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Idol Results: A Night of Jaw Droppers!

So the results from Rat Pack night are in, and we said goodbye to Matt G., as most of America predicted. What most of America did not probably expect, however, was that the Second-Coming-of-Elvis himself, Mr. Adam Lambert, would be Matt's bottom two bunk mate.
Now as soon as Ryan sent Kris back to safety (where a shocked and awed Danny and Allison sat), I too sat on my couch with my jaw dropped open, much like fellow jaw-droppers Danny and Allison and ah-hem, someone else(?) (we'll get to that in a moment). But I quickly and flippantly said to my TV, "Yeah right. Give me a break. We all know Adam is safe. You just want to scare us, but it's not working. It would have been more surprising if you kept Kris in the bottom two and actually made us sweat it out a little! Ryan!." (In case you're wondering, yes, I really do talk to my TV out loud like this.) And no matter how much of a front I wanted to put up to my TV, I'll admit, the tiniest of sweat beads (much…

Idol: Almost To The Final Four! My Song for Matt G.

Tonight's elimination will bring us to The Final Four! Holy Cow! Where has the time gone? It all just seems to be slipping away. My emotions are on high right now because while I say it's going to be Matt, an awful thought keeps creeping into my head as I fear for my littleIraheta's life. But, I'm going to shove that nasty thought aside, and stick with my prediction: Matt G. goes home. And I don't know what it is, but for some reason, Matt G. brings out my inner-songstress, so here goes nothin': (set to the beautiful tune of Billy Joel's "And So It Goes," click on the orange link if you need to familiarize yourself with the song).

In every season There is an Idol. Regularly in the Bottom Three. He riffs, He plays. On his piano. I'm talking about the boy, Matt G.
I spoke to him in cautious tones. He answered me with another hat. And still, I was happy. When he was Saved. Now, what the hell is up with that.
And everytime. I watched "So Small." M…

To Adam. With Love, Elizabeth

My Dearest Adam:

I just wanted to add this special post for one special guy because after reading my recap below, I don't think I did you justice. I started getting on the Gokey Express and began feeling myself to be a little bit of a traitor.

Also, I went back and re-watched you over my lunch break and realized the true genius behind your "Feeling Good" performance. You clearly took your rendition from Muse, but that just proves your genius even more (taking an old jazz standard and finding how it relates today). No question about it, you possess that rare "It" factor.

Every once in a while, a true star comes along, and we are fortunate enough just to witness it. From the moment you ascended those hot pink stairs, perfectly timing every foot step to those delicate beats of the song, to that end note that could have shattered roof tops (in a good way), I feel like whenever you are finished, it's like we have just seen history in the making. And your MODESTY…

American Idol: Rat Pack Night "Sways" My Opinions

Well our Top 5 performed the Rat Pack Standards last night, and when it was all said and done, I must say . . . I felt a little swayed. I have to use the word "swayed," first of all, because it's my clever pun on a popular song during the Rat Pack era; and secondly, because the night didn't make me into a full-blown convert -- it simply swayed me, like a gentle yet confused little branch blowing in the wind, unsure if it wants to waver on back to the safe side of "Adam & Simon," or dare to venture and possibly snap on over to the unfamiliar side of "Danny & Kara."

Sway Factor #1: Jamie Foxx is a rockin' mentor! Who ever would have thought that Mr. Foxx would mentor Rat Pack night?! Turns out, he did a kick ass job! Getting all up in Danny Gokey's grill, refusing to let "D" (nickname compliments of Mr. Foxx) detour from his emotions. Channeling "Field of Dreams" and telling Matt Giraud, "if you change the ke…

American Idol: Rat Pack Predictions for Tonight!

