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Idol: I-Tune Down Loads Equals Big Let Down

Well, as speculated, it was the Top I-Tunes Downloads theme on Idol tonight, allowing for something more 'current.' But the whole night, with a few exceptions, proved to be a big let down.

Let Down #1: Allison's outfit and Edward Scissorhands' hairdo. Even Randy couldn't wait to get through the positive comments to ask, "What is up with the outfit?!" We all know Allison's voice is amazing, so I have to focus on the question that still begs to be answered: Just what has the 'Glam Squad' done to her? Please. De-glam my Allison at once and give her back to me a-la 'Alone' days! But they won't do this, and you know why? Because it wouldn't be right if we had an unknown early front runner who didn't have the help of a producer pimp-out be allowed to shine. Oh no. We have to allow Simon tell her that she 'shouted the song'! WTF?!! Chopped locks + Fourth Slot + Insane Critiques + Mustache Doodles = SABOTAGE!

Let Down #2: Matt Giraud's conceit creeps back in (even sans fedora!) It started out with his comment tonight, 'I'm going to be doing a song for me' (as opposed to what he apparently did last week when he did a song for the judges). Oh please, Matt. Do a song for you. That is what this show is all about after all, right? So he sings a song by the Fray, plopping himself right smack in the middle of the audience, like he is some sort of god or someone who already deserves to have his own 'Unplugged' show. Even Paula was in tune to Matt's wannabe Chris Martin antics. Oh but remember Paula, after Matt imitated Coldplay in Week 1, he informed us, 'well this is the artist I want to be,' to which Simon warned, 'no you don't. I wouldn't say that.' Come on, Matt. Listen and stop the premature self-indulgence man.

Let Down #3: Megan Corkrey attempts to slow it down with Bob Marley/Lauryn Hill ("Turn Your Lights Down Low"), but it just ain't working. And then to boot, she cops an attitude! "Well my fans were feeling it, so vote for me guys." "I liked my song and i stand by it." Ugh! There is nothing I can't stand more than judge back talk. Listen to me, Megan. They were spot on with their criticisms. We are all trying to help you. Not hurt you. You know what, Megan. I was a fan of yours. But you were walking a thin line last week with the sass girlfriend and you have definitely crossed the line this week. You know what, since you want to be so self-indulgent with Lauryn Hill, how 'bout this. 'You might win some. But you just lost one. You just lost one.' A fan that is. I have steam coming off my fingers and an awful look on my face as I type in a fury right now. Okay, cool down, Elizabeth. Moving on.

Let Down #4: Well, I think it's official. I believe I am over Danny Gokey. He had a good song choice, "What hurts the most." He got praise by all of the judges. Heck, he practically did everything 'right'. But why then did I feel so unenthusiastic afterward? I did not get goosebumps. I did not want to hit rewind right away. And my tell-tale sign of whether or not I am in love with a performance is if I want to watch it immediately again after it has ended. So I'm afraid I just don't have the love for the Gokey anymore. He gave me his all, but it just wasn't enough. Oh well, Danny. We had a good run, didn't we? And what was up with that 'when you get a heart' comment by him? Are we all tin men? Here I thought we were all born with those silly things.

Let Down #5: Lil' has the chance to do some Mary J., to sing something current, and she sings, wait for it . . wait for it . . Celine Dion! And in keeping with old fashions, she also decides to channel her inner-Melinda Doolittle, rocking an ironed-out bob that was very DooLittle-esque. But then Ryan feels the need to pull her adorable kids and family into the spotlight, just so, maybe, um, we can pull in some votes for this pre-ordained contestant? (Sabotage smells filling my nose again . . )

Let Down #6: Scott MacIntyre does well. Ah, now now. I know that's kind of mean. Just when I was ready to count my little Scottie-boy out, he comes out with a new do, and sings a stripped down Billy Joel. And then with his adorable, endearing little awkward hand wave he always gives to the audience . . oh shucks, Scott. You can stick around another week. I'll replace you with Corkrey. (Oh no, awful face of mine returning as soon as I typed that name . . sorry, still a little steamed.)

Anoopie sang um, well he went first, oh yeah, he channeled his inner-Usher. Nothing great. Nothing awful. Noop was neither a let down or an upper. So that's all I gots to say about Anoopie. Well, he does work as a nice transition from the lows to the highs, I suppose. So thanks for serving a purpose, Noop Dog.
Upper #1: Kris Allen ends the show with an altered version of "Ain't No Sunshine." My oh my, Kris. Looking quite sexy tonight. Stubbled chin, Tight (Simon) V-Neck T-shirt, Dog Tags, and is that a spray tan I'm sensing? (Guess the DWTS make-up team snuck over and got a hold of our little puppy dog.) Well it all worked for ya tonight, Kris. The song. The arrangement. Now let's just not show wifey in the crowd to mess up all your hard work. (Wait, she might be still gazing after Matt G.'s Unplugged performance . . did anyone else catch that?)

