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Over Joyed . . Over Loved . . Over Sarver!

Ah, what a results night! It was big . . huge . . it was as big as well, that thing on Matt G.'s forehead. Holy canoli, did that thing grow since last night!? Aw well, no time for that when you got a Sarver Si-a-nor-a and a Stevie Salute!

Yeppers indeed, it was a good night. We had Sarver, Scott and Matt G. in the bottom three.

And I couldn't have been more pleased. More pleased you say? You might be thinking it should have been Corkrey over Matt? Oh no, I say. We needed to make Matt G. sweat a little. He still has an air about him I'm not feeling. I saw that fedora creep back in the Ford commercial. Yes, Mattie-boy needed to sweat. He needed to sweat as much as good ol' Ruebey-Tuesday. (How shiny was that head?!)

While Matt is looking annoyed and Sarver is looking satisfied because he was expecting this apparently, Fox is nice enough to treat us to a mini Stevie Wonder concert! Now nothing beats Stevie, but I did love watching the Idols' humorous reactions, Simon's obsession over Paula's dancing (um, is it just me or did it seem like he would rather watch her get down than focus his eyes on the legend of Mr. Wonder?), and what was up with Corkrey and Allison? Did they seem drunk to you? Supporting each other up, laughing at awkward moments and doing some weird little dance moves? Well that is to be expected of the Cork-ster, but Allison? I think she was just hyped for Stevie, as was I, so it's okay Alley.

Alas, Matt was able to stop feeling like the loser in gym class that nobody wants to pick and could move his little kiester from the dreaded silver chair on over to safe couch land. Shock and surprise, it's Sarver who would be eliminated. Oh wait now, that is premature of me. There is still the "Judge's Save." Ha! Did we really need to use the last three minutes to pretend like there was a slim chance in hell this card was going to be used on Sarver?

Ah hell, I'll go along with it; I'm still high from Stevie. I'll get up and do a jig with Paula. (Wait, isn't she supposed to be "deliberating"?) C'est la vie. Celebrate good times, baby!

What did you all think? Or do I even need to ask? (And let me just say that it pains me to have two huge photos of Sarver in back-to-back posts.)


  1. Anonymous3/26/2009

    woo-hoo!!! about time!

  2. connie3/27/2009

    I noticed that second head growing on Matt's face the night before. I guess it sprang up for the occasion. I don't really like him either, but it was a surprise. I expected Megan to be in that seat.

    I don't think Meg and Alley were drunk. They both have some pretty spastic body movements NORMALLY, huh? Link them together and stand back.

    Sarver was even cheesier the second time around and they "hadn't decided" by the time he was done??? Comeon.

  3. Maybe I'm not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but could you please tell me what Anoop's appeal is?? I don't get it.... ~J~

  4. looking over my posts, i realized i missed these comment gems. ah, better late than never i say.

    well it's a good thing megan and allison won't be linked together anymore. they definitely looked like they were idol 'besties', but i would have continued to worry that megan would be a bad influence on my allison. you saw the way she made allison do that caw. the only one who refrained from this peer pressure? . . adam. :)

    and ~j~, anoop is only skating by for now; i think he'll be gone soon. he can't continue to do ballads and up-tempo songs he definitely hasn't nailed. i think he has that dork/cool guy appeal combo thing? i dunno.


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