Hip hip hooray for Tuesday! And, it's "Rat Pack Standards" on tonight'sIdol! I can't wait! This should be sooo much better than Disco week! I mean, Sammy is a much cooler cat than um, oh I don't know, let's say . . . K.C.! So let's head to Vegas baby and bet on my predictions for tonight!: (again, you can click on the songs if you ain't hip to my jive).
Kris Allen: "Fever" First I thought this song would be a definite choice for Allison. But then, suddenly I envisioned Kris singing it in some funked-up fashion when I peered into my Idol crystal ball. Now we have seen Kris at the keys, and tonight would be a great night to tickle the ivory, so this is the only reason I worry about my prediction here. Who do I want to sing this song? Adam! (Could you imagine?)
Allison Iraheta: "Something's Gotta Give" Channeling back Kelly Clarkson's "Stuff Like That There," I chose this song for Allison because it kind of paralle…

Celebrity Apprentice: The Rivers "Ladies" Kiss Off!

How about that Celebrity Apprentice last night?! This episode was so jam-packed with a Rumbling of the Rivers, I can't even express how frustrated I was (yet again) with the stubborn troll that is Clint Black. (I mean really people, how many times could he say the word "branding"? And does he really think the key ingredient to every ad campaign is a dash of t & a?) His ignorant behavior just made my soft spot for genius, Jesse James, grow even more. But enough of that, the Rivers have been rippled! . . . And it ain't pretty, folks.

Just when I was starting to (and please, brace yourself and make sure you are sitting down), just when I was starting to likeMelissa Rivers, they fire her! I know what you're thinking. Did I really just use the words "like" and "Melissa Rivers" in the same sentence!?!? Let me clarify. I liked watching Melissa finding herself becoming the unpopular girl in high school, reacting to mean girls, Brande and Annie. He…

Sound Bite of the Week

Please tune into the Millionaire Matchmaker next week. If nothing else for the little one-line zinger sound bites. Case in point, next week, bring in Dr. Pat Allen. The little old lady with these gems of wisdom:
"Vaginas are fun to play with, but you don't marry vaginas. You marry virtue. He’s been playing with a lot of vaginas, but the problem with playing with vaginas is, within a couple of weeks, they’re boring as hell. Do you see, he gets bored playing with vaginas. There’s nobody to talk to . Vaginas don’t talk."

OMG, to do this quote full justice, PLEASE click on the following link:

(Possibly not the best string of posts to have together, but I promise to be more p.c. next week. For now . . . Have a GREAT weekend everybody!!!)

Bonus Look-A-Like

This should be self-explanatory.

Idol: Disco Results Night . . . Simply Groovy!!

Boy oh boy. Did I thoroughly enjoy the Idol Results show tonight. And I mean THOROUGHLY. Maybe I'm just in a good mood because somebody else bought my lunch today. Or maybe it's because my washer finally got fixed. Or maybe, just maybe, it was the culmination of all the events of tonight's most awesome show!!!

Awesome Event #1: The Group Dance! No, you didn't read that wrong. I meant "Dance" and not "Sing." Because, hey, it was lip-synched anyways. But that was all made up for in the cheesy-delightness of this Paula-choreographed "Shake Your Body Down To The Ground" number. And guess who's moves this girl was watchin'? Tis the boy who has said that if he didn't sing, he would want to be a dancer. Tis the boy with all the natural rhythm in the world - that's for sure. I mean, da-yum, Adam! Give a girl a break with those moves! Yes, I watched this with such a cheesy grin on my face, I had Velveeta dripping from my lips. Oh yea…

Idol Recap: Disco . . . meh, I Feel Numb.

A little overdue, but my American Idol recap nonetheless. No, I was not hiding under my covers because I failed to make a single correct prediction (I won't count "September" or "Stayin' Alive"). I have been a busy bee at work, guys. So if you will please forgive me, I can get on with the disco dishing as well as with tonight's predictions (which, this time, should be correct!).

I'm still trying to decide if I am over or under whelmed with last night's performances. They neither thrilled me nor disappointed me. I guess you can just call me a big ol' Switzerland. Or even a big ol' Sweden for that matter (shout out to you, Jessica Alba).
Neutral Feeling #1: We had 3 1/2 Donna Summer songs, all performed with very opposite arrangements from the originals. Now while I have always championed someone who chooses to do a stripped-down melody, I also felt that three out of seven performances like this got to the point of overkill and predictabil…

Idol Predictions: Disco Night for the Top 7!

