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Idol: I-Tune Down Loads Equals Big Let Down

Well, as speculated, it was the Top I-Tunes Downloads theme on Idol tonight, allowing for something more 'current.' But the whole night, with a few exceptions, proved to be a big let down.
Let Down #1:Allison's outfit and Edward Scissorhands' hairdo. Even Randy couldn't wait to get through the positive comments to ask, "What is up with the outfit?!" We all know Allison's voice is amazing, so I have to focus on the question that still begs to be answered: Just what has the 'Glam Squad' done to her? Please. De-glam my Allison at once and give her back to me a-la 'Alone' days! But they won't do this, and you know why? Because it wouldn't be right if we had an unknown early front runner who didn't have the help of a producer pimp-out be allowed to shine. Oh no. We have to allow Simon tell her that she 'shouted the song'! WTF?!! Chopped locks + Fourth Slot + Insane Critiques + Mustache Doodles = SABOTAGE!
Let Down #2:Matt …

Quote of the Week

David Spade on Ellen: "The funny thing is, I got this hat like a year ago, and the problem with a hat, if you don't wear hats, it's just hard to work it in if you're not a hat guy. So I wear it, and the second I leave my house, everyone's like, 'What's with that stupid hat, dude?" . . . So, unless you're the hat person, like if you're on American Idol and you come out with a hat on your audition, then it's cool, for like the rest of your time. But then in the middle, you're like, 'Why does Danny Gorkey have a hat on?', you know. It's hard."

Um, Matt? Are we taking notes?

Thanks, David for that most excellent sound bite.

Idol Tonight! It's a Mystery.

Well for some reason, they are not giving me what the theme for tonight's Idol is! It's an evil plot I tell you! How am I to make my spot-on predictions?

There is speculation, however, that it might be something in the genre of "I-Tunes Top 100," so if that's the case, we will be treated to some 'current' stuff. Well Megan Joy should be happy. After all, she is the 'current' artist.
Again, whatever Megan decides to pick, after last week's fast-paced, manic fiasco, I hope to see her do something slow and acoustic [see post 'My Hope For Megan Joy']. Yes, if it's current music, Megan should channel that inner-Fiona.
I would also like to see Danny get a little more serious. Last week's dancing jig with the back-up singers needs not happen again.
Lil' needs to do something to stand out, otherwise, I'm going to start clumping her with Scott MacIntyre. Not vocally, of course, but in the fact that they both have done nothing real…

He's All Growns Up

Yes. This little freckled face, red head is none other than our very own, Adam Lambert!

Who Is This Kid?

I never would have guessed it.

DWTS: Tens, Lyndys, Tangos and More!

So let me first start out by asking, "Since when did the word 'Argentine' become a word that rhymes with 'Valentine'?" Really? This is bringing me back to the sexual hair-es-ment days.
Pronunciation aside, I would like to make a few comments on last night's Dancing With The Stars because there were certainly some moments that I think were, well, commentable(?). (Hey, if we can play with words, I'm just going to go ahead and make some up!)
It was a night of the Lyndy-Hop (still trying to wrap my head around this one) and as mentioned, the Argentine Tango.
Lil' Kim scores the first 10 of the season, and I think it was well-deserved. Her teary eyes that developed as a result of her nailing the intricate fancy footwork, proved that she really is one who is dedicated and really is one who is taking the competition seriously. She definitely showed a vulnerability, which was kind of sweet to watch, given the fact that this was once the same person who has …

Audrina's Star on the Rise?

So this is interesting. Apparently, AudrinaPatridge is set to have her own spin-off series. First Whitney, now the Dreen-Ster? The series will follow her work and family life, something that promises to be much "edgier" than The Hills (Audrina's words quoted from Us Weekly - not mine).

Well now let's think about this guys. She does "work" at a record label. And she does "date" bad boy Justin Bobby. And she does don some leathers occasionally. So yes, her show should be much edgier . .
Looks like this MTV alum will be shopped around to various networks, but it will be produced by Survivor mastermind Mark Burnett, so it may just have something to it.