Best of the Night: Surprise Surprise. Can we just call this the Adam Lambert show please?
As Paula so succinctly said, 'True genius does not fulfill expectations. True genius shatters it.' Adam sang "Play That Funky Music," Adam-style, of course, and for the first time, got me to actually believe Simon genuinely meant it when he said "good for you" to the classic contestant statement of 'I had fun.' Adam, genius indeed.

So what did you all think of tonight? Who are you buying as an artist? Was it a let down for you as much as it was for me? And how about that Kara? Just what is her deal with numbers? Studio 57?! Glad Simon could so quickly clear that one up for her when he mouthed to her, Kara, 54. 54. Oh yeah, and I was about to go out on a limb and mark Lil' for elimination. But Corkrey had to stick her obnoxious manic head out at the end, pointing her fingers everywhere, mouthing 'Vote' 'Vote' 'Vote'. Um . . pass. Thank you.


  1. Anonymous3/31/2009

    Danny was solid but Adam rocked!!!!
    I know, Allison's hair was awful!!!

  2. Anonymous4/01/2009

    I was happy with Scott's performance tonight. And how can you not like Danny?!

  3. connie4/01/2009

    I have to say Elizabeth.......YOU rawk! Not only are your observations right on (as in total alignment with mine) but your writing skills and sense of humor are fantastic! Have you ever thought of freelancing? I have a friend who does that in Canada. I said.......I agree with everything you said and think it is definitely time to turn Megan loose. Man I want to adopt Allison (she does have the red hair afterall) and dress her for her performances. She's finally got a rein on her uncomfortable gabbiness and booming laughter in interviews and now we need to work on dressing less like a Bratz doll. I LOVE HER!

    Oh Adam! The entire time he was singing, I was anticipating a less than enthusiastic comment from Simon. Was I surprised that he saw that fun can be good if you are already king.

    I woke up singing "Ain't No Sunshine" so I think that's all I need to say about Kris. To tell you the truth, it was the first time I really looked at him for something other than his adorable face and smile.

    Bye Megan! You let us down girl.

  4. Well thank ya very much, Connie. You know, I almost cried last night because I lost my original entire recap and notes! Bad computer was auto-saving in the middle of my editing and something happened that caused me to have a blank screen staring me cruelly in the face. All the CTRL Z's in the world did not help! But like a good little blogger, I re-wrote and am quite pleased with this post, so I really do appreciate the nice compliment.

    Anyhoo, yes. I predict Megan, Lil and possibly even Giraud in the bottom three. It is definitely time for Megan to go after she butchered a genre of music I dearly love. Reggae might never be the same for me again.

    Yes, please style Allison. Ha! She did look like a Bratz doll! And love your comments on Kris and the 'king' comment about Adam. I know you're quite the writer yourself. :-)

    Yes, I think the light on Megan will be turned low tonight! Bye Bye Corkrey!

  5. Please, pack Megan's bags and send her home!

  6. Did it seem like the contestants just sang songs because they 'liked' them. That was pretty stupid because this is probably the most open and best theme they could get!

  7. Becky O.4/01/2009

    Yes! Corkrey's little finger pointy dance at the end really got on my nerves. Did it seem to you that she was saying not just 'vote' 'vote' 'vote', but 'vote for the worst'. I swear she was!

  8. Wow, Becky. I'm going to have to check that out on my DVR! I was almost too scared to watch. But I will definitely have to look. It seems as if Megan has turned into some evil robot working for an alternate universe!

  9. i'm sorry . . but I just think Adam is a bit over-rated. I did not care for his performance last night.
    Send home Anoop, Scott and Lil!!!!

  10. Ah now Linny, I'm going to turn a deaf ear to that. And darn it to heck, my DVR cut short so I couldn't see the Megan 'vote' dance! Grrr.

  11. connie4/01/2009

    So. Let's say we are right and Megan is the last one standing, which in this case is NOT a good thing, and she has to sing that song again for the judges. Will they actually lie to us all and say her performance tonight will be the deciding factor in their saving her?

    Come on it's bad enough America has to listen to that all over again, but to lie to us too! Have mercy.

  12. Hey, if they did it with Sarver, they'll do it with Megan. Never doubt what these judges are capable of! It is a complete farce though. Just like the group sing! Did you know they are actually lip-synching in group song?!?!?

    Farce: A ludicrous, empty show; a mockery.

    Well, you know, after double-checking my use of the word farce, I say go for it to the judges! After all, Corkrey did make a mockery out of the legend that is Marley.


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