Break out the polyester, strobe lights and bell bottoms! It's DISCO NIGHT on American Idol! Yes, the Idol stage is going to turn into our very own Studio 57! I mean, 54! (Just can't seem to let that one go.)
Okay, prediction time! This week is going to be crucial for our Idols because TWO will be let go tomorrow night . . . (the horror!) Why do I feel like I need to start praying for my little Iraheta right now? But, I'm going to keep the faith, because I think our rocker girl (and I ain't talkin' about Lil) is going to turn into a disco diva!
There has been much blog/online speculation for this week, and I just don't know what to believe. So I have compiled my own short list, taken from what I believe to be the most accurate guesses, as well as some of my own humble thoughts. Most of these, I'm only going to give one song, and I will place my rating of how sure I am next to it, with 10 being pretty darn positive. Here goes nothin': (again, orange = link…

Idol Fun Facts For the Weekend

Well since none of my shows happen over the weekend (and I plan on being a busy girl), I thought I'd leave you with some fun American Idol facts: (click on the orange links for hidden extra fun . . . he he he).

Adam's First Concert? Paula Abdul's Under My Spell Tour. (She is also his favorite judge.) Did anyone else notice the exchange of "I love you's" between the two? However, Adam's proudest moment? Falling in love.
(Oh come on . . . you guys know I absolutely adore Adam!! Just having a little fun now.)
Out of everyone in the world, who does Kris want to meet? Will Smith. If he could change something about himself? He would have chest hair. (Let's stick to being a puppy dog. Okay, Kris?) Well, somebody could buy him this for his b-day.
Matt G.'s favorite judge? Kara. (And I think we all have realized Kara's "fondness" for Matt.) What would Matt do if he doesn't make it on American Idol? Go back to performing at clubs.

The Duel 2: Mark's Still Got It!

Ya gotta love this guy: Mark Long from Road Rules 1 and current cast member of The Duel 2. No one is going to argue that this guy is a vet! I actually couldn't find his birthday, but I was able to do a little hypothesizin'. Mark was 23 when Road Rules premiered in 1995(!), making him either 37 or 38. Last night, Mark won the "Freezing As Puck " Challenge and proudly stated: "Not only did I win -- I think, for the oldest guy here, I look the best in Speedos. So it's a good day all over for Mark."
He wasn't kiddin' either. Boy looked fine in his Speedos! Hmmm. Maybe Eric Nies shouldn't have "retired" from these challenges so quickly to become a D-List VHI Former Teen Idol "star." Just a thought . . .

Sound Bite of the Week

"I wouldn't be so quick to congratulate him. Number one, two people are going home next week now. Second piece of bad news -- Next week. It's disco week.-Simon Cowell (on last night's Idol after tears and cheers when Matt got saved.)
Ay-ca-rum-ba. Why do I have a disturbing inkling that Lil might rock this genre? (But I have also thought this about "Songs From The Year You Were Born," "Mo-Town," and "I-Tunes." So maybe everything will be okay after all.) P.S. How cute is Kris Allen in this pic? Or how cute were all the Idols for that matter when they rallied around Matt, seeming genuinely happy for him and not worried that the "Save" is no longer?

It's Look-A-Like Thursday!

Left: Celebrity Apprentice cry-baby, Melissa Rivers
Right: Aerosmith front-man, Steven Tyler

Idol Tonight: Matt G. Is SAVED!

I give you my Idol results recap, in the key of "Saved By The Bell" theme song:

When Idols wake up Wednesday morning And viewer stats give the warning "I don't think I wanna vote for Matt G." By the time he grabs his hat and Paula pats him on the back He walks the plank to be in the Bot-tom Three. It's alright, cause he's saved by the save.

If he sings his song again But Simon still thinks he won't win And Kara just keeps puttin' up a fight Dancin' with Paula as a pair Judges pretendin' Matt's not there If he can hit that high note, he will be alright! It's alright, cause he's saved by the save.