I for one will be tuning in so I can see more of the girl who has nailed the blank stare and the girl who doesn't quite know how to commentate on world affairs.
Definitely my cup of tea!

Will you all be tuning in or tuning out (much like Audrina does herself)?

Dennis - You're Fired!

Wow! How about that Celebrity Apprentice last night? Dennis Rodman was sent packing, as I predicted, but I feel like I can't even use my fabulous humor and wit to make fun of this fact.

Yes indeed, the whole episode left me feeling a bit somber. In the words of Jesse James (a man I didn't even know before but who is now becoming my favorite contestant), the entire situation of Dennis went from being funny to sad.

One vodka cranberry . . funny. Oh wait, I forgot he ordered two at the same time from room service when he first started boozing. Three vodka cranberries . . okay, he's a big guy, a little cape cod (oh sorry, he doesn't take lime) isn't going to affect him. But then he's in the van, vodka cran in hand, gibbering nonsense about Ferraris. Okay, starting to feel a little uncomfortable with his abrasiveness. Then we find Dennis in the lobby, 'talking' to guests about strip clubs, hitting on sisters and oh my, really? Yes he did just ride shotgun to …

Celebrity Apprentice Tonight!

Celebrity Apprentice is on for 2 hours tonight! The teams will have to provide top-notch service to guests at a ritzy hotel. This should be entertaining, especially when you have Dennis Rodman as PM, getting drunk off of vodka cranberries again and yelling incoherently at teammate Brian McKnight.
Hmmm . . sounds like it might be the end of the road for ol' Dennis.


Hello Everyone.

My name is Elizabeth, and I am an Adam-a-holic.

Yes, my friends, I realized the extent of my addiction this morning. It all started out with some innocent Spring cleaning on a lazy Saturday afternoon, and I thought it would be a nice idea to clean out my DVR since I was at about 98%. So I found myself going back to my old Idol recordings and came upon a simple little Adam Lambert "Satisfaction." Ooo, yummy, I thought to myself. I forgot how good that was. Well, can't delete that one. Keep it in there just a little bit longer in case I need to go back to it.

Moving on. Oh, lookie there. It's Adam, in a quite sexy blue leather jacket with a matching blue hair streak, singing "Black or White." Ah yes, this is the performance where all the judges gave him praise. Oh, I just love the part where he sings the line "And I told them about equality." Yes, that was good. Need to rewind and watch again. (Elizabeth, I say . . you might be becomin…

Ryan's Very Real World

Well, for those of you who have been watching The Real World: Brooklyn, you are well aware that Ryan Conklin recently got the dreaded phone call, informing him that he is being called back to Iraq. I was curious about whether this is still indeed true, and in my quest for knowledge, I came across an interview he did with PopWrap.

Let me start out by saying, Ryan is in fact scheduled to be shipped off April 15th. Holy Smokes! That is less than a month away! Here are a few interesting tidbits from the interview:
PW:How do you feel about going back now that your date to ship out is nearing? Ryan: It was tough to come to terms with at first. Everything happens for a reason. I've dealt with it and there's no way out of it now. I could if I truly want to, but I still have some pride in me. All of the men in the IRR (Individual Ready Reserve) who are called up still have some pride in what we did and are willing to do it again. I have another fight in me, I'll do it again. This dep…

Over Joyed . . Over Loved . . Over Sarver!

