow my song predictions for the last week, you know that I got half, I mean a quarter, of my song choices right (I must be in the Math-Land of Kara Dio Guardi). Danny Gokey sang "Stand By Me" (hey, give it to me because I did list it, and do you know how many song choices there are out there?!), and I nailed Lil's song choice of "What's Love Got To Do With It." Danny's arrangement of the song was a little out there. I was happy to see him slow it down in the beginning, but then, in the middle, I felt like I was riding on an elevator. And the direction of that elevator was going "down," my friends. Danny did manage to save it a bit at the end, but then it was over. And in the Math-Land of Simon Cowell, "good" + "lazy" + "terrific" = "great"! Well how 'bout that? Apparently, Danny was Great! (I'll keep my comments here to myself, because I know how passionate you Danny fans are, and I'm already a little beat up from, well, you know who.)
But speaking of pre-ordained contestant disappointments (oops, did I say that?), Lil fails to impress again. Lil belted! Lil danced! Lil looked good! Lil did everything, well, just like Tina! Wah. Wah. Wah. In the words of Simon, Lil just proved to be a "ghastly copy-cat." Um, hello? Does anyone know where Lil J. Blige scampered off to? She keeps promising us that if we vote her back for next week, she won't disappoint. But haven't we been taking that leap of faith with the fledgling songstress for the past five weeks now? C'est la vie. These two contestants weren't a total failure for me. I've gained two drinks on my friend who promised me a beer for every correct prediction. (You know who you are, and I will be coming to collect.)

Matt Giraud Toys With My Heart. Again.: Matt Giraud sang a sexified-up version of Stevie Wonder's "Part Time Lover." I have been waiting for him to do Stevie. So I will overlook the fact that it was riff-a-licious, and admit that it was a very good vocal. But we already know Matt is one of the most talented of the group, with his amazing vocals and mad piano skills. So what I need, what I beg of, what I include in my prayers every Monday night, is this: please, Matt. Build yourself a little tee-pee of paper or whatever else you can find, get a little match, and gently place that thing on your head in the little fire you have built. And turn away, and don't look back. BURN FEDORA! BURN! ROT IN HELL! I HOPE TO NEVER EVER SEE YOU AGAIN! 'Nuff said.

Kris Slips Up: Why oh why, Kris, did you insist on pulling a Matt G. and place yourself in the American Idol "mosh pit"? It's just weird. No good can come of it. You can't move. There's weird stares from tweens who clap off-beat, and, oh yeah, this ain't Unplugged. Kris went with a goofy song choice of "All She Wants To Do Is Dance," and as much as I hate to agree with Kara, it was a bit "jazz school homework-ish." But who cares about this, right? I mean, Kris is "hot." Even audience members shout this out during judges' critiques. To this I give you the Simon Cowell retort, "This isn't Top Model."

The PC Performance of the Night: Anoop played every Ace he had in his pocket. Now, I admit, I missed out on Anoopie's clip of his younger years because I was busy screaming out "Latika!" and "Sal-eem!" with my fellow Idol-watcher, Stephanie. I don't know, we just felt the need (not very PC of me, huh?) But you know what, I can't stand blatant displays of PC-ism(?). It detracts from one's true character. While I certainly don't want to see a second-coming of Rebel Yell-Back Corkrey, I wouldn't mind seeing Anoop own up to his prior "I wanna be an R&B artist" statement to Kara. I didn't find this statement rude. I didn't find it bad. I certainly didn't find it as something Anoopie had to back-pedal for and apologize to the apparent all-knowing goddess that is Dio Guardi. Regardless, Anoop's final Ace was him taking Paula's advice, as he sat on the stool, spotlight and all, singing a pitch-perfect rendition of Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors." The "singing yo-yo" has found himself up once again. Bravo for PC-ness . . . I suppose.
Ah, Scott MacIntyre: What are we going to do with Scott? He is just so darn endearing, especially in his toddler clip when he's wearing his little train engineering hat. But what was up with that haunted house thing part? If you're confused right now, welcome to my world. I was confused by the clip, and then I became even more confused when Scott busted out an electric guitar to accompany him on the "Search Is Over." The whole thing was uncomfortable. I think Scott's time is up. It has to be. His clever comments like "It's my punk side coming out" can only be infectious to viewer's sympathetic voting fingers for so long. Please America?
The "A" Team Does It Again!: Allison sings one of my favorite songs, Bonnie Rait's "I Can't Make You Love Me," and surprise surprise, KILLS IT! Paula was exactly right when she said although Allison stuck to the melody and the arrangement, Allison still found a way to make it her own. A true artist indeed. I was happy to finally see the judges giving her all the praise she deserves, but can Simon please spare me the little jabs he always manages to get in by telling her she needs to start saying things like "cool beans" to be more personable like Kelly Clarkson?! I (like I know many of you) get nervous when Allison speaks. She has tamed that beast. Let's not wake it, okay? I guess we can't "just make them love you" after all, Allison.
And the end slot of the night goes to Adam. I won't discuss any more how this going over the hour time slot allotted just need not happen again. Instead of seeing my beautiful Adam, I found myself looking at some evil alien head on Fringe. Okay, I digress. Adam's "Mad World" was haunting. It was touching. It emotionally reached out, grabbed you, and took a hold of your soul whether you liked it or not. The words seemed personal to Adam, and he gave it a meaning probably no other contestant could. A standing "O" from Simon . . need I say more.

So what did you all think of last night's episode? Who do you want to see go home? And did anyone else have to endure the same torment I did last night? And I'm not talking about Scott's guitar playing. In case you were in the same boat, I give you the link below: (I apologize if this link doesn't take you to Adam's performance. This is the third link I have posted for this, and for some reason, the go-to site keeps getting taken down. Fitting, huh?)


  1. Adam Fan 14/08/2009

    Ha ha!! I know exactly how you felt. That is sooo annoying. I'm glad Adam was in the last spot, but come on, if you're going to not abide by time slot rules, at least put him second to last and make Scott peform last. I know that was kind of mean, but I do also want to see Scott go home.

  2. Anonymous4/08/2009

    I'm ready for Lil to go but felt a little bad for her. The judges really gave it to her! Her performance was pretty karoke though, but better than some of her others!

  3. Idol FAN4/08/2009

    How awesome was Adam!!!!
    The rest should just go home
    when scott was performing i actually switched to the biggest loser, i cant stand the horror anymore
    and lil rounds? what can i say?

  4. Okay, I have rooted for Scott in the past, but I do think his time is finally up.
    I did not care for the guitar. He was trying to be "versatile", but it just wasn't working for him.

  5. Anonymous4/08/2009

    I hope to see theses two in the finals. I am sick of people saying Adam is too Broadway . . so what? He is sooo talented. He's got the voice that I would listen to his CD . . and of course, how entertaining would he be at a concert? Come on now.


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