It's alright cause he's saved by the save.

Go Matt! I was rootin' for ya' boy. The tears just brought it home!

Your thoughts guys?

No My First Name Ain't Little, It's Lil . . Ms. Rounds if You're Nasty. But Do We Care?

Her hair bobbed. It weaved. But there will be no boppin' and weavin' from elimination for this Idolcontestant tonight -- at least that's what this blogger is hopin'!
After six exhausting weeks, we have come to witness a full identity theft of Lil Rounds. Once known as a Mary J. Blige-type soulster, Lil has now been stripped of all funk, leaving behind only Glam-squad hair extension remnants, judge back-talk, and abysmal Celine Dion/Tina Turner performances. After her take on Bette Midler last night, Simon finally tossed his hands up, proclaiming, "You are not the artist I thought you to be." Amen, Simon. I'm spent too.
Tonight's Predictions: Bottom three will be Lil, Matt and Anoopie. Kris will be announced "safe" first, and Lil will be hosta-la-vista baby!
Thoughts? Care to disagree? Do you think maybe it will finally be Danny in the bottom 3? Please, if you dare, comment below.

Idol Cinema Song Night: Two Enthusiastic Thumbs Down!

Let me start out by asking, "What is the point of Seacrest twittering the word 'iconic' to describe tonight's cinematic song theme if we're just going to sing Bryan Adamssongs and completely ignore the very definition of the word 'iconic'?!" That's the first and last time I ever listen to a tweet! Well, as you may have guessed, Idol(with one exception) was a complete disappointment for me.

Disappointment #1: Allison is in the first slot. Now normally, I would cite my stand-by case of sabotage here, but we finally had one momentous turning point tonight. Simon has finally confessed that Allison is the "only hope" for the girls! True, there is only one other female Allison is up against, but that is still a HUGE statement since it comes from the judge who pre-ordained "No my first name ain't Little, it's Lil, Ms. Rounds (if you're nasty)" in the first place! Allison sang "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" from…

Idol Prediction Time: Iconic Songs of The Cinema!

Okay, so a little earlier than I expected -- I present my song predictions forIdoltonight! I figure it's the least I can do for not giving you Celebrity Apprentice lovers a recap post from last Sunday's show. (Sorry! . . . It just didn't wow me.) So here goes nothing! I have taken my choices from AFI's 100 Years 100 Songs list, and by the way, the songs you see in orange are the ones you can click on in case you have no idea what I'm talking about:

Anoopie: "My Heart Will Go On" (Titanic) -- we have to give him a stand-out ballad of sorts. Anoopie has proven that slow songs are his strength. He should also sing a popular one (and who doesn't know this song?) because Anoop isn't the most popular contestant who can take risks with unknown songs like, let's say, um, Adam Lambert.
Danny: "The Rose" (The Rose) -- I have paired this choice to Danny in the past with the Songs From The Year You Were Born theme, and he chose "Stand By Me&…

IDOL Tonight: Predictions To Come

So I found out via Ryan Seacrest tweet (by the way, I don't twitter . . . got this info from an AI chat room) that the cinema song choice category will feature iconic songs from the cinema. So, thankfully, this narrows it down a bit more. I should be posting my predictions around 6:30 or so. I would say 7:00 at the latest. (I know it is cutting it close to showtime, but I have been a busy bee folks!) Thanks, E

The Hills: Kelly Employs Another Hopeless Hillie

So last night's episode of The Hills was pretty humorous, thanks to a fabulous appearance by Ms. Kelly Cutrone herself. It looks like Stephanie Pratt is going to be the next Hills cast member to be employed by Cutrone's agency, People's Revolution. Could somebody please remind me again how Stephanie landed this job? First of all, not only is the girl's hair a hot mess, but she presents her resume, folded up in an envelope, nervously enters Kelly's little closet I'm assuming to be her office, and then, within the first two seconds, states that her lifelong goal is to pursue her own handbag line. WTF?! This interview debacle was almost as funny as Charlie's dance moves on the way to the club. Where did this pedophile look-a-like come from? I guess he became Spencer's one and only new bestie because creepy facial hair likes to travel in packs. Sorry, got off track there. Back to the wonderful Kelly. Ms. Cutrone decides to give Steph a try because it is her…