Ah, what a results night! It was big . . huge . . it was as big as well, that thing on Matt G.'s forehead. Holy canoli, did that thing grow since last night!? Aw well, no time for that when you got a Sarver Si-a-nor-a and a Stevie Salute!
Yeppers indeed, it was a good night. We had Sarver, Scott and Matt G. in the bottom three.
And I couldn't have been more pleased. More pleased you say? You might be thinking it should have been Corkrey over Matt? Oh no, I say. We needed to make Matt G. sweat a little. He still has an air about him I'm not feeling. I saw that fedora creep back in the Ford commercial. Yes, Mattie-boy needed to sweat. He needed to sweat as much as good ol' Ruebey-Tuesday. (How shiny was that head?!)
While Matt is looking annoyed and Sarver is looking satisfied because he was expecting this apparently, Fox is nice enough to treat us to a mini Stevie Wonder concert! Now nothing beats Stevie, but I did love watching the Idols' humorous reactions, Simon…

My Letter To Michael Sarver

Dear Michael:
It has been about a month now since you have entered my world. And I'm going to request this to you and to the voting public of America . . Please. The jig is up. I've had all I can take. Now won't ya please just scoot that boot on out of my Idol world? You're not a bad guy. I just think you're time is up. Last night, you argued with the judges a bit instead of taking that constructive criticism like a man. And I do believe you have done this in the past, justifying your "Ain't Goin' Down Til' the Sun Comes Up" with a retort that went something like "Well, the country folks got it." Well guess what Mikey-Boy. I ain't country. And I don't appreciate sass. And I don't appreciate Alexis Grace not being on the Idol Top 10 Tour because you hogged up her slot.
Now just do us all a little favor, and go back to your oil rig . . it misses you.
With love, Elizabeth

It's Look-A-Like Thursday!

Wow - I know these people are out of the spotlight, but this one is scarily spot on! Adam Lambert's new hair style got me thinking about K.D. Lang, but when I popped up some of her pictures, I thought back to that designer from Project Runway! Holy Smokes! They're Twins! Left: K.D. Lang Right: Daniel F. from Project Runway

Idol Gets Down In the Mo-Town

I am just going to start with the Low Light of the Night to get this over with: Megan Joy dressed as a Chiquita banana girl (still looking very pretty in her sparkly turquoise eyeliner however), but completely butchering Stevie's "For Once in My Life" and my fragile heart in the process. It was absolutely painful!! And did anyone else think it ironic when Simon said she should fire whoever is advising her . . . correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't that be a direct insult to ol' Smokey? I would just like to say again, boy that was tough to watch. I mean, I literally found myself turning my head to the side, not able to look! I was embarrassed for her . . even her mom had that "oh no" look in her eye.

My Predictions Coming True: Again, Anoopie is reading up on my blog! As I suggested, he sang Smokey! ("Baby Baby", although if he was smart, he would have taken all of my advice and sang the song I suggested, but we'll save that for my Hig…

Finding An Idol Moment

Aw, and here to the right we have Katherine McPhee singing "Over the Rainbow." (Simon picked this song for her, and it was definitely her standout moment.) You know, they hinted to Simon picking songs for the contestants during the first round performances this season, and I think they should look into that a little more. "Over the Rainbow" did become a signature song for Ms. McPhee after all. Enjoy.

It's Motown Tonight, Baby!

Oh yeah! Tonight should be a good night! This week is a total 180 for me from country music week. I mean, how can you go wrong with a little Stevie and Marvin?

I am just so excited I cannot contain myself! I had to look at my roster of popular Motown songs so that I could make a few guesses on tonight's song choices (or what I think they should do).

Now, there is also the modern motown like Boyz II Men, so we may be thrown for some loops, but here goes anyways:

"Superstition" - Matt Giraud (oh yeah, rock it out on that piano!);
maybe a little "Signed Sealed Delivered" for Danny Gokey (he's gotta do a Stevie jam, right?);
I'm going to pair Smokey Robinson to Anoopie . . perhaps "The Tracks of My Tears"?;
Boy, I would love to see Adam do "Hello," but that song might be "untouchable" (in the words of Kara) ever since Cook got his hands on it. Adam always surprises me, so I'm not going to even try and guess what he's going…

