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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

American Idol: Jax Goes Home, Leaving Us with Clark, and (surprisingly) Nick!


Top three thoughts on tonight's idol:
1) major bummer Jax got sent home. I think Nick was just as surprised as I was. Clark was more happy to be there than sad about the fact Jax went home (of course) but it showed and of course that slightly takes something away from him. I think Qassim felt it too (I have had a harm time deciphering the dynamics of Jax/Qassim ever since Hollywood Week but you could definitely tell whose team Qassim was on tonight ... I mean was he really THAT into nicks coronation song? 

2) total distraction of the porn star Esque version of Stacey Dash stage left of Harry tonight. You could tell she wanted to be in spot light, she knew she was slightly there, and her facial expressions and head nods were all too self aware, 

3) Clark. I'm sorry not sorry you have fallen prey to be the Idol machine. Scott Borcheta is your fast track to super stardom, but with that comes his embroidered sleeves and cheesy licious coronation songs that are so not your style. Kudos for trying to throw in your soulfulness, but with it I felt you also gave a little bit of your "soul" away. Til tomorrow Idol lovers!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Qaasim Middleton KILLS it with Uptown Funk on Last Night's American Idol 2015 (Top 12 Guys)

Well uptown funk me up indeed.

Dust off the blogging pen, because like Adam Lambert inspired me to even start this blog, Qaasim Middleton now inspires me to continue it.

Thank you judges for putting this young Michael Jackson / James Brown / Bruno Mars / he's his own THANG through!

And thank you Qaasim for giving us this performance - Like Harry said, you left it all on the stage.

I feel remiss not even mentioning Quentin Alexander who also is ONE TO WATCH!

Thanks men!  (now we shall see how Qaasim's girlfriend, Jax, does tonight!  do you think she feels intimidated?  ... nah!)

This looks like it's going to be a good season!   Now, onto watching this for my second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth time ....

uptown funk you up, uptown funk you up ... J-LO say my name!!  (as she right in tune pumps her chest) and how can I forget his MOM!?!
ah, it's so great ....

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tamra Judge (hopefully) fired from Real Housewives of Orange County - Claims Lizzie Rovsek "Doesn't Value Family"

I. Can't. Stand. Tamra.  Oh I could go on and on but just google any of her posts and you will see all of the negative comments she gets below her posts.

She has taken down her facebook page and removed some of her Twitter comments from last night.  All disparaging over fellow housewife, Lizzie Rovsek - who has remained classy above it all throughout the season.  Last night, Tamra tweeted that Lizzie "doesn't value family" and remarked "remember, she doesn't want to be a housewife in suburbia."  These were quickly removed and so I doubt many people caught them.  But I just thought - wow - how classless.  She made a big stink over getting her feelings hurt when people commented about her family and her kids and her as a mother.  So why she would write such cruel things about Lizzie - who has shown to be a very good mother - is beyond me ....  Oh wait.  That's right.  Tamra sold her soul for reality TV ratings a long time ago.

Rumor is that she got fired.  We can only hope!

Stay classy San Diego Lizzie!

our hearts go out to you Tamra ... really, they do. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Kim Kardashian Gets Vampire Peel Facial --- Make Me Squirm!!

Okay, so I just saw something on E! that totally made me squirm!  Apparently Kim Kardashian and some other pretty girl I don't know the name of get facial peels by injecting their own blood (or platelets) into their cheeks?!?  Of course, Paul (Adrianne's ex) was the doctor to comment on this (because he's the only doctor in Beverly Hills, right?) and he explained that you can get this procedure for a mere $3000 something bucks!

Ummmm ... no thank you.  I'll settle for my FREE Sephora samples, thank you very much.

Monday, December 30, 2013

SURprise - The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have a fight, I mean, Dinner.

What is it with these housewives of B. Hills?  They always choose a dinner to solve the world's problems - I mean - their small world problems.  Instead of discussing anything worldy, they hone in on Hois-ee or Joyce, the "one-upper" because she made what I thought was an empathetic comment about losing a dog.  Instead of any peace treaty, we always end up in yet another battle across the table, where the only bombs dropped are the f-kind from Brandy's mouth and lines are drawn between Yolanda's "dream team" (when did Yolanda become so fond of Brandy anyways) and the Hair girls.  Could we please seriously cut off about 6 inches - or 12 from Joyce's head?  Her prettiest moment was at the spa with Kyle when her hair was wrapped in a towel.  I mean, her hair is beautiful and all - but just oh too much.  Kinda like Kyle's ugly huge pendant that always finds her way around her neck?

Anyways, since the rest was so stereotypical of these "ladies", I really just wanted to comment on the best moment of the night:  Jax's face in the background anyone?  Before AND during the cat-fights.  Classic.

Oh yeah, and on an unrelated note - there was Carlton - dropping yet another sexual reference and telling us once again, - how she likes to be naughty.  Oh but this time there was a twist - she brought her mother in law to Hustler while she tried on yet another trashy bikini.  Haven't we already seen this?  Cue Eliz-ee(?) and let's hint around at how we like to be naughty together again.  Maybe Carlton can remind us how she likes her son to be around beautiful women.  Sigh.  Til next time.

Oh no she didn't.  Oh yes she did.  Are we surprised?  Joyce IS annoying - but seriously,
I secretly had her back on this one.

Shhhh ... don't tell the dream team.  I think I just want to go hang out with Kim.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Vanderpump Rules Stassi - Transformation

Wow - I was shocked when I saw what Vanderpump Rule's Stassi Schroeder used to look like.  I really like her style so have been googling her (and I have oddly become obsessed with the show) so when I found that she used to be a contestant on the family edition, Season 8 of the Amazing Race - I almost didn't recognize her!  Check it out below.  Amazing what a little weight loss, hair color and make up will do! 

 ... ah, yes - the chin implant.  Revealed below by Stassi herself and her mom(?).

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