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Tweedly-Dums, Tight Jeans, And Oh Yeah . . P.Y.T.!

Well, the Top 13 performed last night, and I must say, there were only a few moments that got me excited . . the rest, just a mixed bag baby. So some of the highlights, lowlights and the bad Michael Jackson impressions in between. Feel free to skip because some of these peeps last night were definitely DVR skip-able.

Lil Rounds - "The Way you Make Me Feel". Well, Lil, I was not feeling that outfit, like Simon said. Paula, however, loved it, and well, we should all listen to Paula because who else can pull off a peacock outfit the way she did last night? Lil's performance was fine - just no sparks for me.

Scott MacIntyre - I just want to squeeze this guy, especially when he does that awkward smile. I was glad to see him at the piano (singing some MJ song I had never heard of), but I just don't think the vocals are there. I hate to say it, and I don't mean to be ironic, but if you close your eyes while listening to him, I think you'd agree.

Aw, and now. One of the moments I was waiting for. Danny Gokey with some "P.Y.T"!!
Oh yeah, can't deny it. This guy's voice is unreal! Danny, I am back in your graces, your arms, oh wait, sorry, got a little side tracked. I didn't mind the moves, I'll be your tenderoni, your PYT. Okay, the boy brought the house down.

Oh no, and poor Michael Sarver has to follow the P.Y.T.! I think he sang "You Are Not Alone". I think the judges praised him. But all I was thinking was set my alarm to wake me up to some more P.Y.T.! Sorry, just can't jump aboard the Michael Sarver train . . or rather, the Michael Sarver oil rig. Even though the Judges praised him, I am marking old Sarver for elimination tonight.

Jasmine Murray - "I'll be There". This performance was Snooze-a-nasal-licious. Am I the only one who thinks this girl sings through her nose? Why have the judges not said this yet?! She manages to hit these pretty high notes at the end, but I will not be fooled! And nor will America! Jasmine, I am marking you for elimination tonight girlfriend. Now go fly away on your carpet or something like that.

Kris Allen - Hold the phones. Is this boy old enough to be married?! I like him. He won me over with his Man in The Mirror performance. He reminded me of John Mayer last night with some Dave Matthews foot work. But Kris may have lost his biggest fan base when he showed up in matching aprons with the little blonde wifey. Ah Kris, it's okay . . you're young.

Okay, I woke back up again seeing that my girl Allison is up next. Oh, but Allison, what have you let the "Glam Squad" do to your hair?! Hated it. (Which means, of course, Paula loved it.) She once again rocked it! Loved it. Loved it. She gives me chills. But, um, Allison, let's stay away from those "I'm not a cutter" remarks, okay? I don't think the PG audience liked that very much judging by those shocked faces in the crowd. But the girl is raw talent, a total natural (even if her hair isn't).

Noop Dog, (or "Anoopie" as I am going to call him because I just loved when Simon called him this the first time we met him) sang um . . what did he sing? I know it was upbeat. Hmmm, aw well, guess not worth writing about. I am still glad they squeezed him in at the last minute because he has a quality I like - he seems to kind of make fun of himself, and for now, that's a good thing.

Jorge Nunez - Never have really been a fan. His crying was cute but what I'm afraid we're going to have here is a Jasmine Trias phenomenon. Jasmine Trias and the islands of Hawaii = Jorge Nunez and the island of Puerto Rico. And you know what that equals . . VOTES. So I'm afraid we might see him around a little bit longer.

Megan Corkrey - No denying the girl is "drop dead" as I loved how Randy has called her, but Megan, did we really have to bust out the tweedly-dee song? There are so many other MJ songs you could have chosen from. But as I stick by it, she keeps me interested.

Adam Lambert - Okay, confession time. This boy really does something for me. I think he's gay, but he strangely turns me on a bit. I'm uncomfortably comfortable with his weird shrill/Broadway high notes that he does when he gets down low in those tight jeans and sings to his fans. I find him irritatingly sexy. Oh yeah, he sang "Black or White" and KILLED IT! He is moving up there as one of my favs!

Matt Giraud - Oh Lord, the fedora still found it's way into last night's episode in the clip before his performance. But, thank you, Matt. You saved yourself when you returned to your piano and sang an MJ song I love - "Human Nature". Welcome back, Matt. To your piano, to my heart. And it's funny, I never knew this song's words were "Tell them that it's human nature". Here this whole time, I thought it was "da da da da da da da da". So Matt, you have also enlightened me.

And finally, Alexis Grace. When I heard her choice was "Dirty Diana", I thought, this is going to be good. And it was. But she might have been a little too big for her britches, or should I say tights and mini dress because she did kind of over sing it. Dirty Diana? Try, Dirty Alexis. This girl has really taken the "dirty yourself up" comment and ran with it!

So schew, I am officially worn out. But I still have a few questions for you IDOL-ADDICTS that need to be answered. Why was the number 13 so bad for the IDOLS phone number. They had to make Alexis' number 36 because 1-866-IDOLS-13 would have apparently been a no-no. What am I missing here? Does it spell something naughty? If I called it, will I find myself at the end of some sex line? I'll leave that up to somebody more curious and feel free to comment because I really want to know. Also, Ryan teased us with "something is going to alter the face of this competition." Hmmmm . . what could this be? Will Simon become the song picker I'm thinking? Lastly, is Adam Lambert doing it for you as much as he is for me and oh yeah, were those really bird "caws" by Megan (Joy) Corkrey at the end of her performance?!


  1. Anonymous3/11/2009

    Sadly, I think Noop Dog's run is over.

    And yes, that would have been a sex line if they kept it at "13". I think that line took advantage of idol voters and slippery fingers.

  2. First of all let me say Elizabeth that I think they need to hire you and get rid of Justin Gurine?? and Kimberly Caldwell when they do their Idol talk. I can't stand them and they never have anything to say. Unlike you!
    Second of all let me say how funny I am finding you with this blog. I will play along and comment even though I must say I watched the show off and on last night. Adam Lambert- I hear what you are saying. He is one of those guys(?) that does do something for you but for me I'm still not quite sure what? He does have ridiculous vocal skills as the new judge would put it. I'm blocking on her name.
    I think more would tune into the show if we could just bypass Paula's comments all together(frog in pond,etc.) I don't think she has one complete thought in her head! Kris Allen- Same here we could not believe he was old enough to be married either. Obviously just recently because a guy whose been married for awhile would have never worn matching aprons. If I had to predict now I would think Adam and Allison will be in the finals. You are right on with all your comments and I appreciate the wit and humor. I think they did not do a number 13 because it is superstitious and unlucky. Just a thought! Look forward to hearing from you on your blog tomorrow.

  3. by the way I am logging into robs account so that is me talking and not rob. Just wanted to let you know. Rob blogging now thats funny!

  4. connie3/12/2009

    Great comments Elizabeth! I LOVE Adam too, and since everyone knows I am and always have been a huge Janis Joplin fan, you know that I am digging the bluesy sounds of Allsion and Alexis. Lil is a natural and Danny has stage presence plus voice and heart-tugging life story, so............I see Danny as going all the way.


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