Bad Girls Club: Put A Fork In It . . She's Done

Well the Bad Girls finale aired last night. Ho hum. Ho hum. I have been following this season and will now comment on it now that she has been laid to rest. The girls found themselves back at the mansion after their whirlwind va-cay in Cancun, a trip that sent two roomies, Boston and Ailea (aka, "the follower") packing early. And for the most part, the girls seemed to get along despite the battle lines that have been drawn between the "Ambers" and the "Fab Four/Five" all season. And well, that about sums up the season . . kinda boring. Hell, I'm fighting to stay awake even writing this recap.
I guess my question is, "Where the hell did all the bad girls go?!" This is the Bad Girls Club, right? So could somebody please tell me how Amber B., Amber M., not sure which one she is . . the one with the fried out hair and tanorexic skin, got on this show in the first place? Indeed, this season has been very tame, (or rather, as the Rock of Love girl…

My Hope For Megan Joy

It's probably pretty obvious by now that I have a small obsession with American Idol. What you might not know though is that I also have a small obsession with Fiona Apple. So I am going to combine these two worlds and suggest that Megan Joy, Megan Corkrey, Megan Joy Corkrey . . oh whatever the hell she is going by these days . . I'm just going to call her Megan Apple. I'm going to call her this because this is the artist I see Megan becoming.
A lot of hype surrounds Adam Lambert (and for good reason!) and even still Danny (my steam might be dying a little) Gokey, but I feel Megan is a bit under appreciated. Megan is unique and already has that appeal that goes along with stand-out artists. From her whimsical colored tattoos that cover most of her right arm, to her interesting twists on words (like "night" in mid-night), to her weird little dance moves . . these defining "trademark" characteristics make her someone I am interested in, and, therefore, som…

Patti Stanger Rocks My World

Okay, so this is my first post on Millionaire Matchmaker. I am definitely a fan of the show, but have not felt the urge to write about it until now. Um, hello?! Did anyone catch last night's episode, "Shauna and Dave"? It was probably my favorite one yet! Ms. Cupid herself, Patti Stanger is freakin' hilarious! I can't tell you how many times she must have called her second millionairess customer ever ('too much botox' Shauna) a "Total Bee-Yotch!" in last night's episode, but I couldn't stop laughing out loud.
Patti is a woman who tells it like it is, and is spot on. I believe we all should take a few cuesfrom this cu-pid(ha!). If you aren't currently already watching this show, please tune in to Bravo and check it out.
In the meantime, I will leave you with Patti's Top 10 Dating Commandments: 1. Thou shalt return calls promptly. 2. Thou shalt honor thy dating commitments. 3. Thou shalt let the man take the lead and shalt avoid bringin…

Jay Who?

Well as fast as Jay Lyon could say "Tamarama", his ex-girlfriend, Whitney Port, has found herself already in the arms of another man . . . Lipstick Jungle's Robert Buckley, reports celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton ( His report indicates, "Witnesses tell Ok! that the couple was awfully affectionate toward each other at Havaianas Spring Break event at the Shore Club in Miami."

This news makes me happy for three reasons: 1) It means that the break-up we saw in the finale was probably not scripted and actually did happen!, 2) Jay really started getting on my nerves there towards the last couple of episodes. He seemed very smarmy, if you will; and 3) Holy Crap! I don't watch Lipstick Jungle, but I did see the Lifetime movie, Flirting With Forty, and Robert Buckley is the hottie surfer who stole Heather Locklear's heart in it! You go Whit!!

What do you all think of Whit's new rebound guy?
[images via Google]

Bonus Look-A-Like: Feeling AI Energized

Here's Lookin' At You Kid.

