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Any Early Idol Predictions?

Now that we have "cut the fat" with the likes of Tatiana "I only made it to the WildCard round for entertainment value" Del'Toro as well as Casey "There's no way in hell I made it through Hollywood week on my Stellar Vocal Ability" Carlson, I would like to hear of any Idol predictions you may have before we get any deeper into this thing.

Danny Gokey is of course a judge's favorite . . but is he yours? Has his two-week hiatus from too much face time and when his friend's held up the picture of his late wife been enough time to cool you down and warm you back up to him?
Matt Giraud was one of my early favs, but he is turning me off with the whole I wanna be a pop star, donning the fedora and the scarf trend at the same time . . gasp!
So, I have found myself wondering, who do I want to see win this thing?

Attitudes or "Simon back-talk" can get on my nerves, and if these contestants can sway away from that, I think these might have to be my picks: Allison Iraheta (the red head with that amazing voice but weird facials); Megan Corkrey (yeah she looks like she's dancing on a mounted swivel, but i am more intrigued by her, than let's say um, Michael Sarver. Michael who? exactly); and lastly, I'm keeping the faith in my boy, Matt Giraud. So long as he stops trying to be a Justin-Timberlake wannabe and return to those piano-playing roots.

So where do you all weigh in? They sing Michael Jackson tonight. Will Matt do a recreation of "I Want You Back" like he did when he wowed the judges in Hollywood Week? What will Noop Dog sing? And finally, is Alexis Grace possibly the reincarnate of a female Michael Jackson? She is the whitest girl with the most soul I have ever seen!


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