Idol Tomorrow: Songs From The Cinema

So tomorrow's Idol theme is 'Songs From The Cinema' with a mentor who knows all there is to know about music -- the one, the only . . . Quentin Tarantino? Um, okay. I get the cinema reference, but isn't this a singing show? Regardless, this is all I know about the theme, so this one is going to be a tuffy. Unlike the vocal prowess of last week's victim, Scott MacIntyre, this theme has a broad range . . .
Any guesses in the meantime guys? I need help.

Celebrity Apprentice Tonight: Hoping We Have A Black-Out

After the Khloe firing debacle last week that I'm still scratching my head over, I find myself wondering -- just how many will be tuning into the Celebrity Apprentice tonight? For those of you willing to overlook The Donald's ludicrous logic, you will be treated to some more annoying antics from the little weasel that is Clint Black.

This guy is not only getting on my last reserved nerve, but as we will see, he also finally upsets the gentle giant, Herschel Walker,when strategizing for tonight's task of creating in-store displays for an identity-theft-protection company.

Ay-yi-yi. With team disruption, Clint corruption and an apparent illness eruption (hey, I'm feeling rhymey today) . . . how is anyone supposed to get anything done amongst all these interruptions?! (Ha! Sorry, had to do one more.)

I'll tell ya one thing, though. I'm ready for the little weasel to go. After all, he's on Khloe's borrowed time! Be gone, Weasel Black. Be gone!

The Duel 2: Birthdays, Brawls and Banishments

The Duel 2 aired last night on MTV, and alls I gots to say is, could somebody please invite me to one of the birthday soirees they always seem to have on these challenges?! I mean, do they typically pack orange wigs, skull gloves, Pocahontas gear and skin tight body suits (um, hello? Landon anyone?) in their suitcases just in case? If so, I want in!

This season of the Duel has already promised us all the juicy goodness we have come to expect from these challenges. Within the first 8 minutes, crazy Brooke is making out in the hot tub with not one but two guys, and, um, did I mention these guys were gay? Incredible Hulk CT proves yet again to be a complete mad man that even a team of 4 huge guys (plus the producers) can't stop! Hell, even silly things like walls couldn't stop this guy, as he punched his way through, thirsting after shrimpyAdam like a wolverine who hasn't seen his dinner in two days. "I will smash his head and EAT it." I kid you not. Those were his w…

Look-A-Like Thursday

I could be way off base here (maybe I just need to find better pictures -- but there isn't a huge database for these guys to choose from . . go figure!), but I present my Look-A-Like for the Week: Left: Real World Philly Alum and Current Cast Member of The Duel 2, MJ Right: Actor, Rob Schneider

Idol: Night's Performances More Surprising Than Results

So, as predicted, we said bye on last night's Idol to the lovable contestant that was Scott MacIntyre. I was glad to see him make his exit from what some might consider to be his over-stayed welcome before getting dangerously close to being a patronized contestant . . oh wait, they did stretch out that judge's save bit a little too long for my tastes last night. Did anyone else notice how Simon didn't even glance Scott's way (while Scott sung his little heart out just a few feet away from those high-and-mighty judges) until he botched that last falsetto attempt? Did Simon really feel the need to make Scott beg ("I'll please you in other ways" . . huh?) by saying "two of us want you to stay, and for two of us, it's a no"? Come on, guys. Have a heart.
Not surprisingly, it ended up being a "no" for the guy Paula referred to as "one classy gentleman." Also unsurprising was my predicted bottom three (Anoopie and Little joined S…

Idol Tonight: Sorry to the Sympathetic Folks

Cute new haircut or not (pic obviously pre-haircut), I think it's time we say "that's all folks!" to our good friend, Scott MacIntyre. In fact, I'm surprised, well, no, nevermind. I'm not surprised Scott made it this far. He is endearing . . with his awkward audience acknowledgments, Seacrest high-fives, and little one-liners he delivers to the judges that champion him as a hero rather than a rude a-hole.