So the comparisons are out there, but I want your take: Does he or doesn't he? In case you are an alien: Left:Robert Downey, Jr., Right:AI's Danny Gokey) (p.s. the change for this post reactions section has messed up any previous reaction sections, so sorry if yours got cleared . . oopies daisies)

[images via Google]

Dear Project Runway: I Miss You

In case you Project Runway fans have been wondering why we have not seen our beloved Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn in the 6th installment of the show that has brought us Santino Rice and Christian Soriano, I give you a post.
This show has been in a legal limbo for quite some time now (since last Spring!). Producer Harvey Weinstein tried to move this Bravo series to Lifetime, a move the owner of Bravo (NBC Universal) didn't like. Weinstein sued back and then Lifetime decided to sue everyone for s**ts and giggles. Well while everyone is sue happy, Klum, Season 6 designers and the viewing public are enraged.
All episodes of this missing series have been shot in Los Angeles and recorded. And as most of you probably know, New York's Fashion Week went off in late February (unlike Runway) on schedule. The three Season 6 finalists did show their collections . . . whether we will be finding out who these anonymous designers are is yet to be seen. Now I've gotta wonder, when and if we ever …

Even The Grace Above Not Enough To Save Alexis

Tis' a sad day, my friends. Alexis Grace was the 11th ousted contestant from American Idol last night, allowing Michael Sarver a slot in the Top 10 Idol Tour. Sigh.
I admit I was not really feeling her "Jolene" performance, but, come on, what else did this girl have to do in order to advance? Her range is superior to the likes of Scott MacIntyre, but I guess America cares more about a sympathy vote perhaps than vocals. And let me just say that Kelly Clarkson soared to the #1 spot on the charts this week . . . proving that ultimately, what we do want is someone with talent. Weren't the judges just comparing Alexis to Kelly after the petite little white girl busted out a soulful rendition of "Never Loved a Man"? Hmmm. Come on America, let's get it right. While I certainly was never Ms. Grace's number one supporter, I certainly think she did not deserve to go home.
And don't make me even talk about Allison being in the bottom three. I am still cryin…

Hey - What About Me?

I knew there was someone I was missing in my recap!! Mr. Completely and Utterly Forgettable. And for that reason alone, I think the choice is obvious tonight . . . Sarver is going to get lassoed up and taken on back to the oil rig! I wonder how they will stretch this one out for an hour to make it seem like a surprise . . .

[image via Google]

Look-A-Like Of The Day

Top:Elvis Presley Bottom:Adam Lambert
Doesn't AI's Adam Lambert look like a young Elvis Presley? (shout out to Jaimie)

American Idol: Under-Dawgs Got Some Bite!

Forgive me . . I have been a bit idle on my Idol update! Someone had one too many green beers last night. But Spring is in the air and as Seacrest said, "We Have a Competition on Our Hands!" Despite my reservations about country music week, I have to say, the underdogs came out swingin' and it was a thoroughly enjoyable night to watch!
High Light of the Night: Matt Giraud!! He nailed it! His simple black and white suit, his mad piano skills (I still can't understand how he's never had a piano lesson in his life!) and his choice of song, Underwood's "So Small." He was in the coveted last spot of the night for good reason, my friends. Seeming to be on the verge of tears towards the end, Matt delivered an extremely heartfelt performance, bringing me back to the pre-fedora and scarf days. Well done, Matt.

My Predictions and Hopes Come True: Well Alexis sang Dolly like I guessed she might have ("Jolene") and although she did not wear jeans like…

Finding Their Moments: Idol Turning Points

To the right, you will be seeing some old Idol video clips, which I will be posting every Tuesday as inspiration for our remaining 11 who still have yet to, as Simon likes to say, "have a moment" (well, with the exception of Allison, who I believe already had one with that rocking rendition of "Alone").
These will be clips of turning points, when the contestants stepped up their game, when they found their element, and, well, when, quite simply . . . they shined.
GooseBump Moment #1: I begin with Jason Castro's performance of "Hallelujah." Yeah, he runs out of steam a little on that last note, but that just made it all the better!

Idol On My Mind: Funny Things to Watch For Tonight

Just a few funny things I have noticed that I want you to look for tonight on Idol.

