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Idol Gets Down In the Mo-Town

I am just going to start with the Low Light of the Night to get this over with: Megan Joy dressed as a Chiquita banana girl (still looking very pretty in her sparkly turquoise eyeliner however), but completely butchering Stevie's "For Once in My Life" and my fragile heart in the process. It was absolutely painful!! And did anyone else think it ironic when Simon said she should fire whoever is advising her . . . correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't that be a direct insult to ol' Smokey? I would just like to say again, boy that was tough to watch. I mean, I literally found myself turning my head to the side, not able to look! I was embarrassed for her . . even her mom had that "oh no" look in her eye.

My Predictions Coming True: Again, Anoopie is reading up on my blog! As I suggested, he sang Smokey! ("Baby Baby", although if he was smart, he would have taken all of my advice and sang the song I suggested, but we'll save that for my High Light of the Night). I do agree with Simon, because at one point there in the beginning, Noop did seem like he might become narcoleptic and fall asleep right then and there on the stage. Little nervous though about Randy's advice to him about hyping it up next week. (Can't get chest pumping, my prerogative bangs out of head).

And holy crap!! I have to pat myself on the back because not only did Simon talk to Lil about the "moment" like I have been referring to, but he also mentioned that she should have sung "I Heard it Through the Grapevine"! Please see post below, thank you very much. Now only if she would read my blog like Anoopie. Okay, done gloating now. Lil brought some hotness to the "Heat Wave", but I don't know . . she's still not doing it for me. And I think she might also be getting on my nerves a bit because well, she talks exactly like, and I mean exactly like, Dawn from Making the Band (which is a no-no in my harsh little critical world).

Okay. I just can't hold it in any more! The High Light of the Night: Adam with some "Tracks of My Tears". This just makes me like Adam even more. Switched it up. Slowed it down, commanding back any fans he may have lost from the "Ring of Fire" performance and picking one of my favorite songs. Smart boy, Adam. Smart boy! And a standing "O" from the Smokster!!! Sweet. He is a star! He is it! (But Kara might want to look into some arithmetic lessons, "One of the best performances of the night" equals eight words - not six). [Footnote: Adam used the trick that all Idols need to use at least once for their "moments". The formula is this: slow song, dimmed lights, unplugged, and one or two guys off to the side picking an instrument. This is the exact formula I suggested for Megan Joy a couple posts below. It has been tried and true and I just don't get why these poor little Idols don't see that! I'm glad Adam is the smart one of the bunch. It's all about smart choices (David Cook, anyone?)]

The I'm Sick To My Stomach Moment of the Night: Danny Gokey not heeding the Smokster's advice!! For shame, Danny. For shame. He even admitted Smokey has been in the business longer than him! He even said he would sing the "you're out of sight" lines! But then lo and behold, as soon as I heard the back up singers singing those lines, my eyes bugged out! Just who does he think he is!?!?!?!

Can We Just Get It Over With Already? Aw, poor Scott MacIntyre in his salmon colored pants with "Can't Hurry Love." It just kind of stayed on a level field for me . . if we can't hurry love, can we hurry the performance along please? And he probably became even more confused when Ryan told him that Paula pulled out "crowns" and a coloring book for Simon. And really people, how many you-know-what-references are we going to have this season? First with Del Toro and Ryan and now with Simon and Paula. Geesh.
And while I'm at the so over it part of my blog, I come to my favorite, Michael Sarver. Sigh. I admit that I was a little nervous because I thought he turned in a better performance than what the judges so harshly beat him up on. But still, Mikey-Boy, you ain't no Carrie Underwood, so you might want to stop working those microphone hand gestures like her and the holding audience members' hands bit, okay? And i think that is only the 817th time we have heard Kara ask, "who are you as an artist?" That's what we wanna see.

Pimp Slot: So happy to see Allison get the last spot of the night. I think the judges/producers sensed my worry and realized we need to do something about America's mistake! She rocked it out, no shocker there. I just really wish they would give her back her long hair.

Giraud sang "Let's Get it On". Not bad, but i was really hoping for "Superstition"! Kris sang "How Sweet It Is". The girls and Smokey swooned, as Kris came into his own, looking mighty comfortable on that stage. He handled Simon's conceit comment very well giving us that Kris charm, but I'm kinda bothered when I have to look at little wifey in the audience . . show me some more of that other family member of his. The overzealous one in the argyle sweater . . I liked him!

So what did you all think of Motown week? Was it ooooo, baby baby? Or will you be developing some new tracks on your face?


  1. Anonymous3/25/2009

    Adam is the next American Idol!! A True Talent!!!!!

  2. I think it's worth keeping Scott around for one more week. I want to give him one more chance to surprise me. He really does have a good voice with a lot of tender inflections, but it's not a BIG voice, so it gets lost on the big stage.

  3. Yes, Julie. I agree . . he does need to pick better songs though. I am ready for Sarver to go! So Scott will have one more week to step it up. I think the problem though is that he already thinks he's doing that, which makes my heart go out to him. :-(

  4. Begrudgingly (I know, I'm still staying away from the Adam Kool-Aid), have to admit he did alright last night. Was very glad he "normalized" his look. Although I still think he sounded like someone had him by the 'you know whats!' Ha! I think Lil had a rough night - she was off. I'm thinking Scott or Sarver should go. Best of the night? Allison I would say... ~J~

  5. Yes, Adam is smart because I think he knew he had to soothe those fans he un-nerved a little bit with his red-light district ring of fire.

    And here here! Sarver or Scott. Sarver or Scott. Come on, let's chant it all together now . . Sarver or Scott. It BETTER be SARVER!!!!

    If Allison is in the bottom three tonight, I will have to throw my tv out the window.


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