It's just that I would like to see him gracefully make the exit tonight before the show makes any kind of mockery of him. I feel we might be pushing that envelope. After last night, it is clear we have reached the point where the judges (with the exception of Simon) are just giving him gentle critiques all the while thinking in the back of their minds, "there's no way in hell this kid is going to beat Adam." So let's just part ways now, Scott, while everything is just mellow and cool, ya dig? In the meantime, I predict my bottom three to…

Public Statement on Behalf of Elizabeth

Elizabeth is happy to retract the prior statement below, and she has provided her Idol recap in its entirety. She thanks you for your patience.

The Public Statement on Behalf of Elizabeth Following Tonight's Episode of American Idol:

Elizabeth will not have an American Idol post until she has witnessed the genius that is Adam Lambert. She is too upset with her DVR and the verbose judges to comment any further at this time. At this moment, she respectfully requests the time for her to grieve privately, without any intrusions, and appreciates your patience, thoughts and prayers for her during this difficult time.

American Idol: I Present 'Songs From The Year You Were Born' Recap

First of all, let me start out by saying thank you for all the thoughts and well wishes. There were so many, my team had to request that in lieu of flowers, donations be made in the forms of votes for Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta. Again, thank you. I (much like the constant demeanor of Adam Lambert) am humbled.

Yes, it wouldn't be a surprise, to those of you who know what happened to me last night, to know that I woke up feeling like hell. Once I finally felt it safe to peek my head out from beneath my covers, I squinted over at my living room floor, only to see it covered in electronic shambles that once resembled my DVR. Indeed, the haunting memories came flooding back. Me, my DVR, curse words being exchanged, wires taking on life forms of their own, trying to strangle me. But then, a tiny smirk came over my bruised, puffy, unrecognizable face. Because I realized something. While my DVR may have won the fight, I will win the war!
My computer is still alive and kicking, and I …

Last Two Idol Predictions! Allison and Anoopie!

So here are the last two predictions for Idol for the "Songs From The Year You Were Born" theme. And then, I'm spent.
Anoop: I'll say "Cried Out" by Lisa Lisa (and the cult jam). ("My body never knew such pleasure. My heart never knew such pay-e-ay-e-ain".) Oh yeah. Anoop can combine his sexy dork swagger to his soulful ballad-style singing with this one.
Allison: Born in the year 1992. Wait. Did I read that right? Yes I did. Holy crap, I feel old. I'm going to just give her one song, and that song is "One" by U2. I'm all about the stripped down versions, and so I want to see her take the advice Paula actually gave to Corkrey the other week. Hey, if she was too stubborn to listen to Paula's pearls of wisdom, let's go ahead and give them to Allison. Sure, there are lots of songs that can keep Allison "young" and she could perhaps get critiqued for singing U2. Not that they're really old or anything, it's j…

Tonight's Idol Predictions for the 1985 Boys

Oh my goodness, it's Tuesday! The day I live for. (Well, maybe that's stretching it a bit, but it has become my favorite day.) And I still have 5 Idol contestants to pair song predictions to! So I'll try and make this short and sweet and combine these into one post (unlike Danny, Adam and Lil, who all got their own posts.) Ah well. Here we go -- condensed-Soup style.

Kris, Scott and Matt -- all born in 1985.
Kris: "Don't You (Forget About Me" -- I can see him doing this as a folksy-jam style, returning to the guitar that he abandoned last week (hey, I'm not complaining. I dig that he plays piano too). It's true that this song has been done by Michael Johns, but he did it more in the vein of a Chris Martin, rocker performance. So there is definitely room for a different interpretation here folks.
Matt: "St. Elmo's Fire" (Man In Motion" -- I'll tell you what. Whoever does this song out of this group, will be the champion of the ni…