I'll begin with our new judge, Kara: Just how horny will she come off when talking about Danny's or Adam's performance? She is oozing and gushing all over herself when it comes to these guys. She is totally biased when it comes to gender. I know bikini girl was a little much, but Kara reeked of jealousy when it came to her! In fact, I think the Kara addition has given me some strange new found appreciation for Paula. I know . . . crazy! Second, Kris Allen: Check out his mouth when he sings. His mouth goes off to the side. It is kinda weird, but he somehow manages to make it look good.
Anoopie: I am looking for whether or not he is going to get serious. Remember his audition? He actually took the singing seriously. I think he needs to stop with the whole "My Prerogative" vein and sing some kind of slow ballad.
Gokey: What color will his glasses be tonight? I hope they don't match h…

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Well guys, I'm still feeling sentimental on the old Making the Band days. I know. I know. Get over it. Break-ups are hard though sometimes guys. Here is a clip I found of Aubrey -- yes it looks like she is channeling X-Tina in her "Dirrty" days, but it is still before she got that awful plastic surgery. Here she is, proving that indeed . . . "she can sing!" Enjoy!

Idol Tonight! Yee Haw!

Happy St. Patty's Day Everyone! It's Idol and Green Beer Time!

Tonight on Idol, the remaining 11 will be singing songs in the theme of "Grand Ole Opry." Not my particular cup of tea, but it should be interesting. I think Megan's voice might be suited for it, but I can't see this working for Anoopie.

Since I am no expert on the country music genre, I had to do a little digging on who the Opry members are, so that I could try and figure out who might be singing what.

Popular members include Garth Brooks, Alison Krauss, Dolly Parton, Martina McBride, Reba, Randy Travis, oh, and I see an Idol alum, Ms. Carrie Underwood.

Hmmm . . . maybe pair Alexis to Dolly . . . and we could pair Adam to Garth . . . oh blarney stone, this is a hard one! Like I said, this is not my forte. So, I ask you, what songs would y'all like to see our Idols sing?

[image via Google]

The City: These Heels Were Made For Walkin'!

So let me just get straight all the pearls of wisdom that have blossomed from The City - especially from tonight's finale. Whitney Port's mentors have left me feeling a little inspired:
Kelly Cutrone says "the truth hurts . . that it does not always come as a pretty little bluebird on someone's shoulder."
Diane Von Furstenburg says "Absence is to love what the wind is to fire. When it's a small fire, the wind kills it. But when it's a real fire, it intensifies it. So then absence should do that. . . The most important relationship you can have in your life, is the relationship you have with yourself; because no matter what happens, you will always be with yourself."
Well Amen Ms. DVF!
Jay says the three little words Whit has probably been waiting to hear all season, but then she decides she ultimately wants to pursue the relationship with herself first. Hey. She pulled the look! She stood up to Olivia, to Jay and took a stand for herself. And I go…

Uh O! No Mo Steve-O?

Jackass star Steve-O not performing on DWTS tonight. Rumors that he would still perform despite a back injury swirled about last week, but I had a feeling he would not be donning the sequins tonight.
Man, there really must be a DWTS curse. Already three injured and we are only into the second episode! Uh oh, Belinda scored a 6-6-6 . . hope she is not doomed. And how are we feeling Melissa's hair . . a little crazy, but I would still give her a rose (I mean, a 10!). Julianne is very cute (one of my favs), but even her beautiful blonde hair and perfect spray tan are not enough to distract me from that McDonald's looking french fry get-up she has on.
Oo oo oo, and let us not forget The City finale tonight! Jay says I love you to his "Wheet", but will she be saying good-ay mate to that sneaky little aussie? In the words of Alex, "The Truth Will Reveal Itself!" [image via Google]

Haven't I Seen Your Face Before?. . Oh, Why Must They Confuse Me?

