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Dennis - You're Fired!

Wow! How about that Celebrity Apprentice last night? Dennis Rodman was sent packing, as I predicted, but I feel like I can't even use my fabulous humor and wit to make fun of this fact.

Yes indeed, the whole episode left me feeling a bit somber. In the words of Jesse James (a man I didn't even know before but who is now becoming my favorite contestant), the entire situation of Dennis went from being funny to sad.

One vodka cranberry . . funny. Oh wait, I forgot he ordered two at the same time from room service when he first started boozing. Three vodka cranberries . . okay, he's a big guy, a little cape cod (oh sorry, he doesn't take lime) isn't going to affect him. But then he's in the van, vodka cran in hand, gibbering nonsense about Ferraris. Okay, starting to feel a little uncomfortable with his abrasiveness. Then we find Dennis in the lobby, 'talking' to guests about strip clubs, hitting on sisters and oh my, really? Yes he did just ride shotgun to accompany two guests to Tao! Now that's either some stellar customer service or absolute lunacy! (I'm going to go with the latter.)

You know, some of these antics might be expected of the former NBA star, but when it came to the cookie situation, I went from being on the fence of comfort, to falling completely on my face, landing on the side of absolute uneasy queasy awkwardness! "You want some cookies?!!" "Here, you go. Cookies out the ass!" Oo oo, I want cookies, Mr. Rodman. But, um, weren't they supposed to come on a platter with cheese and caviar?

Okay, okay, my one little joke aside, I did have a hard time watching cookie-gate. It wasn't until the boardroom, that it all became very real and abundantly clear that we were dealing with an alcoholic on our hands. And Joan hit the nail on the head when she commented on how sad it was to hear Dennis defending his old sports career.

Yes, Dennis was fired, and I can only hope that when he actually watches himself back on these episodes, he might get the help he needs.

What were your thoughts on this dramatic episode? Did it leave you unnerved a bit? If you want to keep it light, though, feel free to comment on the 'dudes' in Room 702 or the one-liners of Jesse James or even speculate on just where in the world was Ms. Khloe Kardashian during the first day of the challenge? Hmmmm . .


  1. connie3/30/2009

    definitely a "sobering" episode.

  2. yes, but still sprinkled with some funny bits. This is becoming my second favorite show behind Idol.

  3. Anonymous3/30/2009

    Jesse James rocks!

  4. rhonda3/30/2009

    you are right on with everything! it did make me a little uncomfortable!! Definitely worth watching. I've always loved Apprentice. Its the show I could see myself on. I wouldn't want the job at the end but I'd like to win money for the challenges. Fun!!

  5. Yes, Rhonda, I agree, it would be fun, if you don't mind taking the Donald's point-blank criticisms (which I don't know if I could . . might bring me back to the days when my super-intelligent Advertising teach saw right through my 'smart' girl facade and told me how real life was). Yes, don't want to go back to those days. Now I'm sure you, on the other hand, could fire right back.
    I do really like the Celebrity aspect of it b/c it definitely spotlights some dynamic personalities, making for some entertaining t.v.! Thanks for the comment! :-)


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