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Idol On My Mind: Funny Things to Watch For Tonight

Just a few funny things I have noticed that I want you to look for tonight on Idol.

I'll begin with our new judge, Kara: Just how horny will she come off when talking about Danny's or Adam's performance? She is oozing and gushing all over herself when it comes to these guys. She is totally biased when it comes to gender. I know bikini girl was a little much, but Kara reeked of jealousy when it came to her! In fact, I think the Kara addition has given me some strange new found appreciation for Paula. I know . . . crazy!
Second, Kris Allen: Check out his mouth when he sings. His mouth goes off to the side. It is kinda weird, but he somehow manages to make it look good.

Anoopie: I am looking for whether or not he is going to get serious. Remember his audition? He actually took the singing seriously. I think he needs to stop with the whole "My Prerogative" vein and sing some kind of slow ballad.

Gokey: What color will his glasses be tonight? I hope they don't match his shirt again . . if they do, I'm going to have to scream, "Diva!" (channeling the original den mother from Making the Band . . Deevas!!!!) Dirty Alexis: I hope she isn't wearing tights and a mini dress again tonight . . . please Alexis, slow down the new look already! I would like to see her in jeans perhaps to shake it up.

Thoughts? Any funny observations you have noticed?
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