In my fits of sleep last night, I happened to catch an episode of Made on MTV. I had to preempt this statement because let me make something clear . . . I-do-not-watch Made. However, I found it odd that Diem was the focus in this episode . . . you know, cancer survivor Diem from the Real World/Road RulesChallenges . . the one who took off the wig in that Rambo-esque moment when they had to swim through the mud, and she rocked her buzzed-cut au naturale look? Oh yeah, and the one who dates C.T. Anyways, she wanted to be made into a ballroom dancer or something like that . . . likeI said, I was kind of sleepy.
I just found it weird that she was in Made. Just like I find it weird that Mike White is a contender on the Amazing Race. You know, Mike, as in the father and son team? Mike, the one who so shamelessly hit on the virgin bride in last night's episode? Well this reality show contestant is also the guy who has starred in the movie The School of Rock as Ned Schneebly. Oh yeah, he …

My Public Apology To Danny Gokey

I have commented (like most) in the past about my mixed emotions on the personal story of Danny Gokey being highlighted on Idol. I am finding that maybe I was a little quick to take it out personally on Danny (in my own mind).
Below is a link to an article in which Danny comments on the backlash by some Idol viewers. I want to post this to somewhat apologize for the feelings I harbored. Danny, I hope we can still be friends. After all, you are mad sexy with that raspy voice and you can sing "Kiss From a Rose" to me any time baby.

Celebrity Apprentice Recap - The Women Do It Again!

Well as I predicted, the women seemed to have had the advantage in this wedding dress challenge and once again, proved victorious. Tom Green found himself in familiar hot seat territory, but couldn't escape the wrath of the Donald this time. (How classic was his reaction to the famous "you're fired" line?) Remind me again how Rodman did not also get eliminated? Cat allergies!? Dog allergies!? That almost makes as much sense as that crazy analogy he threw out early in the episode . . um, how did it go again? Oh yeah, I think it went something along the lines of, "have you ever seen the movie 'Ghost'? Well I am like Whoopi Goldberg in that movie - I get inside of women." WHAT?!
So then he gets drunk and finds himself the next morning with "allergies". Hmm, I wonder what savory "lady" he found himself ghostin' the night before? Green was a disappointment as PM . . walking around in his ever permanent state of a sleepy-eyed slumbe…

So Not Fierce!

During auditions yesterday for the next cycle of America's Next Top Model, chaos broke out in the audition line in New York - three people were hurt and six were arrested!

Mixed reasons given for the chaos, with reports of the audition not being properly organized to reports of even a bomb threat. Whatever the cause, NY streets were left a clutter with shoes and articles of clothing!
Tyra has announced that this next cycle is restricted to those 5'7" and under. Man, shorties be crazy trying to get that piece of fame!

A Personal Celebration

Wonderful! I now have a PC at home and just got Internet! (I know, gasp! Where have I been?) So now I can blog a lot faster from the comforts of home!! It also appears that my domain name is still in transition. Again, it will become, and with that, you will probably be seeing a little formatting changes. Okay, enough of that.

Woo hoo! Celebrity Apprentice and Amazing Race tonight! On Amazing Race, they strip off their clothes in Siberia! Darn, why did hottie Kris have to get eliminated last week?

Pardon While I'm Under Construction

Just FYI, my website address is in transition. It is going to become I think the max time on this is about 3 days. I don't think you should have any problems being directed to it, just wanted to make you aware. So pardon any messes while I work on making my blog site the freshest and best for you!

Celebrity Apprentice: Tomorrow's Episode . . It's Wedding Wars!

Just wanted to make sure you Celebrity Apprentice followers knew tomorrow's episode will be on at a different time: 10/9 c. The task involves selling wedding dresses. Hmmm, seems to be a task geared toward the women, don't ya think? Especially, when the guy's team has Dennis Rodman hitting the streets having a few drinks instead of focusing on the task.

Regardless, we will see Tom Green leading his men, doing whatever it takes (even perhaps trying on a gown . . . eat your heart out Rodman!) in his face off against Brande and the women. Green as PM in this task makes me kinda nervous, as I'm finding myself to be a fan of his, but I think he'll be alright. After all, he did just beat an Olympian (and we all know how the Donald favors Olympians). So who would you all like to see walk down the aisle, as in, back home? [image via Google]

The Hills: Over It Before It Has Begun?

Okay guys. The HillsSeason 5 (aka, "Lauren's Last Season") airs Monday, April 6th at 10 p.m. I saw the trailer for it (posted below in case you haven't yet), and after watching it, I find myself asking "Am I already over it before it has begun?" We are teased with Heidi having trust issues with Spencer (insert flirtatious bartender for past episodes' Playmates); we see Spencer picking a fight (um does Heidi's co-worker who so boldly commented on her choice of office attire ring a bell?), and, of course, we see Heidi longing for her friendship again with Lauren and Lauren questioning it (um, just about every Hills episode after "doomsday" -- aka when Heidi met Spencer).
I hope something spicier, other than a different location for Lauren's side braid and lipstick color (is that cranberry?) happens that they are not showing us, but who am I kidding? And I would be kidding myself if I didn't admit that, yes, for some unfathomable reaso…

My Heart is Damaged

No, for the 10% of you who might care, Dawn and "Q" from MTV's Making the Band 4 did not break up. I do not want my title and picture to be misleading. My own little tender heart is damaged - damaged from the MTB series. No longer are the days of Danity Kane. Sure, they have tried to tease us by showing us clips with all of the DK girls for the 4th series . . but the jig is up! This fourth series has been nothing more than a bunch of whining, and I for one have had it! Each episode has become more and more of let's see how many ridiculous hats the boys of Day 26 can wear than any significant talent! And the leading "lone" (okay, Aundrea is there too) soldier of DK, Dawn, seems like the only word that comes out of her mouth is "hustlin".
Therefore, Making the Band, I am breaking up with you. My readers, this is why you will not see me post any blogs about this show - a show that used to be great, but now is nothing more than an old wrinkled up pict…

Bonus Look-A-Like For Today

Just because I'm excited for the new Bachelorette premier (not til May 18th), I thought I'd keep in the spirit of premiers and give you an extra Look-A-Like for this Thursday.
Left: Jesse from Deanna's season of The Bachelorette Right: Robert DeNiro in Cape Fear After Deanna dumped him, I wonder if Jesse needed to seek the help of a "Counselor!, Counselor!" "come out, come out wherever you are." (Sorry guys . . . had to do it.)

Is This Girl Pretty To You?

Allison from the newest cycle (12th) of America's Next Top Model (ANTM). Last night, the girls got makeovers . . . I don't know guys. Not really feeling her pre or post look. What happened to the days of all the actual really pretty models (as in all the ones in George Michael's "Freedom" video)? Thoughts?

The Duel 2 is Coming!

For those of you who can't get enough of those whiny MTV kids from Real World and Road Rules and that random time they recruited people off the street like Kenny and Evan (hey, I'm not complaining), then be sure to check out The Duel 2!
These people usually get on my nerves . . They thrive on these challenges for their jobs . . And probably all of them have hooked up with each other. Needless to say, . . . I can't freaking wait! It's going to be hard to top The Island though! I mean, how great was the underdog story of Ev? And how great was it to see Paula in the end, crying in the empty treasure chest by herself? Whether you like it or not, the usual suspects of C.T., Brad, Robin and woah, even Mark from RR 1 (this guy's gotta be pushing 40) are coming at ya April 8th!
Check out the trailer below!

Look-A-Like of the Week

Who will The City's Olivia Palermo grow up to look like? Doesn't she bear a striking resemblence to the Pretty Woman herself, Julia Roberts? (My friend Megan pointed this out, and I must say, I have to agree! Don't you?) I will be posting a Look-A-Like of the Week every Thursday.